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A Day For Hope: There was no way I was gonna throw a birthday party for a stuffed animal. Was there? (Savvy Stories)

by Dan Alatorre

(Regular price $2.99) A fun loving comedy by bestselling author and humorist Dan Alatorre. A loving father somehow gets ensnared in his 3 ½ year old daughter’s request for a birthday party for her favorite stuffed animal; and instead of saying no, he goes along with it. What happens next is a hilariously funny and charming explanation of the true meaning of fatherhood, the differences between moms and dads, and how sometimes the really silly things we do on life’s journey are often the best:

“My daughter was nearly insane with excitement. No sugar high could match the rush of endorphins that were the thought of all her favorite things in the whole world all colliding in her brain at one time: ice cream, Hope The Baby Dolphin, birthday cake, and playing with the phone.”- from “A Day For Hope”

The Power of Forgiveness – How to Quickly Get Over the PAST & LIVE totally FREE (Unlimited Power Book 1)

by Armani Valentino

Lack of Forgiveness causes one to never reach their full-potential in life. Why? All things are energy including thoughts. The thoughts that you have that cause you to keep someone captive in your mind, cloud the space with energy that isn’t productive.

Therefore, all of your energies are mixed with good and evil. And…in order to be really effective, you can’t ride the fence. FOR-GIVE and let the captives go free so that the MOST HIGH can GIVE you ALL that he has FOR you!

This is Part 1 of a series I have entitled “Unlimited POWER.” I believe that we are all endowed with the seeds of GREATNESS from conception in our mother’s womb. However, from living life, situations and circumstances sometimes take a toll on our effectiveness and steal our POWER. Without Power, personal power, we are deemed to suffer day after day in mediocrity, never tapping into our POWER.

The series will cover blocks, such as unforgiveness, that hold us from our destiny! We ALL have a PURPOSE, but without POWER, our PURPOSE will never be met.

As usual, I use scriptures from multiple cultures, religions, and regions around the world to speak to the reader that has a world view and an open mind.

Follow the words on the pages of this series, and I guarantee that you will be a PURPOSE & POWER filled renewed individual.

Ericka The Puppy Learns About Autism

by Chasity Conley

When Ericka the puppy goes on a field trip with her daycare to the fire station, she has no idea she will make a new friend. Dali is a special dog, with a lot of heart. Ericka and her friends learn that different is not less, and that we all have special talents.

Alzheimer en la familia 1: Como enfrentarse a la enfermedad de Alzheimer (Spanish Edition)

by Rosa Bucarey

Este cuadernillo expone información básica dirigida a familias y/o cuidadores de personas afectadas por el Alzheimer. Resulta aconsejable que quienes se enfrentan a este diagnóstico conozcan aspectos generales que afectarán al enfermo y a su entorno, que conozcan como, cuando de los cambios que se producirán y la mejor manera de enfrentarse a ellos.

Al final de este cuadernillo o de cualquier otro de la colección “Alzheimer en la familia” podrá hacer una consulta personal vía whatsapp si el enfermo no reside en Zaragoza o concertar una visita en el domicilio si se haya en Zaragoza Capital.

Premature Grandpa: A Science Guy’s Experience in NICU with His Granddaughter

by C. R. Downing

In Premature Grandpa, award-winning author C. R. Downing invites the reader into a real NICU, one with which he is all too familiar. His granddaughter, Hadley Marie, was born 11 weeks prematurely and spent 60 days in NICU.
While Hadley’s story is at the forefront, Downing includes sections on Grandpa’s Lessons Learned, Grandpa’s Thoughts On How To Help Others When They Are In This Situation. The book closes with Information About Preemies For Grandfathersâ??And Others, Tooâ??including a glossary of common NICU terms.

Dating: A Smart Women’s Secret in the Law of Attraction, Being Irresistible, and Finding Relationships and True Love on the Internet (A Guide on Online … Advice, and Attracting Alpha Male)

by Shea Hendricks

Ready to Find the Love of Your Life? Proven and Tested Advice on How to Attract the Right Guy Who Loves You, A Smart Women’s Secret in Attracting Mr. Right, Being Irresistible, and Finding Relationships and True Love on the Internet!

Have you been longing to start a lasting relationship with that person who you really connects with? Do you feel lonely sometimes and want to have deep conversations rather than small talks? This book is a great guide for you if you’re tired of playing games and just want to find that special someone to start a fulfilling relationship with.

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find the right guy to be in a relationship, but only to stumble across over and over on guys who are nothing like him. Why do women have to endure the endless cycle of wrong guys before she even comes close to meeting the right person? Dating can be daunting and discouraging, and many give up in the process in hope that love will come knocking on their door some day. Being willing to go after love is essential but you have to have the right strategies without turning it into games. You can find them all in this book by award winning author and speaker Shea Hendricks!

“Dating” contains the proven methods and strategies to find “Mr. Right”. It’s true that there are many fish in the sea, but knowing which ones you should and shouldn’t eat before catching them is more than essential.

Scroll up to the top right corner of the page and click on “Buy Now With 1 Click” button to start reading the book and change your dating life forever.

Potty Training Box Set: 33 Incredible Potty Training Tips To Stress Free Results in 3 days (potty training, potty training in 3 days, potty training tips)

by Linda Clark

BOOK #1: Potty Training In 3 Days: 33 Best-Ever Potty Training Tips To Stress Free Results In 3 Days

3 magic chapters – Ready, Steady, Go for a 3-Day Potty Training Session.

Yes, if your child is ready, it can be done in such a short time.

Learn exactly what “ready” means. It is not a conscious decision, it is more about cognitive and motor skills development.

This book will guide you in the pre-planning process of Nappy Training, by helping you to think about:

  • Day and night time dryness
  • Differences between potty training boys and girls
  • What equipment you need
  • Should you give rewards?

BOOK #2: Potty Training: Useful Tips on How to Easily Potty Train Little Boys and Girls in 3 days

If you are one of those parents who believe that potty training requires a lengthy process, This book is written to prove beyond doubt that potty training is not only possible but can be achieved within 3 days. Yes 3 days. Potty training in 3 days or less… How can that be possible? Have you asked yourself this question, maybe several times? You have probably already concluded that it is only achievable in the dream world. To some people, it is like trying to have unnecessary high expectations so they have decided the best thing to do is to allow the little child to take things slowly until he or she is ready to accept the use of potty. Some people have even resigned themselves to the fate of living with a little child who is just not ready to use the potty. In simple words, they have given up. Is potty training as difficult as it looks? I have good news for you. You can potty train your little boy or girl in as little as 3 days.

This book will guide you and help you through each and every step – you will be able to learn:

  • What potty training is all about
  • What is meant to be potty training ready
  • Process of potty training for the various ages of kids
  • Pre and post periods of potty training
  • Rewarding successes and handling failures

BOOK #3: Potty Training: The Ultimate Potty Training Guide To Fun and Stress Free Results In 3 Days or Less

Are you thinking about potty training your child? Are you looking for a way to make potty training easy for both you and your child? This ebook offers parents a three day method to potty train their child with less stress and frustrationâ?¦and in less time. Using this method, some children start using the potty on their own by the second day!

Learn how to:

  • Properly encourage your child to use the potty,
  • Help your child associate the feelings of their body with the need to use the potty,
  • Encourage your child to take responsibility for accidents without guilt or shame, and
  • Reward your child for using the potty without using bribes or sweets.

Getting Your FREE Bonus

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Inspiration and Self-Improvement Box Set (5 in 1): Positive Ways to Lighten Your Mood, CHange Your Life, and Be Happy (Positive Thinking & Mindfulness)

by Grace Cooper

Inspiration and Self-Improvement Box Set (5 in 1) Positive Ways to Lighten Your Mood, CHange Your Life, and Be Happy

Get FIVE books for up to 60% off the price! With this bundle, you’ll receive:

  • The Happy Days of Katey May
  • How to Feel Good
  • Free Yourself from Negative Thinking
  • On Holding On and Letting Go
  • Change Your Life in 4 Weeks

In The Happy Days of Katey May, you’ll get our special bond

In How to Feel Good, you’ll get your own mood therapy guide to feeling and being happy

In Free Yourself from Negative Thinking, you’ll learn 21 positive ways to stop worrying, relieve stress & be happy

In On Holding On and Letting Go, you’ll learn 7 helpful methods on making the best decisions for a happy, meaningful and peaceful life

In Change Your Life in 4 Weeks, you’ll learn how to live a happy, healthy and unhindered life

Buy all five books today at up to 60% off the cover price!

100 Powerful Prayers for Your Teenagers: Powerful Scriptural Promises and Prayers to Let God Take Control of Your Teenagers, Get Them to Experience Love & Fulfillment

by Katie Armstrong

Guide to help Parents Pray for Their Teenagers to Experience the Love of God and Fulfillment

70 Powerful Scriptures to Believe and 70 Prayers to Declare Over Your Teenagers and Let God Take Control of Their Lives


If you’re pulling your hair out with your teenage son or daughter, it’s time to apply the power of prayer every day.

Yes, as parents, we love our children, but God is the one who gave us these children. He loves our children much more and when we pray, He helps them much more than we could.

This book will show you how to:

  • Pray for your teenage children’s salvation, healing, deliverance, career choice, relationship and more
  • Help them much more with God’s love
  • Stop satanic attacks on your household and children
  • Pray and get results by applying faith keys
  • pray for an unruly child and let God help him or her better, while you maintain your cool

Who is Katie Armstrong?

Katie Armstrong is a pastor’s wife, school teacher and prayer leader. She has been through this fascinating phase of parenting 3 times. She has a degree in Medical Physiology and a background as a registered child care professional. Over the years, Katie Armstrong has seen the effect of prayers on children and families. She encourages parents to spend time and pray for their children much more with the scriptures and believe God to help them even while exploring other methods of training them.

She is the women leader and prayer coordinator at Better Life World Outreach Center ( She speaks on a variety of subjects like prayer, fasting, food, home care, social media and raising Godly children.

If you want a humble prayer partner and guide in parenting young adults then this is the book for you.

SUPER MOM: How I got my child whole through a high conflict divorce.

by Melinda Foverskov

Going through a divorce is a challenge. When you have a child, even more so. I am sure you are already hurting for various reasons. Your dreams of a happily-ever-after have most likely been shattered. At the same time, going through the change you are experiencing can be difficult because you have to ensure that your child is not suffering. In this book, I am sharing my story, including some of the challenges and self-criticisms I have faced in my life.

To love and leave : Episode One

Story of Love and Life. How far will you go for the one you love?

comment conclure avec les femmes: secret séduction pour conclure (French Edition)

by Joe Calvani

Comment font vraiment les hommes qui savent vraiment conclure avec les femmes ?

Note de l’auteur:

cher lecteur

Laissez-moi vous présenter comment j’ai réussi à conclure avec des femmes, alors qu’auparavant j’avais toutes les difficultés du monde à obtenir un vrai rendez-vous avec elles.


– introduction

– Le SMS

– Les statistiques

– Le rendez-vous

РLe pr̩ rendez-vous

– Le choix du lieu de rencontre

– La conversation

– La sexualisation

– L’embrasser

– Aller a votre appartement

– Dans votre appartement

– conclusion

Pourquoi les méthodes traditionnelles ne fonctionnent pas ou très rarement. Vous verrez dans ce guide comment j’ai mis en application toutes les techniques que les meilleurs séducteurs appliquent pour conclure avec les femmes.

C’est simple modification font qu’un homme réussira ou pas à conclure et coucher avec une femme.

Vous avez remarqué, peut-être dans vôtre cercle d’amis ou alors si vous, vous intéresser à la séduction, vous avez entendu des témoignages de personne qui arrive à embrasser et conclure avec les femmes.

Ce n’est pas que vous n’obtenez pas de rendez-vous, mais quand vous êtes avec une femme avec lequel vous voulez conclure, ça ne se passe pas très bien. Pourtant, vous sentez que vous lui plaisait, mais quand vous voulez l’embrasser elle vous repousse. Des fois même pire elle le fait avec le sourire en vous disant qu’elle vous voit comme un ami, et qu’il serait dommage de gâcher cette belle amitié.

Ce qu’il vous faudrait c’est un truc avec lequel vous pourriez travailler à votre rythme et avoir des résultats dans vos futures conquêtes.

Une méthode facile à mettre en place avec les femmes avec qui vous êtes en train d’essayer de conclure. Des astuces avec lequel vous pourriez embrasser et coucher facilement et que ce soit réciproque pour elle aussi.

Après mon premier livre je ne pensez pas en écrire un autre à la suite. Mais mon épouse Ã?lise m’a raconté que sa meilleure amie était désespérée de rencontrer trop d’hommes qui manquent de courage pour conclure ou sont trop maladroits.

Du coup avec cette confidence sur sa copine elle m’a convaincu d’écrire une suite à mon premier livre:

« comment aborder les femmes ».

Le SMS. Vous verrez des erreurs à ne pas faire pour mettre toutes les chances de votre côté pour qu’un SMS aboutisse en vrai rendez-vous.

Comment se préparer avant le rendez-vous aussi bien physiquement que mentalement.

Vous apprendrez comment les statistiques peuvent vous aider améliorer et comprendre quel est la mentalité et tout ce que vous devez savoir pour mettre un rendez-vous avec une femme dans les meilleures conditions.

Vous apprendrez aussi comment la confiance peux vous aider améliorer votre taux de réussite pour embrasser ou aller plus loin.

Le choix du lieu de rencontre et son importance

Pourquoi faire déplacer la jeune femme dans des endroits différents est important pour la suite de votre séduction.

Pourquoi la conversation n’est pas si difficile à mettre en place avec la femme avec qui on est en rendez-vous. Souvent, les débutants bloquent à ce niveau-là, alors qu’avec quelques trucs et astuces cela devient plus facile de converser avec une femme.

Dans ce livre vous apprendrez aussi

Comment l’amener à votre appartement sans que la jeune femme ait la crainte de se retrouver seule avec vous. Nous verrons comment rendre les femmes à l’aise avec cette problématique que les débutants rencontrent assez souvent.

Comment convaincre une jeune femme de faire l’amour avec nous alors que nous venons juste de la rencontrer. Trop souvent, beaucoup de novices pensent qu’il faut attendre plusieurs jours avant

qu’une jeune femme veuille faire l’amour avec nous. Vous verrez que souvent ce sont de fausses idées reçues.

bonne lecture

Joe Calvani

Gods SuperStars (Hometraining 101 Book 2)

by Wendy Key

With over twenty years caring for kids and hometraining her own six children. Wendy Key shares with moms very personal and unexpected stories about how to Raise Great Children, that will thrive in your home and succeed in life. With no nonsense honesty, Wendy offers realistic, biblical-based advice to guide moms into raising their children in the way they should go.

Alzheimer en la familia 4: Trastornos de Conducta ¿Qué debo hacer? (Spanish Edition)

by Rosa Bucarey

El contenido de este cuaderno es de carácter práctico. Se señalan algunos de los trastornos de conducta más comunes y recomendaciones para enfrentarse a ellos.

Los trastornos de conducta no aparecen en todos los enfermos de la misma manera y al mismo tiempo. Hay casos en que se superponen varios problemas a la vez. Suelen hacerse más intensos dependiendo de multitud de factores; físicos, ambientales, mentales.

En el cuaderno número tres se abordaba el tema de cómo construir estrategias para enfrentar los trastornos de conducta.

Tanto con el cuaderno “Elaborar estrategias” como con “¿Qué debo hacer? Pretenden en su conjunto que el cuidador pueda enfrentarse de la mejor forma a los trastornos de conducta.

Como consecuencia de la pérdida de memoria a corto plazo y de otros factores relacionados con la enfermedad los enfermos pueden realizar una serie de comportamientos indeseados.

Alzheimer en la familia 3: Estrategias para mejorar la conducta (Spanish Edition)

by Rosa Bucarey

En este cuaderno se incorporan consejos para aprender a elaborar estrategias que conjuntamente con la medicación (que recomiende el neurólogo) permitan al cuidador enfrentarse y controlar las conductas anómalas.

A medida que el deterioro del enfermo aumenta aparecerán trastornos de conducta. La familia y cuidadores se ven enfrentados a problemas de convivencia serios. En algunos casos los enfermos manifiestan más de una conducta indeseada. Podemos encontrarnos con enfermos que se nieguen a asearse y no acepten ayuda de ninguna persona de la familia, ni siquiera de los hijos. En otros casos los trastornos se relacionan con la hora de dormir o con acciones violentas hacia el cuidador.

Para todo esto problemas existe medicación que suele mejorar el estado del enfermo; sin embargo, suelen surgir efectos secundarios.

Alzheimer en la familia 2: Como adecuar el entorno al enfermo de Alzheimer (Spanish Edition)

by Rosa Bucarey

El contenido de este cuaderno es de carácter práctico e intenta orientar los cuidados para conseguir independencia tanto del enfermo como de la persona que le asiste y mejorar su calidad de vida.

Como puntos de referencia, la comunicación que forma parte de la buena relación que vamos a mantener con el enfermo y de que logremos estimularle adecuadamente para que no abandone las tareas diarias que antes hacía por su cuenta. También es importante considerar aspectos que tienen que ver con el medio ambiente, la adecuación del entorno para hacerlo más asequible y no le produzca frustraciones

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