Free poetry Kindle books for 31 Aug 16

Rhyme of Our Time

by Kenneth Lambie

Adventure, romance, headlines, humour, philosophy.
Seventy two poems covering geographical and
other travels from the mid-nineties to the growing
economic and political turmoil of today.

People, places, conversations, questions:
where are we? when are we?
why all the fighting and rushing about?
is this world crazy or is it me?
The answers, and the questions, are up to us all.

Time. The time. Our time.

Kenneth Michael Lambie was born in Inverness, Scotland in 1970 and grew up nearby in the Highlands and Moray. After studying at Glasgow University and Goldsmiths College, London he taught English and Mathematics in the UK, Europe and the Far East.

Poetic Expressions Vol. III

by Carl McKever

Carl McKever continues with new styles of poetry in his third volume of Poetic Expressions. In this book, an afterword and foreword is included; written by Anna Maria Clark. New features can be found and once Carl returns from his break in September, he will working on Volume 4. Hope you enjoy this volume more, since it has sonnets and quatrains.

A View Into My Soul

by Ronnie Lee Mickle Jr.

A View Into My Soul, a book of raw poetry by Ronnie Lee Mickle Jr., was first published in 2002 by IUniverse. At the time Ronnie Lee admits he wasn’t quite sure of his message. All he knew was he had a lot of poems he’d written and his heart wasn’t satisfied with sharing them with just friends. Nearly ten years later Ronnie Lee says his message is clear- there was a lot going on inside his head and his heart in that sleepy little town of LaGrange, Georgia.

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