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The Dumb Blonde Approach: An Unconventional Guided Tour to Conquer Your Greatest Fear

by Jamie DJ Shepherd

This book is unconventional compared to a typical self-help book, it is meant to inspire you to consider your own life. We will call it a “Life Parable”. The self-help part comes from analyzing an actual life story; hopefully it will help you see the richness of your own life story. It is raw and real, and the goal is to give you a step by step tour of how I walked right into and through my greatest fears: the fear of rejection, fear of the future, fear of not being good enough, not knowing, technology, government, disasters, broken relationships, judgement and even death. All fear boils down to fearing the unknown. The unknown is scary, rejection is scary…but if you lean into either…you will find that you are stronger than both!

The smarter you are, the more you fear the unknown and the greater lengths you go to in order to hide your fear even from yourself. You might even find yourself more comfortable with criticizing others and “pulling other people’s weeds instead of your own weeds”. That is exactly what I did for years. It is what we all do. It is okay, it is fixable, you can find your best self too!

In the first book in this series we are going lean into the source of our fear and learn how to conquer it. What you don’t know can kill you, so you have to stop viewing yourself as so smart and prepare to overcome your greatest fears: the unknown and rejection.

You will learn the exact secret that all the most successful people in history have all figured out. This secret is what allows successful and healthy people to do amazing things in the world. It isn’t actually a secret; you already know this stuff in your heart. You just need a reminder. There really is nothing new under the sun. You were designed to do amazing things too, but you never will do those things until you learn how to stop, focusing on the shortcomings of others, stop fearing what you don’t know and realize it is not only ok …but powerful to be DUMB!

Zen in the Garden: Finding Peace and Healing Through Nature

by Tracy J Thomas

A simple, inspirational book that encourages the practice of mindfulness while in nature to help you achieve personal growth and spiritual healing. This transformational guide encourages spiritual awareness and helps the reader to open their eyes to the beauty in their surroundings.

Do you desire a quiet moment in this noisy world? If you answered yes, then this inspirational book based on Zen philosophy will help you to practice mindfulness and promote a sense of peace, healing, and happiness even if you have never practiced Buddhism.

Regardless of your spiritual beliefs, we all need time to be quiet and clear our minds from the noise pollution of this fast-paced world in which we live. There are days when peace seems unattainable and stress rules every second of our days. The accumulation of stress has negative consequences on our body, mind and spirit.

“Zen in the Garden” will help you to slow down and begin to see those beautiful little moments in your surrounding environment. You don’t need to go off on some long journey to find your guru in a remote cave in the Andes in order to experience personal growth. You can find the source right outside your front door in your own garden.

In this inspirational little book you will discover:

  • Inspirational anecdotes that help you remember the importance of connecting with nature to encourage health and healing.
  • Beautiful photographs from an award-winning photographer to help you lose yourself in beauty.
  • Nature challenges to encourage you to venture out and find that sense of peace.
  • Gardening tips to help you create your own peaceful Zen space right at your home.

Quieting the mind

In this fast paced world it’s easy to get swept up in our stressful lives and become blinded to the beauty that surrounds us. When we make the conscious choice to slow down and breathe, our minds relax and we become grounded in spiritual awareness. Nature has many gifts to give us if we open our eyes so we can see and quiet our minds long enough to listen.

Nature and the human soul

This little book is about nature and the human soul. It is about healing the body, mind, and spirit. It is about finding a balance to alleviate the stress that affects our health. It provides motivational reflections, inspirational photographs, gardening tips, and nature challenges to help the reader slow down and breathe in the beauty of each moment.

Why I wrote Zen in the Garden

I am not some New-age guru who spent years writing a transformational book filled with the secrets of the ages. Instead, I am a woman who has lived a stressful life and suffered the health consequences of that life. I created this book after several months of treatment for skin cancer. The experience forced me to slow down and reevaluate what is most important in my life. Ever since childhood I have loved to spend time in nature. It has been an important source of healing, peace, and spirituality when the world around me became ugly and stressful. Whether I climb a mountain peak or get my hands dirty while planting flowers in my garden, nature grounds me, promotes spiritual awareness, and reminds me of the beauty that exists when I choose to open my eyes to it.

What I hope for you

My hope in sharing my photographs and words is they will cause you to pause for a moment in your own busy lives and remind you to embrace the little things each day. My wish is you will be moved to take the time to reconnect with nature and find your way back to the earth from where all life springs and to where all life will ultimately reach its end.

No matter your spiritual beliefs, the Zen philosophy of mindfullness while in nature, has the transformational power to promote spiritual healing and will help you find peace, healing, and happiness.

Self Improvement: Where to Start? (Self Improvement Series Book 1)

by Jack Pierce

Understand what makes us grow.

A lot of us have an intuitive sense that there’s more to our daily lives – more to us – than what we normally experience. We realize that in order for our “life condition” to improve, we must take conscious steps to transmute into our best selves. Then we arrive at a realization: there’s so much we could improve that we become confused, not knowing what steps to take to begin our adventure of self improvement. So then we ask the question, “Where do I start?” This book is my loving effort toward giving you a guide that can direct you onto the path of continuous self improvement. It is a door meant to lead you into the better self we all have within us.

How it is structured and what is offered inside:

  • Understanding the importance of opening ourselves to change
  • How true openness can be achieved
  • Acquiring the 3 main characteristics of inwardly fulfilled people
  • Adopting techniques that move us into continuous improvement
  • Practical steps to take toward embodying these characteristics
  • Examples to deepen understanding
  • New mindsets that we can adopt to accelerate our growth
  • …and an extra secret or two to get you on your way!

Extra ‘Hidden’ Chapter Inside!

– A little extra help is always good to get on our way.

I have compiled and condensed all that I have learned and applied to my own life into a simple guide to follow. “Self Improvement: Where to Start?” is meant to raise your understanding of those forces that allow us to leave stagnation behind and jump-start our growth.

I Hope this book assists you in reaching your fullest self, and releasing your capacity for infinite inner growth.

I wish you much peace and love, and all the best toward your journey to self improvement.

J. Pierce

ROMANCE: AMISH: Childhood Promise (Clean and Wholesome Amish Romantic Short Story)

by Amy S Cooper

Amish Romance

All our lives, we’ve been just friends.

Best friends, really.

The Plain life in the Amish community may not have always been easy, but we’ve always had each other. Even as we grew into adults, we had one another’s backs.

I just wish she knew I loved her.

Oh, I’m sure she suspects. When we were kids, I promised her that I would marry her when we were grown up and that I would have a farm for us. I think all of the elders in the community have always assumed it was going to be us in the end.

And now that I’ve just gotten my Uncle’s farm, the very farm I’ve worked on and lived on almost all my life, in my name, all I have to do is convince her that I love her.

I’m going to ask her to the singing tonight, and ask her if she’ll let me court her.

I just hope she sees me as more than a friend, too.

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Historical Regency Romance: Clean Romance: Until Tomorrow (Clean & Wholesome Love Inspired Regency Duke Romance) (Contemporary Inspirational Victorian Aristocracy Short Stories)

by Christine Cross

Miss Grace Fletcher is a free spirit. An unconventional woman, she has had no interest in meeting any of the suitors that her father desired her to marry. Mr. Oliver Gale, her friend since childhood, had never seen her as any more than a sibling, yet also someone who he trusted wholeheartedly.

The two attend a ball that is seemingly like any other, except in attendance is the handsome Mr. Montgomery, Oliver’s friend from the south visiting for the winter. The man is charming and well-learned, and is the first person to ever cause Grace a moment of pause.

Oliver, noticing Grace’s initial reaction to Mr. Montgomery, grows ever more uncomfortable, reliving memories and shared experiences as the night grows old.

Will he be able to finally let Grace go to a man whom he calls a friend? Or will he decide that he knows who she truly belongs with?

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by Christiana Lovers

Alison Price has her dream shattered when she finds out that her fiancé is not as committed to the relationship as she thinks. To get away from the devastation, she travels to Nebraska hoping to continue her healing process.

On this journey, she learns that even though her heart may be broken, she has the ability to enlighten and enliven not only a retired literature professor’s life but also the life of his son Ben Pearson.

On her short visit, she realizes that though weeping over heartaches is part of life that joy comes in the morning.

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