Free history Kindle books for 01 Dec 16

The Spirits of Nature

by Michelle Post

He taught her the true spirit of unconditional love and devotion. She taught him that love can be found within the very thing that you fear and detest the most. Together their commitment to each other and a vision that they chose to honor endured a lifetime and came to fruition generations later.

A well established and popular writer, Darcy Butler has been researching her family genealogy. There is one final tie that she cannot seem to find. Her search has led her to the Crow Indians. She has been in contact with Lilly who invites her to the reservation. Lilly informs her of an elderly man who lives on the land of their fathers. He claims to have the connection that Darcy needs to complete the link. His name is Tiponi. He has established that he will not leave this life until he has told his story to รข??the great storyteller’ as prophesized by his ancestors.

Darcy obtains more than she anticipated once she meets this man of wisdom. She is taken on a spiritual as well as mystical journey. Darcy will learn of a beautiful and forgotten culture. She will experience a life once lived by a warrior and an aristocratic woman through the eyes of this misunderstood but envisaged narrator.

Through Tiponi, Darcy will witness a story of love and dedication in the purest form.

She will meet the spirits of the past who were able to evolve from their own cultures and prejudices for a higher cause. She in turn must face some of her own limitations which have kept her from having the love she desires.

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