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Photoshop: Learn The Basics Of Photoshop And Start Creating Amazing Photos In No Time! (Step by Step Pictures, Adobe Photoshop, Digital Photography)

by Aurora Montgomery


Learn The Basics Of Photoshop And Start Creating Amazing Photos In No Time!

Have you ever found yourself gazing at a photo and wondering how difficult it must be to create such a beautiful photo? To find out that much of the beauty of the photo came from editing. People you speak to stress the simplicity of Photoshop, but you just don’t seem to understand how it works.

You’ve probably watched user submitted videos on YouTube and read several tutorials, but you aren’t as engaged with the videos, making it very easy to miss key points and getting lost after the basics become seemingly tedious. No need to worry we’ve got some simple tricks to create some flare in your edits, as well as clearing up any blemishes that may cause you some pain.

The secret isn’t anything difficult, but figuring out where to go for certain features will save you plenty of time and provide you with the basics to creating your own style.

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How to Rhyme Vol. 1:The Complete Science of Written Rhyme FUNDAMENTALS

by Jami Khabir

How to Rhyme has made a ground breaking discovery of a perfect science behind writing Rhymes. Contrary to the way other conventional books have taken a poetic approach to teach rhyming, the How to Rhyme series has been the most efficient set of books on the market in allowing novices, creative writers, poets and rappers everywhere discover all of the following:

– How to write rhymes on a basic, intermediate, and advanced level without
the confusion of complex poetic terminology.

– The difference between rhyming like a poet and rhyming like a rapper.

– A full proof system that will take the most unskilled beginner to rhyming like
William Shakespeare or Eminem even only after the first Volume.

– How to write poetry.

– How to master all of the areas of writing, which inspired the book
“Poetry how to”, to teach you how to write poetry or rap with perfection.

– How to write poetry with rhymes as advanced as rappers.

– How to write rap using the writing disciplines seen in “Poetry How To”.

– The difference between poetry and rap.

– How to make your rhymes flow.

– A system which reveals the complete science of writing rhymes.

– A system which uses a unique perspective in revealing all of the rhyme
schemes and patterns anyone can make by understanding the core rhyming
patterns inherent in all rhyming patterns.

– A complete Science behind written rhyme which has never been discovered
so thoroughly in any other How to rhyme course.

– A step by step system which gives you a gradual progression through all of
its levels like any other science is taught.

– The MTS learning system which is based on Syllables, Techniques (rhyme
patterns distinguished by the number of syllables present) and Methods
(specific types of arrangements for the techniques to follow).

Look to the right inside the “Try it Free” box you will see some small words that say “Available on your pc”. Click that and download this book to your pc or mac which is better because it is full color and you won’t understand it if you are reading it in black and white.
Full color viewing (by downloading this book to your blackberry, iphone, or any smart phone or the “color” kindle, a PC or Mac) is recommended because this book cannot be understood in black and white.

Guitar: How to memorize the guitar fretboard: A beginner’s guide to quickly learn all the notes and polish your technique (Guitar scales, Guitar Chords, Guitar techniques, Music theory)

by Michael Edley

Learn how to easily and quickly master the guitar fretboard with very simple, proven and intuitive techniques!

Stop procrastinating and take action today! Take advantage of all the powerful and proven techniques this book has to offer you!. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

If you’re looking for a book that is going to give you a miraculous solution on how to master the guitar in less than 24 hours, or even in less than a week, this is not your book. This is simply because there’s no such thing as a miraculous solution when it comes to properly learn how to play the guitar. In fact, it takes work and motivation to do so. What this book will offer you is the right motivation and the best proven techniques on how to not only memorize the guitar fretboard, but become a great guitar player too. I guarantee that if you carefully follow step by step all the instructions and exercises stated in the book, you’ll end up playing the guitar like a professional in a shorter time than you expected. This book is not only for beginners, but for all those who are familiar with the guitar that feel that they need a bit of help to take the next step.
Memorizing the guitar fretboard is the best way to easily and quickly master the guitar while having a great time doing it!

“How to memorize the guitar fretboard: a beginner’s guide to quickly learn all the notes and polish your technique” includes:

  • The Basics of a Guitar
  • What’s the Importance of Learning How to Play the Guitar?
  • How to Tune the Guitar
  • Guitar Chords
  • Learning the Fretboard. Fast and easy techniques of Memorizing the Guitar Fretboard
  • Guitar Scales

Clear diagrams and pictures throughout the whole book!

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Steampunk Fashion: Boost Your Imagination with 26 Splendid Steampunk Designs (Creativity & Anger Release)

by Carrie Monroe

This book is comprised of 26 illustrations to boost your imagination and release stress. Inside you will find various designs featuring awesome steampunk costumes and other designs. They are suitable for adults.

You can use different techniques and color schemes, there are absolutely no restrictions. Coloring is a wonderful way to spend your free time, be more creative and relax.

Please, note, this kindle ebook is not suitable for coloring. It is only a preview showing the designs. You can download these designs following the link at the end of the book. There you will find high-quality images that can be printed out and colored.

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Two Stripes: A hip hop love story, from obscurity to stardom. (Part one Book 1)

by Charles Walters

Mia Anderson, an instrument of rap was opposed by the harsh and antithetical community in which she displayed her talent mainly because of her skin color. She was introduced to the trade by the boy next door who she was very much in love with…

Ivory McAndrews, adopted by a white family was also sold to rap and loved Mia just the same. He faced some challenges as a rapper which stifled his ambition causing him to engage further in a business that jeopardized his rap career, his freedom and even his life.

Ivory and Mia’s love for each other was disrupted by their common love for rap; amidst other adversaries like their family members, the manipulative Jackson Wayne and the almost perfect Trisha King.

This intriguing story with entertaining swings reflects on the romance of Ivory and Mia from childhood to adulthood, sandwiched between is their extremely dangerous and wayward lifestyle as they searched for happiness and self-accomplishment.

This book is 18+ only as it contains vulgar words and multiple detailed sex scenes.

However, this is part one of the two parts.

Ultimate Ear Training for Guitar & Bass

by Gary Williams

One thing we all have in common is that music communicates to us though our ears. However, in order for you to communicate using music, you need to be able to translate what you imagine into your hand and this is what this book is all about


by Sarah Muehlbauer

Crohn’s Disease. A devastating diagnosis at any age. For a budding young artist barely twenty years old, a defining stroke of cosmic misfortune at the very start of her career. The ensuing decade of hospital visits, medications, surgery, and attempts to control the auto-immune disease with alternative medicine were both difficult and often painful. But the experience was also a crucible for the artist who found herself tested in both body and spirit.

Now a well-respected aerialist, writer and textile artist, the author offers both a look into that dark passage, and a message of hope and resilience to her fellow travelers. Spring FREEZE is a hybrid work of art and exploration that combines journal excerpts, photographic essays, and dream analysis. It stands as a testament to courage in the face of chronic pain, and also as a journey of emancipation from the boundaries we too often put on ourselves. Through a series of reflections on social issues and the passing of seasons, recollections of personal events, and an essential connection to the dream world, we are invited to ponder over the essence of human race, its limitless resilience, and the power of the artistic gestureĆ¢??regardless of its natureĆ¢??to overcome our obstacles.

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