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Textbook for teachers

by Cable Stone

Teachers, too, have much to learn but do not have children of course)

Stop paying ridiculous cable prices

by Ray Figueroa

Hey ladies and gentlemen here I am with this tutorial on how you could cut your cable bill completely and all you need is Wi-Fi and an Amazon tv fire stick. I am going to show you step-by-step on how you can watch free cables watch movies with kodi and much much more

The rules of golf

by Stanford Royals

All the subtleties and secrets of the innings in the hole will not leave you hopeless at the right time

Transportation Snow

by Cable Stone

Transportation Snega.Kak this happens, the entire structure and subtleties of the story you learn here to see prices

How to clean the pit?

by Rey Menster

Improved pit cleaning technology will help you avoid many problems

Hunter cocks

by Rey Menster

How is the hunt, with which it is, a few tricks, and the whole point of this type of hunting

The species of mammals

by Stanford Royals

The species of mammals can be described indefinitely but the main essence of the whole, you will find here to see prices

The Circle: Reviewed (Part 2) (English 100)

by Olga Wawer

Have you read Dave Egger’s “The Circle?” Do you need to for your High school or University class and then write a report on it? Don’t waste countless hours sifting through worthless material on the internet. Get the straight facts like the setting, the plot, the main characters, and info on the author.

Here in this read, Wawer reviews the book in detail. So don’t waste your time. Get the facts on “The Circle.” Check this read out today!

Ace Your Exams Now

by Tom Spencer

Don’t let studying get you down- this book will explain methods that will enable you to study more effectively, increasing your grades whilst freeing up your time for other aspects of your life that you enjoy!

A book which explains how to excel at tests and exams. Suitable for all levels. a real eye opener which exposes you to powerful techniques to maximise your potential, and change your life for the better.

ESL/EFL: The Emergency English Teacher: Quick and Easy Activities and Games for the ESL/ EFL Classroom

by David M. Scraggs

The Emergency English Teacher contains an extensive collection of tried and tested activities and games which can be used in any ESL/ EFL classroom. Most English teachers don’t just teach one age group or ability level, and the book reflects this by containing ideas that are suitable for all levels of students from young beginners to competent speakers.

I have been a teacher of ESL/ EFL students for over fifteen years in both Europe and Asia. During that time I have collected the activities and games which make up this book. Some of them will already be familiar to you, many of them will be completely original, but ALL of them have been adapted to help develop one or more aspects of the students’ language skills. They are also fun and enjoyable and the students will ask (plead!) with you to repeat them regularly.

The benefits of this book for teachers are:

-No Preparation/ Low Preparation. There is no need to photocopy anything. You don’t need to spend a fortune at the stationery shop or hours on pre-class preparation. Just read the instructions and you are ready to go!

-They’re Quick! Every activity displays a set-up time, which tells the teacher how long the activity will take to set-up in the classroom. This even allows the book to be referenced quickly in class during those lesson-gap EMERGENCIES when a class runs short!

The overarching themes of this book are:

-Student empowerment. After the teacher has initially organized an activity one or two times, many of the activities can be handed over to the students to plan, organize and run themselves. This greatly increases the actual opportunity for the students to use English for a functional purpose (how English is used naturally) rather than a display purpose (what I call textbook English).

-Teacher monitoring. This book emphasis again and again the importance of teacher monitoring. When the teacher hands over the responsibilty for the running of an activity to the students, they are effectively stepping out of the circle. What this gives them the opportunity to do is to really get down to observing their students using English for communicative purposes. They will be able to see how well the students are using the language structures they have been taught thus far, and whether they are using the correct pronunciation and intonation in their speech. They will also be able to analyse the students’ language for errors. This will enable the teacher to plan for error correction strategies in post-activity classes.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions: Between the Sword and the Wall

by Benjamin Calderon

The international community has agreed on the Copenhagen Accord that “climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time.” For them Carbon Dioxide emissions are the greatest reason for this change (Zhao and Du 39). Others argue that it is not a cause, that it is just a coincidence, that actually the Carbon Dioxide emissions are not a threat to the world. During an event hosted by the United States Energy Association, Roger Bezek, a consultant to energy companies, said, “CO2 is basically plant food, and the more CO2 in the environment the better plants do” (Milbank). Even though this is a hot topic nowadays the more fundamental question is: Are we taking care of our planet? And the answer is a very concise NO. There have been efforts to stop the relentless increase in the levels of carbon dioxide emissions, but these efforts have brought little relief to the main problem. During the last 60 years the levels of Carbon Dioxide emissions have increased dramatically. This is the moment when Carbon Dioxide emission regulations need to become stricter. This will bring challenges but these are challenges that need to be faced now; if not, not long from now the new main topic will be looking for a new planet to host us.

Auslandsschulen: Verzeichnis (German Edition)

by Eva Siebenherz

Das Auslandsschul-Verzeichnis stellt deutschsprachige und internationale Schulen und die verschiedenen Schultypen vor. Deutsche, österreichische und schweizerische Auslandsschulen finden Sie ebenso wie ausländische Schulen im jeweiligen Inland. Geschlossene Schulen und Universitäten seit dem Jahr 1997 sind ebenfalls gelistet. Das Auslandsschul-Verzeichnis stellt einen Kompass für eine weltweite Schulsuche im Ausland dar.

GET OFF YOUR ASS: Make it happen

by eric woods

What are you waiting for?

Creative Writing Activities for Kids: Book A

by Alicia Dawn

Kids will have fun diving into these creative writing activities! Each lesson focuses on a different theme, encouraging children to explore the world, their imagination and their memory in different ways. Write an amazing story about visiting a strange planet, or create a popping poem about your own fantasy garden! Included in this book are great tips for teachers and parents plus seven silly, splendid lessons.

These lessons are ideal for schoolteachers, parents, relieving or substitute teachers and home-school educators. With a range of poetry, descriptive and narrative exercises, students will be encouraged to develop their literacy skills to new levels. This book was created by Alicia Dawn, an educator with a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from the University of Auckland who has over ten years’ experience in teaching children. Each lesson has been tried and tested by the students of Alicia Dawn, leaving you with a top quality educational resource.

Poetry is ideal for improving vocabulary and learning to choose great â??quality’ rather than a great â??quantity’ of words. It’s also the perfect way for reluctant writers to gain a sense of confidence, fun and autonomy in their writing as they are free to experiment with language and form.

Writing a description is an excellent way to develop the use of detail, and to explore basic sentence structures. Narrative exercises encourage students to extend their ideas and develop a plot from beginning to end.

With each lesson, students will be clearly instructed about the text type they are undertaking. Question prompts are used throughout to provoke the imagination, the senses and the memory, resulting in a great portfolio of writing that you and your child will want to keep forever!

For further ideas, tuition or to enrol in an online Writing Feedback Course, please visit

Please, please (smiles for kids. homemade Book 11)

by Patricia Fuentes

Everyday can be a challenge for us. Everything has a solution and if you can’t find it you always can laugh about it.

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