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Millennial Takeover: A Clear Roadmap to Identifying Your Purpose, Enhancing your Skills and Building a Satisfying Career and Life.

by Kenneth Cheadle

Say hello to a satisfying career. If you are a millennial fresh out of college, just entering the work force, or you are a seasoned vet wanting to switch careers or climb the ladder in your current career, this book can help you achieve that. Directed specifically to millennials to help you with your unique strengths and weaknesses, “The Millennial Takeover [serves as your] clear blueprint on how to go from existing to living with a purpose. Cheadle candidly shares his own failures and the lessons learned to help you achieve your dreams. Overall, this is a great tool to help broaden your way of thinking, invest in yourself,and begin live the life you love! ” (Angela Robinson).

Learn how to feel more satisfied in your career by:

  •  Identifying your why
  • Creating your vision and mapping it out with clear goals and plans
  •  Managing your time more effectively
  •  Building your soft skills
  •  Increasing your value
  • Acquiring and utilizing mentors
  •  Building your brand
  • Investing in yourself
  • Balancing your work and home life

In this guide, you will discover a clear roadmap complete with worksheets, resources, and exercises to help you find your success. This book is “a real world wake up call for all millennialsâ?¦A hard-hitting guide for those seeking to maximize their career efforts whether you’re in Corporate or an Entrepreneur” (Lawrence McNair, Men’s Empowerment Coach). Ken’s self-help book, peppered with personal anecdotes puts you in the driver’s seat of your career and helps you find personal fulfillment.

Getting Things Done at Work: A Complete Organizational and Productivity System

by Peter Brinton

Attention professionals:

Do you constantly feel stressed about things you forgot to do? Do your projects drag on longer than they should?

Do you bounce from one partially completed task to another? Are you busy but can’t seem to get things done?

The fact is, if you’re like most professionals, you have far more to keep track of and get done than you can possibly manage in your head.

Basic to-do lists work fine for tracking a small number of items like remembering to buy milk or mail a birthday card. But most to-do list systems are inadequate to handle the volume and complexity of work in a professional environment.

A Simple Yet Robust System for Working Professionals

Getting Things Done at Work is a productivity system designed to be used in a busy work environment. Using David Allen’s popular GTD system as a foundation it is simple enough to incorporate into your daily workflow and robust enough to handle the volume and complexity of work you deal with.

Use the Tools You’re Already Familiar With

There are dozens a custom productivity apps and software available on the market, some good and some not-so-much. But even the good ones often lack the flexibility to allow users to tailor it to their own needs and preferences. Even if there were a perfect software solution, many professionals work for companies that do not allow them to install external software.

Getting Things Done at Work takes advantage of the same software you already use every day, Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook, One Note). This makes it so implementing the steps of the system into your daily workflow is easy.

Get more of the right things doneâ?¦in less time

After reading this book you will know how to:

  • Capture your to-dos quickly so you don’t lose track of anything.
  • Clarify the actions you need to take
  • Sort everything you need to do into easy-to-use lists
  • Plan your projects so you complete them on time
  • Set your priorities each week to ensure the most important things get done
  • Stage your tasks each day so you can move quickly from one to the next
  • Execute your daily plan to accomplish more than ever before

    When you buy this book, you will also get the List Manager Tool for free. This Excel tool will help you manage all of your tasks, follow-up items, and projects so you never lose track of things again.


    Buy the book now and get started! You can have your system fully implemented within a few hours.

    Online Business for Beginners: 2 Internet Marketing Business Ideas for Newbies. Affiliate Selling & AirBnB Marketing

    by Jeffrey Wiseman

    2 Internet Marketing Ideas You Can Implement for One Hour a Day

    Learn a step by step method of making money online via your own online business.




    What you’ll get in this bundle:

    – The “Magic 5” criteria to use every time you’re choosing a product to promote
    – Where to find the products to sell
    – The price point to choose from and how to know what price point you’ll target first
    – How to create a wordpress site from complete scratch
    – How to choose the proper domain name
    – The exact plugins to install for maximum SEO power
    – How to write a product review step by step
    – Why being honest pays off
    – What bonuses to give to your customers
    – How to rank your website on Google for as cheap as $15
    – How to choose the right keywords to rank for

    – How to get started with your new passive income business
    – How to create a profile that builds trust an authority
    – How to properly price your listings
    – How to create a listing that makes your potential renters into guaranteed “booked customer”
    – How to navigate some legal issues so you don’t get sued!
    – Top tips for running a part-time AirBnB empire
    – All the resources you need to get more traffic to your listing

    What are you waiting for? Read this bundle and learn to start a new business today!

    Download Your Copy Now

    Forex Trading: 4 Manuscript: Fore Beginners, Forex Strategies, Forex Advanced, Forex Fundatmentals (Forex Trading, stock market, day trading, stocks)

    by Jordon Sykes


    Unlike those who deal in the stock or options markets, those who trade in the forex market make use of leverage which means that a $100 investment could payout to the tune of $10,000 if things go according to plan. If you are interested in learning more about these types of trades, then Forex: Beginners Guide to Dominate Forex is the book you have been waiting for.

    Forex, often abbreviated as FX, is the shortened name given to what is known as the foreign exchange market or the currency market. It is the largest of all of the investment markets, currently doing more than 4 trillion dollars in trade per day. As a point of reference, the New York Stock Exchange only does an estimated 30 billion dollars per day in trade.

    While the personal trader was long barred from forex trading, the abundance of online trading platforms today means that anyone can get started with little more than this book and a little starting capital. Forex trading can lead to real results for those with the determination and dedication to learn how to utilize it properly, if this sounds like you then what you are waiting for? Buy this book today!

    Inside you will find
    – The ways in which forex differs from other, more common markets
    – How to tell the difference between a forex dealer and a forex broker and why that matters
    – The easiest way to determine which forex trades are right for you

    And moreâ?¦

    Forex Strategies

    This book Forex Strategies: Powerful Strategies to Dominate Forex, contains
    a collection of proven steps and strategies on how to become a truly powerful new trader using the foreign currency exchange market (also known as FX or Forex). In this type of trading, you will exchange currency pairs.

    In this book you will learn:

    – How to research information and accrue data and to use it to your advantage to make a profit
    – How to look at global time zones for markets and volatility
    – How to assess global economic situations and Central Reserve Bank information to gather data and speculation
    – How to interpret charts, lines, and trends
    – How to implement pending orders to buy and sell
    – How to put stops to protect your trades and profits
    – How to use automated trading systems
    – An introduction to advanced techniques for further study
    – Advice and tips for successful trades

    In order not to miss great opportunities to make profits in this type of dynamic trading, you will need some support and guidance. If you go on your own, you may end up making very bad investment decisions. The fact that you have downloaded this book shows that you are choosing the path to be a wise investor and trader.

    Big Data + You: Simple Management Advice on Delivering Highly Successful Big Data Innovations

    by Alexander Pericic

    BIG DATA is All Your Data Combined and Analyzed Holistically for New Insight- To Help You Make Better Decisions, Faster.

    Predict the Future–Gain Instant Competitive Advantage through Better Insight and Agile, More Confident Decision-Making! Before you do anything, save yourself some time and read this book. My advice comes from experience designing and delivering BIG DATA strategies and solutions for some of the world’s largest organizations.

    You’ll learn about:
    What BIG DATA really is-
    What to Do,
    How to Do It, and
    How To Pick The Right Strategy
    and The Right People To Win!

    Includes Big Data Lexicon!

    Data Analytics: Transform & Evolve Your Business At Short Notice! (Algorithms, Business Intelligence, Statistical Analysis, Decision Analysis, Business Analytics, Data Mining, Big Data)

    by Jeffery Short

    Data Analytics

    Transform & Evolve Your Business At Short Notice! All You Need To Know About Big Data And Data Science With Step By Step Instructions

    We are drowning in information and starving for knowledge!

    This book is going to educate readers about data analytics and how an individual can transform and evolve his business in a short period. This book contains step by step instructions about Big Data and Data Science. Data analytics is widely used in business settlements, so I have explained data analytics in comparison with business intelligence. The applications of business intelligence are also described in this book. This book contains detail information about big data analytics and data science. I have also explained the pros and cons of using big data in an organization. There are useful tips and tricks for the BI projects to be applied in companies. This book contains all that information needed to run a successful business. Readers will enjoy each and every chapter of this book.

    I have also mentioned the name and contributions of the people in the field of data analytics. I have discussed all the processes relating to science and data with proper steps and headings to make it easy for you to absorb. I have named a complete chapter to discuss the pros and cons of big data analytics as well. I have divided this e-book into the following five sections:

    • Introduction to Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence and Data Analysis
    • What is Big Data Analytics?
    • Defining Data Science
    • Pros & Cons of Big Data Analytics

    Download your copy of “Data Analytics” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    Facebook Marketing and Advertising in 2016: What works for my Facebook page with 2 million likes?

    by Jerry Banfield

    If you want to be successful with Facebook ads and Facebook marketing, you might love this book! You get principles and strategies that will work for you based on my experience building my Facebook page to more than 2 million likes and finding hundreds of clients for free using Facebook pages. Read this book today to take your next step now in getting your the best results ever on Facebook!

    Here questions you can expect to be answered by reading this book! Which to use? Facebook page, group or profile? When is using a Facebook page helpful? How to create a Facebook page and name it for best results? How to make a great Facebook page using videos and making helpful posts? What would you be willing to work on every day for free? What is your purpose of advertising on Facebook? What is a Facebook profile? What is the news feed? What is a Facebook page? What is a Facebook group? What is an event on Facebook? What is an app on Facebook?

    If you are like me, you are reading more now because you want to know for sure whether this book is worth reading before you invest your money and time in it. If hundreds of thousands of people before you had not already spent time watching my videos on YouTube and paying to take courses with me online, I would not have been able to work with Michel Gerard to get this book in front of you. Watch you get in this book is the written version of my complete Facebook ads and marketing course online which has been through hundreds of changes and updates to make it the most helpful for you. What you have the chance to read now is the product of hundreds of people working for you to make what I hope is the best book currently available on Facebook ads and marketing!

    You can start this book with any level of experience on Facebook and go straight to learning the best of what I have found works today based on my experience being one of the very first users to sign up for Facebook in 2005 and using it nearly every day since then. You can know nothing about Facebook ads and learn very quickly how to create successful ads, lower your cost per click, make recurring income each month, and get as many one million Facebook likes for $0.01 each! You can begin with no knowledge of Facebook marketing and quickly figure out exactly how to use your personal profile to build deep relationships based on trust that can land you a six figure client just by sending one thoughtful message to the right Facebook page for free based on my experience doing exactly this!

    When you read this book, you get access to a system hundreds of students have used before you to get Facebook page likes for $0.01 globally and for $0.06 in the USA. You also get a a complete look at how I am getting $0.34 CPM and $0.001 per post engagement in the USA today! You can use my complete system to advertise anything successfully on Facebook by uploading a video to your Facebook page and using the Power Editor to create an ad for post engagement, clicks to website, or website conversions. You might enjoy my methods for generating recurring revenue every month for free with the advanced Facebook marketing strategies I used to build my business into serving hundreds of clients in 20+ countries. The book is filled with tricks for getting a guaranteed return out of Facebook ads and includes
    a simple system for generating B2B leads using messages from your personal profile to Facebook pages.

    Thank you very much for reading this and I hope you enjoy the book!

    Jerry Banfield

    Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire: Step-by-step Blueprint to Build Massive Passive Income, an Hour a Day (Kindle Self-Publishing Mastery Book 3)

    by Shiv Shenoy

    ‘Secrets Of Kindle Publishing Empire: Step-by-step Blueprint to Build Massive Passive Income, an Hour a Day’

    This is the exact same method I have used to build 5 figure business on the sides. Thus far this knowledge was shared only with my coaching students, and for the first time, I am sharing this in a book format.
    The first two books in this series helped you identify a goldmine niche that can earn you massive passive income, and at the same time is uniquely suitable for you. This itself guarantees you certain amount of success. Then you saw how to position yourself as an authority by building 2-3 high-value assets that give you long term handsome returns.
    You also learned how to write your first book (and every book, in fact) in just a weekend, by following my unique methodology.
    In this book, you take the game to a whole new level. In this book, you will learn,

    • The ‘mindset hacks’ that guarantee you success in ANY online business, and make your journey smooth.
    • How to build a unique business model that earns you massive income every month like a clockwork
    • How to automate most part of your business so you spend no more than one hour a day on your business
    • How to position your book favorably so it can hit best seller rank easily and organically
    • Some invaluable tools that save you tons of time and money and give professional results quickly
    • The pricing strategy that maximizes your book’s royalty earnings and finds the sweet spot for maximum returns
    • How to get Amazon to promote your book at zero cost to you!
    • How to get tens of author sites to promote your books for zero cost to you, and how to do this in 15 seconds
    • How to get your target group to give you test usefulness of your book and give you feedback even before your book is published, and even write honest reviews. This almost ensures your book a high-value asset for your readers.
    • One secret technique to create another passive income stream with zero additional work.
    • How to convert even a casual surfer of your book to a paying customer.
    • and many more.. All the tools and techniques I use to maximize revenue, now you can include in your business for literally no cost.

    Along with this book I give away 2 free toolkits – tools that reduce your time and cost and increase your revenue.
    For a limited time, I am giving away 30-minute strategy session for free. Reach me using the contact details given in the book.
    So! if you wish to get your online business to next level and generate massive returns, all spending just one hour a day, pick up this book now.

    The Complete Google AdWords and YouTube Advertising Book

    by Jerry Banfield

    Would you try reading this book today to make your experience with Google AdWords and YouTube advertising easier than mine was? In 2011 when I started using Google AdWords to get clicks to my website and promote my business online, I wasted thousands of dollars getting clicks I did not need and hundreds of hours working with the ads only to get my account suspended as soon as I got a positive ROI.

    By 2012, I started managing Google AdWords for clients based on my experience failing to do my own ads successfully. Amazingly, client ads were often easier to do than my own and inspired me to try a new approach to AdWords using YouTube advertising also known as Google AdWords for video. YouTube now is my biggest asset online thanks to YouTube advertising and continues to help me build deeper relationships with followers and customers that just watched one video.

    Four years after I got my first AdWords account suspended, I gained enough courage to try again on advertising my online courses with a new website and new business model. From the beginning, I was getting sales for $20 in ad spend and eventually got down to sales consistently for $5 with display ads and $8 with search ads. When this was combined with the higher ranking on Udemy and the organic search traffic follow up from students sharing the courses, my work on Google AdWords became part of a multimillion dollar sales system selling courses online.

    That sounded impressive right? Good because I love to try and impress everyone with how smart I am. Let’s enjoy the flight up for a moment before back down to earth again. My Google AdWords advertising system was so good that if you were finding out about Udemy, you were sure to encounter my courses and soon my courses were a dominant presence on Udemy with me having as many as 170,000+ students in my courses. At one point my ad spend was nearly $1,000 per day with around 1,000 clicks to 10,000 per day from nearly every country in the world. I had an affiliate remarketing system setup that was just on the edge of the terms and conditions where if you searched for “Udemy” you would find my instructor course with no affiliate link and then I would show you ads to go back to Udemy with an affiliate link plus buy my courses for $9 using a free coupon that allowed me to work outside the pricing system then in place. With so many students in my courses, I could actually track affiliate conversions in Google AdWords and was continually consuming more of the entire Udemy student base into my courses.

    In June 2016, Udemy sent me an email out of nowhere banning me from the website based on what felt like to me an excuse to breakup rather than an actual policy violation. I was so consumed with the rules that I knew was was allowed and at the same time was attempting to slide around the spirit of the rules for my benefit in every way technically available especially with Google AdWords.

    With being banned from Udemy, my entire Google AdWords system collapsed immediately. With no more Udemy courses, all of the thousands of ads I made had to be edited. Those edited ads failed utterly to sell courses directly hosted through my website because the entire system worked together.

    Now I am starting over again with Google AdWords as I try to teach for free online. This book is based on my “bestselling” Google AdWords course on Udemy which had thousands of students before it was banned.

    Michel Gerard took hours of his time to transcribe this book into a format that I hope will show you how I setup my Udemy advertising system and help you get through your challenges with more grace than I did with Google AdWords.

    Today that last part of my system that still works is YouTube remarketing ads which I am continuing to do at scale with my business.

    Thank you very much for reading this! I hope my honest sharing of what I have learned here with Google AdWords is useful for you today!

    Jerry Banfield

    Facebook Marketing: Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income (Marketing Strategies, Social Media, Online Business,Passive Income)

    by Jacob MORGAN

    Facebook Marketing

    Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income

    Are you addicted to Facebook? Are you?
    If you are, you’re not alone. Millions of people log on to Facebook every hour and thousands of brand new members are joining the site every minute.

    The world’s ever growing addiction to Facebook may be an office manager’s worst nightmare, but it’s also an online entrepreneur’s dream come true.
    That’s because Facebook is an online venue where money can be made quickly and without expensive overheads. It’s a platform where creativity and effort outperforms big budgets.

    And this book will teach you how to use it effectively

    Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

    • How to make use of Facebook’s incredible platform for affordable advertising.
    • How to design ads for the platform that are highly effective.
    • How to target your ads for an audience best suited to your product.
    • How to choose the right service or products to sell on Facebook.
    • How to use Facebook groups and pages to your advantage
    • How to encourage Facebook sharing and likes to get massive FREE exposure for your business.

    …And much, much more in this easy-to-follow primer for making money and building passive income streams with Facebook.

    Download your copy of “Top 20 Facebook Strategies For Advertising, Making Money And Building Passive Income” by scrolling up and clicking “Buy Now With 1-Click” button.

    You’re key to financial freedom.: A simple way to financial success. Find out how other people get rich.

    by Oleg Kolpakov

    Do you want to know how successful people have gained financial independence?

    You wonder what this know what rich don’t know you?

    Make money know how many. This teaches us universities and books. Not everyone who earns well can be called financially free because making money is only part of the success. The main thing you need to know how to increase and dispose of them properly.

    Knowledge about this owns a narrow circle of people, and really working information publicly available is very small.

    If you want to learn this secret and gain financial freedom, then this book will help you succeed!

    Thanks to this book, you gain access to knowledge, which will bring you to begin to live as you want and not think more about the lack of funds!

    Start a Freelance Business Today: Freelancing with YouTube, WordPress, Upwork and Fiverr!

    by Jerry Banfield

    You can learn to work successfully as a freelancer online using WordPress, YouTube, Upwork, and Fiverr the way I do by reading this book! Freelancing online is the best thing that has ever happened to my career because I now have the freedom to work anywhere and anytime using my WordPress website, YouTube channel, Upwork profile, and Fiverr gigs.

    You can use this book to build a complete system that works for you today to get started and advance your work as a freelancer online based on what is working for me today. If you want to get an hourly job you can work online that pays more than what you are doing right now, you might find the Upwork section of the course very helpful. If you immediately want to have something to show for your work online, you might enjoy learning how you can make your first $20 fast using Fiverr gigs. If you want a business system where clients find you and all you have to do is show what you do on your website and on YouTube, the WordPress and YouTube sections will powerfully combine for you the way they do for me!

    If you are hiring freelancers to grow your business online or you are serving clients now, you can use this book to build a system for quickly hiring freelancers to help you! I have hired hundreds of people on Upwork and spent $5,000+ on Fiverr buying gigs to allow me to spend more time doing the most valuable work. I have managed hundreds of clients and learned the hard way what works and what does not work to scale a freelancing business online.

    Thank you very much for your interest in learning to start a freelance business with me today and I hope to see you in the book soon!

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