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The Unveiling

by Michael Porter

Witness horrifying tales of madness. Read the journal of a man trapped in a world overrun by the demonically possessed. Listen to the tale of a man driven mad by his fear of dark empty spaces, and the things that lie hidden in them. Transcend time and space as a scientist is forced to relive the same few days over and over in an endless hell of his own making. Run through the streets of Atlanta as a new chemical weapon turns everyday people into mindless killing machines. See an airplane overrun by horrible inhuman creatures with a taste for flesh. Feel the chill of hikers chased through the wilderness by the undead. These and other tales lie in the dark pages of The Unveiling!

El origen de los sueños: Los primeros relatos (Spanish Edition)

by Jorge Serrano Celada

El día que Andriy fue concebido, algo se torció en la realidad. La mayoría cree que todo empezó en Bolgrad, cuando él apenas tenía seis años, pero no es cierto. Probablemente, el frágil castillo de naipes que conforma nuestra existencia comenzara a derrumbarse incluso antes de que sus padres se conocieran�

El principio de inexistencia implica consecuencias que van más allá de lo que habíamos imaginado, pero ya nadie me escucha. Prefieren olvidar lo que hicimos y pretender que estamos a salvo� Necios�

Creo que no estaré para verlo, apenas puedo escribir estas palabras y sé que ya no me queda mucho, pero me pregunto cómo ocurrirá. Aunque quizás esté equivocado y no sea un final. Es posible que sea un comienzo, un nuevo origen�

Ã?ltima entrada del diario de Albert Koeman

Mom’s House

by Kenneth Buff

A torn lover travels to her boyfriend’s haunted retreat only to find things are even stranger than she imagined they would be.

Bedtime Tales of Horror: The Replacement

by Bradley Poage

A man has decided Briana will make the perfect replacement wife. Will she escape or will he succeed in making her into the woman he misses?

The Agency of Supernatural Protection (Multiverse Tales Book 1)

by Christian Pearson

Welcome to the A.S.P

Where fighting monsters isn’t always the toughest part of the job

The Story

When Sterling is sent on his first mission in nearly a month, he’s ecstatic! There’s nothing he likes more than battling supernatural beasts alongside his partner and best friend, Agent Alexis Jones. But, when Sterling makes a huge mistake in the field and lets his target escape, his job, friendship and self-respect are thrown into jeopardy. Will he be able to redeem himself and defeat the monster he let go? Crack open the book and find out!

The Series

Multiverse Tales are a collection of illustrated action, adventure books about heroes from wild and exciting dimensions. Every story is its own individual tale so you don’t have to read them in any specific order, but they all exist in the same Multiverse, so watch out for crossover stories!

What We’re About

At Multiverse Tales, we believe that Origin stories are overdone. In this series, we skip the whole â??how they got their abilities’ part and drop you right into an adventure! We also believe that books with pictures aren’t just for kids. Because, really, what’s a superhero story with no visuals? In Multiverse Tales, you’ll rarely go more than two pages without an image! Finally, we believe in quick, snappy stories that you can read in one or two sittings. These books aren’t huge time commitments and you get a full, rounded off story in a couple hours.

Who Should Read Multiverse Tales?

These illustrated novels are great reads for people with short attention spans. No origin stories means you get into the action quicker. The books are also great for anyone who likes comics. Think of these books as being half way between a comic book and a novel.

Series Inspiration

These stories are inspired by two main sources: The Marvel Cinematic Universe and Weird Science comics. Every book has a superhero type character who is often forced to team up with other heroes from different worlds. The character crossover inspiration comes from the MCU while the one-off, short adventure format is inspired by the EC Comics from the early 1950s which were stories about different characters every issue.

To find out what becomes of our heroes, scroll up and buy Multiverse Tales issue 1 now!

Black Hour

by Shaun Whittington

It is April 30th, and on a sunny Spring day, the Head of Sports lecturer, John Boardman, decides to take his sleep deprived body to his office during lunchtime and goes for a nap before his next lesson.

After losing his son six months ago in a car accident, which led to the break up of his marriage, John Boardman has been in a state of turmoil and is now introduced to another nightmare in his life.

He wakes up in his office to find his school building in the middle of a shooting spree.

After waking up and leaving his office, he witnesses a fellow lecturer being gunned down by a masked perpetrator. Due to an avalanche of panic, he becomes undecided on what to do next.

Does he run for his life, or does he feel it is his duty to stay behind and search for fellow pupil survivors? The nightmare has just begun.

Not for persons under the age of 18.

Other titles available

The Woods of Red Hill (FREE ebook)
Billy (a novelette FREE ebook)
The Monkey Wing
Clan (Amazon only)
Misty Falls (FREE ebook)

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The Randolph Carter Mythos

by H.P. Lovecraft

“The Statement of Randolph Carter” is narrated in flashback by Carter while being interrogated by the police, who suspect him of murdering Harley Warren. Carter and his friend Harley Warren investigate a mysterious crypt in an ancient abandoned cemetery.

“The Unnamable” begins with Carter in conversation with his friend Joel Manton, principal of a New England high school, discussing the supposedly mythical creature that bears the story’s name. The tale is set in a seventeenth-century cemetery as evening falls. Initially, Manton is skeptical and ridicules Carter for thinking that such a being may be possible. As darkness encroaches – and as Carter’s descriptions become more detailed and supported by facts – his flippant dismissal gradually gives way to fear.

The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath-one of Lovecraft’s longest tales-follows Carter for several months searching for the lost city of his dreams. The story reveals Carter’s familiarity with much of Lovecraft’s fictional universe. Carter is also shown to possess considerable knowledge of the politics and geography of the dream world and has allies there. After an elaborate odyssey, Carter awakes in his Boston apartment, with only a fleeting impression of the dream world he left behind, though he now knows what the lost city actually is.

“The Silver Key”â??perhaps the most overtly philosophical of Lovecraft’s fictionâ??finds Carter entering middle age and losing his “key to the gate of dreams.” No longer is Carter able to escape the mundane realities of life and enter the Lovecraftian dreamworld that alone has given him happiness. Wonder is gone and he has forgotten the fact that life is nothing more than a set of mental images, where there is no fundamental distinction between dreams and reality and no reason to value one above the other.

“Through the Gates of the Silver Key,” written in collaboration with Lovecraft admirer E. Hoffman Price, details Carter’s adventures in another dimension where he encounters a more primordial version of himself (implied to be Yog-Sothoth) who explains that Carterâ??and indeed all beingsâ??are ultimately nothing more than manifestations of a greater being. Carter’s mind ends up trapped in the body of an alien, another facet of the higher being. The investigation into Carter’s disappearance takes place four years later, in 1932.

“Out of the Aeons” by Lovecraft and Hazel Heald features a brief 1931 appearance by Carter, while trapped in the alien body. He visits a museum exhibiting an ancient mummy from a long-forgotten civilization and recognizes some of the writing on the scroll that accompanies it.

The Free Gift: A Tale of Unpleasantness

by Peter Ravenscroft

NOW INCLUDES PREVIEW EXCERPT FROM: ‘Haunted Fetchley: The Freshers’ Phantom and Other Tales’ – coming to Kindle early September 2016!

Meet Isaac Harte: mid-thirties, obsessed with breakfast cereal, and dead. He’s got something to tell you. Something about his 1980s childhood. Something about caravan holidays, action figure playsets, collecting tokens from cereal packets – and bloody murder.

Let author Peter Ravenscroft take you deep into Isaac’s world. Discover why his blundering mother and indulgent Aunt Felicity could never have anticipated the macabre contents of Isaac’s final letter.

A tale of unpleasantness told in 13,000 words.

A Prescription for Delirium: An Urban Fantasy Novel (Van Helsing Organization Book 1)

by Noree Cosper

Demons, werewolves, possessed bikers, madness spreading like a virus, and a revenge that has waited for over 500 years. What more could Gabby look for in a vacation spot?

Ninety years ago, Gabriella di Luca promised to protect the family of her dying lover. She failed to keep that promise. She was too far away to stop the devil that murdered the eldest Van Helsing son. Years later, Gabby learns the devil has resurfaced. She arrives in Hampton, TX, determined to stop the devil before it can lay a bloody hand on the remaining three brothers.

However, madness is spreading through Hampton. She suspects the devil is using this madness to test a drug which has a side effect of demonic possession. Gabby rushes to end the source of the madness only to fall victim to it. For a woman cursed with eternal life, dying is no threat. However, Gabby must stop the devil’s plot or risk losing her most precious possession: her mind.

If you enjoy Kim Harrison and Laurell K. Hamilton, you will devour this fast paced paranormal adventure.

Buy A Prescription for Delirium to dive into this Dark Fantasy Series today!

The Complete Series

Book 1: A Prescription for Delirium

Book 2: A Dose of Brimstone

Book 3: Coming Soon

Feast of Fates (Four Feasts Till Darkness Book 1)

by Christian A. Brown

Morigan lives a quiet life as the handmaiden to a fatherly old sorcerer named Thackery. But when she crosses paths with Caenith, a not wholly mortal man, her world changes forever. Their meeting sparks long buried magical powers deep within Morigan. As she attempts to understand her newfound abilities, unbidden visions begin to plague her–visions that show a devastating madness descending on one of the Immortal Kings who rules the land.

With Morigan growing more powerful each day, the leaders of the realm soon realize that this young woman could hold the key to their destruction. Suddenly, Morigan finds herself beset by enemies, and she must master her mysterious gifts if she is to survive.

A Girl in Mind

by Mark Dunn

Cora is a beautiful sixteen-year-old girl from southern California, a kid with the world at her feet. When her family is attacked by a razor-wielding psychopath in a parking garage in Beverly Hills, she alone escapes, but something has changed for both Cora and the killer, linking the two in ways neither immediately understands.

Deeply in shock after witnessing the massacre of her family, Cora is sent to an island off the coast of Maine, where her grandfather heads a psychiatric clinic devoted to the study of catatonia. As Dr. Cole Johnstone and his one-time love interest, Sarah Delacort, struggle to help the comatose girl, it quickly becomes evident that they are also running a race against time, because something is hunting the girl in her dreams, something that won’t stop until Cora is dead.

Caitlin’s Book of Shadows (Antique Magic 2)

by Juli D. Revezzo

Though their fame became legend, a rumor cropped up about the Fulmer family: Something terrifying stalked Caitlin and her beloved Trevor. Something the bits and pieces she left claimed she had to make sense of. When the curator of their collection finds Caitlin’s long forgotten diary, she wonders will it tell the whole tale? Will it tell why Caitlin seemed so determined to tell the difference between reality and nightmare? Why she thought herself a witch?

What will the holidays hold for Caitlin? Perhaps the answer lies between the lines of her story, one of lessons, struggles, and hopes for each new year.

Includes samples of The Artist’s Inheritance, Antique Magic Book One, and the forthcoming second volume. **This is a side (or supplemental, if you will) story in the Antique Magic Series. Book 2 is forthcoming.

Black Cat Halloween Tales: for the End of Civilization

by Jeff Smith

A small collection of short stories that will make one dread the end of life as we know it.

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