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PITCH DARK EMP: Post-Apocalyptic Prepper Fiction on Surviving An Electro-Magnetic Pulse

by Frank B

The year is 2017. A sinister use of an Electro-Magnetic Pulse (EMP) machine has wreaked havoc in the United States of America. This is the catalyst for the fall of America as we know it. Little does everyone in our story know, there’s more to come. Click the book cover to read more.

Call To Arms: A Story On Surviving The Coming Collapse

by F Bates

This prepper fiction story is about a general surgeon, but all the characters and events are just imaginary and fictional but the medical scenes depicted here are exactly as they would be in real life.

Difficult decisions have to be made and people will die!

Life has ended as we know it. The 1% threat to the USA that has loomed for so long has finally hit home. In all truthfulness, we have teetered and tottered on the brink of disaster for quite a long time. This one natural disaster has finally pushed us above the limit.

Does it benefit you to have a nonchalant attitude when there is such an obvious looming crisis? Well, because of this, countless helpless victims have been lost. The pitiful state of our country has now been revealed. We had to stop consuming the lies being fed to us by our government and the ever ready media.

Have you ever heard the wise saying : “Not to decide…is to decide?” If you choose to do nothing, you are playing a game of Russian roulette with your future. You are allowing other people and other events to dictate your fate, due to your decision to disengage. Just imagine, the silent streets, the darkened neighborhoods, the empty looted stores, hospitals have become tombs… the epitome of desperation and hopelessness. Can you feel the pit in your stomach as the realization washes over you that this is not a dream, but a reality? This story surrounds the events occurring surrounding a hospital that is still standing strong after the storm has passed.

The scene is chaotic. Your life is now dictated by the very recipients of the rights you gave away. Are you valuable enough to keep alive, or is it time to die? This will be decided for you. In the midst of the turmoil, Dr. Joseph Brave takes important steps to protect his family and humankind. This book is a sincere effort to remind Americans that they are the ones responsible for the decisions and safety of their families.

This book will bring you through twists and turns. You will be presented with an action-packed storyline that will take you through a journey that will reveal strength in the midst of conflict and turmoil. You will enjoy the unfolding of such events, conflict, and resolutions.

With the striking of a powerful, life-altering hurricane, you will find out what it is like to rebuild the life that is around you. From political interference, all the way to the doctor’s medical and moral duty toward his patients, will the right decisions be made? Only time will tell.

The novel is written in an easy to understand way and simple language. All the events, twists and turns lead to the outcome break-taking. In short, the book will win your heart, and arouse some strong questions and emotions.

Narrating a situation of a hurricane striking the country, the story covers the aspects of this event, where political interference becomes an issue, along with the doctor’s medical and moral duty toward this patients.

LONE SURVIVOR: A Story of The Coming Grid Collapse

by Average Joe Frank Bates

The year is 2017 and the United States of America has fallen from grace.

America is no longer the Super Power it once was. Life has ended as we know it. We have teetered and tottered on the brink of disaster for quite a long time. This one disaster has finally pushed us above the limit. The power grid has collapsed and society is frightened about what the future may hold. So many things look uncertain in a time where there should be the greatest of innovation and freedom.

Stan Harris believes that breaking down 300 miles from home has wrecked his weekend plans. But he has no idea what is to come. The power grid has just collapsed and everyone is in a panic. All of the conveniences of life have been snatched without a moment’s notice. There is no internet, no map, no electricity, and no running water. With such a colossal event, there is no way of knowing when there will be normal again. Welcome to the new normal. On the road back to his home, Stan encounters chaos every step of the way. But, he is determined to make it back to his wife and daughter. He will do whatever it takes to make that happen!

The novel is written in an easy to understand way and simple language. All the events, twists and turns lead to the outcome break-taking. In short, the book will win your heart, and arouse some strong questions and emotions.

Tides of War

by Nicholas Rogers

Wars bring strangers together then tears them apart but the love and friendships created endures through the years.

Tom Ballard a young Marine had been fighting for his life in Vietnam less than twenty-four hours ago. Now he was on a plane escorting the body of his best friend home.

Kate Newhouse had run away from her past to the mean streets of Los Angeles and Hollywood. She had survived and clawed her wayup the first few rungs of the ladder to success.

Thanks to the man who had discovered her Jack Reynolds a World War II Marine now writer.

On the long flight home Tom and Kate find themselves drawn together.

They spend Tom’s emergency leave at Jack’s beach house amidst the turmoil of Vietnam and the Sixties

Then they are torn apart by the war only to meet again decades later

The friendship with Jack their only connection through the years…

Three lives separated by a generation yet linked by their shared experiences form bonds that last a lifetime…

Tides of War is a story of love, friendship, sacrifice and honorĂ¢?¦

If you are a fan Nicholas Sparks then you will love this story.

Nighthawk: Shock and Awe

by Steve Ranger

The Command Center of the Ronald Reagan bustled with activity, as specialists from all disciplines converged on the data and information retrieved by Nighthawk and his team navy seals. Biochemists, Molecular Biologists, Chemical Warfare Specialists and Tacticians race round the clock to unshroud the mystery around the new chemical agent and its unique delivery mode.

Finally, Overlord broke the silence – let’s bring the god damned Renegade General back for a cup of coffee and gave orders for Nighthawk and his team to return to the Light Infantry Encampment to retrieve the objective.

Somewhere deep within the desolate jungle of Burma, a truck rolled over the hilly terrain, ferrying its cargo of booze, smokes and all sorts of other stuff. But along with it, the truck also picked up 6 heavily armed SEALs.

Overhead, a C130 Spectre Gunship flew silently into the conflict zone. “Weapons Check Gentlemen! Get ready to rain hell on them!” Panzer barked down the orders to his team as he stared intently at the screen in front of him. “This time, we beat the shit out of them!”

“Operation Shock and Awe is a go. I repeat, Operation Shock and Awe is a go!” Nighthawk yelled through his helmet mike as his surroundings sizzled with automatic gunfire.

“Roger that. Let’s rain hell on ’em!” Panzer acknowledged and signaled to the crew. The Spectre Gunship banked hard left, its twin mini guns blazing a vicious spew of automatic 20mm gunfire, its 40mm rounds smacking right into the hard targets and the 105 gun hammering the shit out of the enemy’s defences.

On the ground, the Seals took cover behind broken vehicles and whatever they could land themselves in.

“One hell of a danger close isn’t it?” Badger screamed?”

“Who gives a shit about danger close?” Angel laughed…

As the last 105 round detonated sending a section of the mansion’s wall crumbling, the Seals emerged from their cover, their M4s blazing and mowing down any remaining enemy soldiers. “Just another day in the office…”

“Hot Damn….”

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