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The Italian Campaign of World War II: The History of the Allied Operations that Knocked Fascist Italy Out of the War

by Charles River Editors

*Includes pictures

*Includes accounts of the fighting by people on both sides

*Includes online resources and a bibliography for further reading

*Includes a table of contents

“Wars should be fought in a better country than this.” – Major General John P. Lucas

The rugged island of Sicily, dominated in the east by the snow-crowned eminence of the active volcano Mount Etna (which rises to a height of 11,000 feet), lies in the ocean just off the “toe” of the “boot” of Italy. This spectacular setting witnessed one of 1943’s pivotal battles as the theater of Allied operations shifted from North Africa to Europe – Operation Husky, a mixed victory wresting control of Sicily from the Axis. The action also caused Benito Mussolini’s downfall, his imprisonment, and subsequent dramatic rescue by the scar-faced Otto Skorzeny – removing significant portions of Italy from the fascist camp, but nevertheless failing to prevent a long Italian campaign.

Germany’s North African defeat opened up the possibility of taking the war in the west to the European continent for the first time since France’s lightning conquest by the Wehrmacht in 1940. The British and Americans debated the merits of landing in France directly in 1943, but they ultimately opted against it. The Soviets railed at the Westerners as “bastards of allies” – conveniently forgetting that they aided and abetted Hitler’s violent expansionism in eastern Europe for over a year, starting in 1939 – but a 1943 “D-Day” style landing in France might have proven a strategic and logistical impossibility.

In fact, the lackluster Allied showing on Sicily and the escape of most of the island’s garrison encouraged Hitler to alter his plans and defend Italy vigorously. With its rugged mountain ridges, deep valleys, and numerous rivers, Italy contained tens of thousands of natural defensive positions. The Wehrmacht exploited these to the full during the ensuing campaign, bogging down the Anglo-American armies in an endless series of costly, time-consuming engagements. Even the rank and file German soldiers showed a clear awareness of the Italy’s strategic significance: “‘The Tommies will have to chew their way through us inch by inch,’ a German paratrooper wrote in an unfinished letter found on his corpse at Salerno, â??and we will surely make hard chewing for them.'” (Hastings, 2011, 408).

Indeed, it was a tough slog, and few places were tougher on the Allies than Monte Cassino, which witnessed a series of Allied attacks along the German line that aimed to create a breakthrough to Rome. Ultimately, the attacks would force the Germans into retreat, but not before they had inflicted over 50,000 casualties at a cost of about 20,000 of their own. The battle is perhaps best remembered today for the destruction of a historic abbey that dated back to the 6th century, and the controversial decision to bomb it is still widely debated today, but regardless, Monte Cassino and other operations around Anzio made it possible for the Allies to take Rome on June 4, 1944. 2 days later, the Allies would land at Normandy.

The Italian Campaign of World War II: The History of the Allied Operations that Knocked Fascist Italy Out of the War chronicles the crucial fighting, which featured the largest amphibious invasion in history at the time. Along with pictures of important people, places, and events, you will learn about the Italian Campaign like never before.

Lord Victor Zhakuy

by Cable Stone

The history of the ancient knight conquer many countries, their exploits are not so well preserved to our time

The Persian Empire

by George Rawlinson

“I saw the man pushing westward, and northward, and southward; so that no beast might stand before him, neither was there any that could deliver out of his hand; but he did according to his will, and became great.”â??Daniel, viii. 4.
The history of the Persian Empire dates from the conquest of Astyages by Cyrus, and therefore commences with the year B.C. 558. But the present inquiry must be carried considerably further back, since in this, as in most other cases, the Empire grew up out of a previously existing monarchy. Darius Hystaspis reckons that there had been eight Persians kings of his race previously to himself; and though it is no doubt possible that some of the earlier names may be fictitious, yet we can scarcely suppose that he was deceived, or that he wished to deceive, as to the fact that long anterior to his own reign, or that of his elder contemporary, Cyrus, Persia had been a monarchy, governed by a line of princes of the same clan, or family, with himself. It is our business in this place, before entering upon the brilliant period of the Empire, to cast a retrospective glance over the earlier ages of obscurity, and to collect therefrom such scattered notices as are to be found of the Persians and their princes or kings before they suddenly attracted the general attention of the civilized world by their astonishing achievements under the great Cyrus.

Whom do you get?

by Rey Menster

whom it is desirable to bypass the party today will describe in this book Rey Menster

The pound sterling: his appearance

by Stanford Royals

The appearance of the pound sterling was not such a simple task as everyone thinks about it and we’ll tell you

The Great Deception: False

by Visik Malkoh

The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar.

The grays are robots: Are the aliens called automata grays are robots?

by José Blazewicz

Making a chronology of gray called aliens.

They visit make us thousands of years, at times our ancestors took for gods.

The intention is not known with certainty.

They can be scientific experiments, study us, do hydrides and many more hypotheses.

This ruled out are bad intentions as they visit us thousands of years ago.

They are present from the time of the pyramids.

They found a gray alien in one of the pyramids, It served as a priest in Egypt, was called gentleman who it came from heaven, this gray priest, no less.

They gray aliens have all the characteristic of being automata androids.

For these reasons.

1 – lack of sex, 2 – do not procreate, 3 – are cloned, 4 – have typical expression 5 – do not have emotions, 6 walk very slow as robot.

They have all the characteristics of being automata gray androids.

They are beings of intelligence intelligence.

Bike Death: Dead

by Jarden Demonir


Bounce, Don’t Break – Stories, reflections, and words of encouragement during times of change. (Straight Street Books)

by Penny Hunt

Bounce! Don’t Break provides important steps to help you bounce back after a crisis. Learn to shift your focus from problems to solutions â?? from problem people, to problem-solving supporters. Comeback from setbacks, find faith amidst fear, lose the “woman-wonder” suit and put on the “live-in-wonder” outfit.

As a bonus feature, Bounce! Don’t Break includes the special tribute, Four Flames of Honor, to military wives.

I Am Faithfulness

And I pass to you the flame of steadfast devotion.

I have kept you from being weary in well doing,
honored your vows and zealously defended your
loyalty to cause, country, God and mate.

In little and much, I have made your handshake a
promise and made you worthy of the faith and
trust others have in you.

I have dulled the blade of desire and helped you
turn away when surely it would have been easier
to surrender.

I am the glow of the candle left burning in the window.
I have watched and waited, suffered long, worn a
yellow ribbon and patiently listened for familiar
footfalls in the hall.

I am the faithfulness of a military wife.

I Am Adventure

And I pass to you the flame of bold undertaking.
I have challenged and stretched you.
I have taken you to the limits of mental,
emotional and physical endurance.

Yesterday, I kept you from looking back when you
sailed from country and home or crossed deserts in covered wagons.
Today, I turn your face and heart toward the
unknown as you board planes for places halfway around the world
or drive SUVs and U-hauls along unfamiliar roads.

I am the remarkable experiences of life,
the breeding ground of stories told to grandchildren.
I am the joy, thrill and games of life.

I introduce you to new characters, cuisines, and critters.
I make you laugh when you feel like crying
and cry when you should be laughing!
I am joyeau de vivre, the desire to know yourself better,
and the urge to climb higher!

I am the adventure of being a military wife.

I Am Courage

And I pass to you the flame of undaunted resolve.

I have stood with you through every age.
I have held you firmly as you send your husbands,
sons and daughters to war.
I have been there with you as you bid them farewell,
then turn to walk alone,
and again, on the day they return,
changed forever, wounded or in flag draped coffins.

I have helped you let go of bikes without training wheels,
follow when you long to remain, remain when you long to follow,
and set your face like flint to dress the wound, speak the truth,
and face the press.

I pass to you the memory of those who have gone before you,
lest you ever forget their spunk and unflinching valor.
I have lifted your chin, steadied your hand, pushed back
your tears and braced your buckling knees.

I am the courage of a military wife.

I Am Tradition

And I pass to you the flame of established order.
I am kept alive in the symbols of hope, ceremonies
of honor and noble legends told by those on whose
paths you now walk.

You have risen to your feet, bowed your head, lifted
your glass, paused for colors and covered your heart in my name.

I am the unwritten form, the unspoken expression,
etiquette, ceremony and rules of decorum.

I am tradition and in my name you have made
command performances, entertained, endured
the boring speaker and fought the wind for
your skirt!

I am numbered gun salutes,
and I am folded flags
placed in your hands as taps sounds.

I am hats off, or hats in the air, a moment of silence,
an arch of swords, a motto, a symbol and
red poppies on Memorial Day.

I am the traditions of a military wife.

~ Penny L. Hunt

RUFINUS: Standard-bearer of the 9th Legion (The Abridged Roman York Book 1)

by Adam Parker

This eBook is the first in ‘The Abridged Roman York’ series of short introductions to aspects of the fascinating archaeological remains of Roman York. ‘Rufinus: the standard-bearer of the 9th Legion’ is an account of a fascinating piece of Romano-British history. It covers the discovery, curation and aspects of interpretation of the tombstone of a legionary standard-bearer who died in York at the end of the 1st Century AD.

This eBook presents one of Roman York’s most eponymous archaeological discoveries to a wide audience; it is intended to be accessible for a non-specialist audience and all those fascinated by history. Each title in this series aims to provide an overview of an object and discuss the interesting and important features therein, backed up by fully referenced textual sources and as many images as can be squeezed in.

A Short Introduction to Antiquity

by Charles Horne

A short introduction to the historical period known as Antiquity, from the advent of the first Olympics in 776 BC to the Fall of Rome in 410 AD.

Haiti: The sleeping Economic Power

by Ernst Etienne

With a vibrant, intelligent and enterprising population, Haiti is a unique country with a rich history. Indeed, it was called the Pearl of the Antilles and it is the first independent republic of coloured people in modern times. However, Haiti has experienced significant decline since its early days. It is presently the poorest country in the Americas and has an economy that depends mainly on foreign aid.

Is Haiti condemned to perpetual poverty?

Ernst Etienne demonstrates that mathematical principles can be used to develop a formula for the sustainable development of Haiti.

The diligent application of this formula has the potential to make Haiti the most prosperous country on Earth!

JESUS IN THE CROSS: Paintings from great artists depicting the Passion of Jesus Christ

The great works of art depicting the passion of Jesus Christ to browse for your visual pleasure with no distracting text to read.

Now you can have your own mobile museum!

Many of the paintings have close ups to magnify the beautiful details that deserve greater attention.

You will be able to enjoy the following masterpieces in your Netbook, Tablet or Smart phone:

-Stoning of Christ by Pascher
-Study for the head of Jesus Christ by Barocci
-The burial of Christ by Greco
-The dead Christ supported by an angel by Bellini
-The dead Christ supported by two angels by Bellini
-The death of Christ with Angels by Manet
-The passion of Christ by Memling
-The Yellow Christ by Gauguin
-Transfiguration of Christ by Angelico
-Transfiguration of Christ by Raffaelli
-Transfiguration of Christ, Detail by Angelico
-Weeping Christ by Baldung
-Weeping Christ by Dyck
-Weeping for Christ by Duerer
-Angels weeping over the dead Christ by Guercino
-Ascension of Christ by Unknown
-Burying of Christ by Roldan
-Capture of Christ by Angelico
-Capture of Christ by Francken
-Christ at the column by Messina
-Christ at the cross [] by Greco
-Christ at the Cross by Delacroix
-Christ at the Cross by Ucelo
-Christ at the Mount of Olives by Bellini
-Christ at the Mount of Olives by Gossaert
-Christ Being Nailed to the Cross by Angelico
-Christ carrying the Cross by Raffael
-Christ carrying the Cross by Greco
-Christ carrying the Cross by Lotto
-Christ carrying the Cross by Sassetta
-Christ Child and Angel by Goes by Bouts
-Christ crowned with Thorns by Bosch
-Christ crowned with Thorns by Unknown
-Christ crowned with Thorns by Bosch
-Christ crowned with Thorns by Cima
-Christ crowned with Thorns by Honthorst
-Christ crucified by Messina

Two Guys Talkin’ B-24s at a Cracker Barrel in Battle Creek

by Aaron Elson

Gene Crandall was a propeller specialist and all-around mechanical troubleshooter in the 445th Bomb Group in World War II. Floyd Ogilvy was a waist gunner who flew 30 missions on a B-24. In 1999, while researching the ill-fated Kassel Mission of Sept. 27, 1944, author Aaron Elson met Crandall and Ogilvy at a Cracker Barrel in Battle Creek, Mich., and the three talked well into the night.
Although Crandall was on the ground and Ogilvy completed his missions before the ill-fated Kassel Mission, on which 35 Liberators of the 445th flew off course and were ambushed by approximately 120 German fighter planes, Elson found the conversation so interesting that he thought it would make an informative book for anyone interested in the day to day life of the Army Air Corps in World War II.
From colorful stories about Jimmy Stewart, who was an original squadron commander in the 445th, to dramatic accounts of crashes at the base and an explosion at a bomb dump, “Two Guys Talkin’ B-24s” presents a side of life in World War II that is often left on the cutting room floor of documentaries, the stories there’s no room for in a one-page newspaper article or a three-minute television segment.

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