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Confessions of a Campaign Manager

by Bharat Krishnan

In Confessions of a Campaign Manager, veteran Democratic operative Bharat Krishnan takes you on a journey across nine states and 17 campaigns to see how American politics has transformed since the election of Barack Obama. Krishnan makes a case that the intransigence of Republican leaders following the election of our nation’s first black president irrevocably fractured the country along partisan lines. This ultimately produced the most dangerous presidential candidate this country has ever seen, Donald Trump. From rubbing shoulders with celebrities and political insiders at presidential conventions to chasing votes in the swamps of Louisiana, Krishnan discovers a vast disconnect between voters, the flawed politicians they elect to represent them, and the legion of driven staffers who silently battle over the direction of the nation. Drawing on his experience at the state and local level, Krishnan formulates a national prescription to prevent a future of perpetual partisan brinksmanship.


by C. Carl Pegels

Our planet will eventually be exposed to a major natural disaster which will result in a massive loss of life and potential destruction of much of the world we know. Although the probability of this happening during one’s life time is quite low, our descendants will eventually face a destructive event that will shake up their world of comfort, and possibly end it.

Having experienced personally, during World War II, what deprivation and famine does to people who are used to living in a civil environment, I question why nothing is being done in our advanced society to ensure that famines and other miseries such as the ones described will not be repeated.

We are living in a fantasy world which we believe will continue to provide us with our daily needs, especially in terms of food, water and the necessary public services.

The most important preparation we can make immediately, as a nation, is to build up regional reserves of basic foods such as grain and legumes that can be kept for a long time. Grain is one of the least expensive food stuffs to acquire and to store, and it is also the most effective to keep large numbers of people from starvation. Common grains such as wheat, barley, rye and oats can literally last for a thousand years, if kept under controlled environmental conditions.

We presently have enormous national petroleum reserves in case of a worldwide disruption in the supply of oil. Why has the idea of food reserves never been considered, at least not to my knowledge?

The food reserves idea is easily affordable by the developed world. However, it would be quite a problem for developing countries which even now need to provide financial support for their citizens’ minimal nutritional requirements.

The idea for this book was born when I read the story of the Greenland Norse who mysteriously disappeared from Greenland after having lived there for 500 years. They originated in Iceland, settled in Greenland in 986, and at their peak numbered about 2,000 residents. During the sixteenth century it was discovered that the Greenland Norse had mysteriously disappeared, but in reality they had become extinct. Global cooling apparently caused their extinction.

The other motivation for the book, a stronger one, was my personal experience living through a famine which lasted for about six months in the Netherlands at the end of the Second World War. I experienced living under conditions unimaginable to the typical citizen of today. Not only was there little or no food, but all utilities were shut off including electricity, gas, water and telephone. No public services were available. Fuel for cooking had to be scavenged.

During that famine 18,000 people died, food was not available except what one could find in the countryside. The sugar beet, difficult to digest, was the last and only item available on the black market.

During a volcanic winter, conditions as described above and possibly worse could occur. Regional food banks would be the only means to carry us through such an event.

There may not be another volcanic winter for the next 100 years but there could also be one tomorrow. We need to be prepared. This book will show you how to prepare personally and it also argues for national government action to provide public food reserves as insurance against a likely future natural worldwide disaster.

13 Reasons To Give A Damn In 2016: Moving America From Divided To United

by Brian Bosché


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America Needs to Give a Damn.

What if America’s greatest president was chosen by this generation?

What if America’s greatest economic revolution was seen by this generation?

What if America put evil on its heels, on the run, and on the ash heap of history?

Are those things possible? Absolutely, but it starts with “Giving a Damn.”

Bold, authentic, and refreshing. In 13 REASONS TO GIVE A DAMN IN 2016 . . . Brian Bosché combines his extensive knowledge of news and politics with his experience in media. He outlines 13 Reasons why Americans from across the political spectrum need to “Give a Damn” in 2016.

Brian believes that America’s greatest strength is brokenness. Our nation’s debt, problems, and division has prepared us to become a strong, united front of greatness. It’s not just about 2016, but that’s where it begins.

In each chapter, Brian digs deeper than the 30-second sound bites and media spin to get to the root causes of America’s brokennessâ??and how it will lead to our country’s restoration. Restoration begins with you. Are you ready to “Give a Damn” about America?

Advanced Praise for 13 REASONS TO GIVE A DAMN IN 2016…

“Brian embodies what today’s America needs: A conservative opinion without the grey hair, but the intelligence and desire to see America become greater than ever before.”

– Tamara Holder, FOX News Channel Contributor

“Brian Bosché is an up-and-coming media powerhouse. New York Times Bestselling Author. A-List Speaker. Primetime Television Commentator. These are titles that will follow his name. Sometimes we get a glimpse into the future. We get to see who will fill the shoes of Limbaugh, Beck, and Hannity. Brian is the future.”

– Tamara Lowe, NYT Bestselling Author of “Get Motivated!”

“Brian Bosché has a vision that Americans from across the spectrum will appreciate. He’s a patriot in the finest sense of the word and this book is exactly what this generation of patriots crave. It’s common sense without the spin.”

– Brandon & Jared Vallorani, Liberty Alliance

The Constitution of the United States, Declaration of Independence, and Articles of Confederation (Golden Deer Classics)

by Benjamin Franklin

The most important documents of the United States of America are collected in this easy-to-read volume, which includes the Constitution of the United States of America, with all of the Amendments; The Declaration of Independence; the Articles of Confederation, and an appendix containing a list of the states by date of admission to the Union. Every citizen of the United States, student of history anywhere in the world, or anyone interested in understanding who we are as a nation should have and study a copy of these works.

Primary Author: James Madison (Drafted the Virginia Plan) Origins: Proposed, Debated and Drafted at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the Summer of 1787. The meetings of the Convention took place at Independence Hall. The Constitutional Convention began its deliberations on May 25, 1787. All of the delegates were convinced that an effective central government with a wide range of enforceable powers must replace the weaker Congress established by the Articles of Confederation.

Democracia y derechos fundamentales: Aproximaciones críticas desde Cuba (Spanish Edition)

by Dr. Alie Perez Veliz

La obra nos lleva del pasado al presente, no de manera declarativa, sino haciéndonos pensar.

Inicia su recorrido en el JUSTICIAZGO MAYOR de Aragón, argumentando su carácter de antecedente histórico del control de constitucionalidad, pretendiendo encontrar en esta institución los posibles fundamentos para lograr, a partir de las bases históricas, un mecanismo eficaz de control constitucional que sirva para poner coto a las vulneraciones del llamado poder constituido. Pero no se queda su análisis en el pasado, sino que también señala los vínculos con instituciones de la práctica política y el constitucionalismo contemporáneo, como es el caso del Ombudsman o Defensor del Pueblo, presentes en Latinoamérica en el entorno argentino, boliviano, colombiano, venezolano y guatemalteco, el que como institución de defensa de derechos consagrados en las Constituciones. Una simbiosis entre control de constitucionalidad y garantía de derechos, una institución del pasado que aún no se alcanza en toda su eficacia, y de la que los mismos autores señalan que en muchos aspectos el Justicia Mayor supera limitaciones de mecanismos presentes, “como la judicialización excesiva del control constitucional en el sistema difuso, la parcialización política en el sistema concentrado, y el efecto exclusivamente moral de los fallos de los Defensores del Pueblo,”

Burn District 1

by Suzanne Jenkins

What do you do when the world as you know it ends? Run! A perfect life slides into despair when a trusting neighbor whispers a warning, and Mike and Laura Davis’s world crumbles. Dreams and goals come to an abrupt end, but a new existence waits in the future. Survival depends on the ingenuity of family and friends. First, they must hide in a safe place.

Burn District 2 available now.

Gli Angeli di Maidan (Italian Edition)

by Mauro Voerzio

Gli Angeli di Maidan è un viaggio all’interno di una rivoluzione che ho definito rivoluzionaria. Nel mio intento in questo breve saggio è fornire gli strumenti culturali al lettore per comprendere quanto avvenuto in quei mesi a Kiev e quindi comprendere anche gli attuali eventi in Ucraina.

Credo di essere l’unico Italiano testimone oculare di quei mesi passati tra speranze e paure in un oceano di umanità che non poteva non colpire chiunque creda ancora negli ideali di libertà e giustizia. Oltre a fornire gli strumenti culturali ho inserito gli avvenimenti di quelle giornate, le interviste, le emozioni, i personaggi famosi e quelli anonimi che tutti insieme hanno composto quella che viene definita la rivoluzione della dignità.

Una testimonianza che si prefigge di andare oltre la propaganda profusa in questi mesi, oltre le ideologie che a Maidan non hanno mai trovato casa, oltre i luoghi comuni.

Maidan non è stato un punto di arrivo ma semmai un punto di partenza, un luogo a cui spero che le nuove generazioni guardino con interesse e ne traggano spunto nella loro ricerca di una vita migliore e di un mondo più giusto.

Ho dedicato il libro agli Angeli di Maidan che ci guardano da lassù, ragazzi che come noi hanno condiviso la stessa esperienza e che il fato ha voluto che ne diventassero dei martiri.

Perchè la loro memoria non sia sporcata da interessi di parte e dalla propaganda è essenziale che si capisca cosa è successo in quei novanta giorni di protesta popolare e quali sono state le cause che hanno prima scatenato il Maidan e ne hanno poi determinato la vittoria.

Nel libro si parla di Nazionalismo Ucraino, della bandiera rossa o nera, della figura di Stepan Bandera, dei Cosacchi, della Rus di Kiev e poi dei personaggi che hanno animato la protesta, delle battaglie, le interviste, la religione, insomma una visione a 360 gradi sulla complessa società Ucraina che se letta unicamente con la focale occidentale difficilmente risulterà comprensibile.

Lasciatevi attrarre dal paese dei Cosacchi, entrate in Maidan con me.

Preppers Survival: 20+ Survival Techniques to Stay Alive in Case of an Emergency (Preppers Survival, preppers survival handbook, preppers survival basics)

by Bryanna Lamb

Preppers Survival is a succinct guide to basic disaster preparedness. It covers tornados, earthquakes, and floodsâ??what to expect and how to handle the typical situations. An added bonus is extreme winter survival. In the process of learning new skills.

Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

  • Designating shelter areas in case of disaster
  • The importance of safety drills
  • What supplies to have on hand
  • Survival plans for food, water, and utilities
  • How to recognize warning signs

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