Free horror Kindle books for 01 Dec 16

The Girl In The Orchard: A Mystery Thriller and Suspense novella

by Bruce Griffin

Mystery Thriller Suspense New Release!


Tucked away in the foothills of the Appalachians, Foxfield is more than an orchard. The locals tell stories and avoid it at all costs. But, Kendall St. James isn’t local and her family’s legacy is all she’s got left.
Kendall soon realizes that nothing in her life is what it seems and she can’t even trust her own mind. Sorting through her past, Kendall is forced to face the childhood tragedy that changed her world forever.

A Haunted House: Dark of the Moon

by J.B. Land

Due to circumstances in a relationship, Kat Summers feels she needs a break from the stress of the city. Now would be an ideal time to visit her property on the backwaters of southern Louisiana. Two years ago, with the passing of her grandfather, she inherited an old farm house and several acres of land.
Kat doesn’t know that just up the road there is the remains of an abandoned plantation. Neither does she know what resides in the crumbling edifice that was once a mansion also has more than a passive interest in her little farm house. Only visits in the darkness of the moon will reveal that horrifying fact.

Excerpt from book:
She had to get out of here. Although her knees were weak, she went back to the front door. Even before she approached, she realized she had an unobstructed view through the small aperture. Had the ghost-child moved? Lifting one side of the curtain, the ghost girl had moved from the porch and now stood in the yard. Alongside the girl, sitting on its haunches was the solid white dog she had only glimpsed at the ruins. Both stared at the front door.
With a gasp, Kat took a step back.
Urgently needing her phone, she retraced her steps in an inane effort brought on by sheer desperation. With this yielding the same results, she turned to the bedroom even knowing there was no way the phone could be there. Stepping into the doorway, she realized the room was too dark to search.
Retrieving her oversize flashlight from an end table, she turned it on. At the doorway she scanned the room and allowed the beam to come to rest on the bed. The covers were in disarray.
In fact, the covers lay in such a fashion as to appear as if a form lay beneath. Continuing to let the beam shine on the bed, she realized there was, indeed, a form beneath the comers.
Feeling as if her heart had stopped for the umpteenth time, she couldn’t break her stare at the bed. There was definitely something under the coversâ??or was there? My imagination is running rampant, she told herself as she continued to stare at the jumble of sheets and bedspread. For a moment she was tempted to back away. Stop scaring yourself, an inner voice said.
She was tempted to close the door and leave the questionable pile of bed clothes as they lay. She couldn’t do that, she told herself. She knew she would have to pull back the bedcovers and dispel the ambiguity.
If there were something under the bed clothing, uncovering it might bring on a confrontation. In that case she intended to flee even if it meant running pass the ghost-child and the dog. With that thought she turned to her purse lying on the coffee table. Removing her car keys, she dropped them into her pocket.
Stepping back to the bedroom, her heart racing, she held the flashlight in her left hand as she grasped the cover with her right. Giving the covers an exerted jerk, the ghost-child lay on the bed looking up at her.

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