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Children’s Books: Ernie The Elephant And The Teddy Bear (Children’s Books for kids funny bedtime story collection, Childrens Elephant Books)

by Leela Hope

this Children’s Books is relatable for kids of any age.

Is your child afraid of the dark? Does he or she have a favorite toy?

The comfort of a favorite toy in the dark helps us face our fears.

When Ernie the Elephant loses his favorite teddy bear, he overturns tables and furniture to find it with no luck.

How will he be able to sleep without Plum the teddy bear?

With the help of Martin, the Mouse, he retraces his steps more carefully around his home.

Will Martin and Ernie find Plum the teddy bear, or will Ernie have to face the darkness at bedtime alone?

Ernie the Elephant and the Teddy Bear is a delightful children’s story set in rhyme.

Your child will delight in the colorful illustrations of Ernie and his family and then connect with him as he searches for his beloved bear.

This is a perfect bedtime story that reassures any child that all is safe before he or she falls asleep.

Childrens Elephant Books

Diary of Alex the Explorer (An Unofficial Minecraft Book)

by Steve the Noob

Alex goes on a journey to find a new land for her people.

*STN #19 should be out in a few days*

Disclaimer: This book is a work of fanfiction; it is not an official Minecraft book. It is not endorsed, authorized, licensed, sponsored, or supported by Mojang AB, Microsoft Corp. or any other entity owning or controlling rights to the Minecraft name, trademarks or copyrights.
Minecraft ®/TM & © 2009-2016 Mojang / Notch / Microsoft

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The Search for South Pole Santa: A Christmas Adventure

by JingleBelle Jackson

In this first book in the South Pole Santa series, the population alarm has gone off at the North Pole alerting the world that there will soon be too many children for Santa to serve! The search begins for a second Santa, South Pole Santa. Many people apply, but only six are selected to compete – including a teenage girl attending school far away on a remote tropical island. Cassandra Penelope Clausmonetsiamlydelaterra. . . wants the job, despite the odds against her and everything that goes wrong!

Can Sandra’s dream come true? Can she become South Pole Santa ? The polar opposite of Santa? And who, or what, is trying so hard to keep her from it?

This is a book full of mayhem, magic, mystery, bad guys, dark caves and a good dose of elves. Not just for the Christmas lovers amongst us, anyone who enjoys a fun adventure where kindness reigns in the end, will enjoy this timely new holiday choice.

Oh, Oh, Oh!

Preview the book with this smile making book trailer!

The Sparrow Princess

by Russell Whitehead

A quest to find true love. Magic and mystery, romance and revenge all play a part in this epic fantasy and family saga novella for MG/YA. Set in the imaginary city of Calandra, “The Sparrow Princess” is a tale about choices made and the unforeseen consequences that come from thoughtlessness and an inability to let go of things that were never meant to be. It’s a story of discovery and magic, jealousy and revenge, as well as the healing that takes place with forgiveness and understanding. It’s about finding love in the most unlikely places and letting go of the past in order to embrace the future.

The Marvelous Mrs: A Fun Rhyming Christmas Book About Gratitude

by Maureen Driggs

So many wonderful things happen at Christmas time. The Marvelous Mrs. is a fun rhyming book for young children with a message about gratitude at this special time of year. This original read-aloud book is beautifully illustrated with hand-rendered watercolors.

The Necklace of Fire: A Nora Jean Hart Adventure

by Andrea Finley

The day before Nora’s birthday a run in with a mysterious golden-eyed man, who gives her an unusual and powerful gift, puts in a motion a series of events she won’t soon forget. With the help of her new gift, and her two best friends, Nora must help solve a mystery and foil an attempted cover up that has the potential to hurt someone close to her. It won’t be easy and Nora and her friends may have just bitten off more than they can chew! Meanwhile, family, school and annoying little brother’s won’t wait on the sidelines.

BIGFOOT: A New Theory: & Tribute to Roger Patterson, Filmmaker

by Bruce Lehto

WARNING: Though it is only 6 pages this short ebook has become controversial and angered many in the cryptozoological community. In it the “one take” theory is put forth and an honest attempt is made to get a clearer view of Roger Patterson’s place in history. The “one take theory” explains how extremely difficult it would have been for Roger Patterson to have created such an extremely convincing film.

Christmas Time: It’s All About Jesus!

by Sue M. Barksdale

Since Christmas is such a captivating time of year, it’s the perfect setting for telling children about the miracle of the Lord Jesus Christ’s birth. Using selected passages from the first chapters of the gospels of Matthew and Luke, Christmas Time – It’s All About Jesus tells the story of Jesus’ birth in a delightfully poetic and child-like way. The sensational illustrations create an unforgettable image, so a child can always remember the true meaning of Christmas.

As an added bonus, Pastor Russ and Sue have developed devotionals to be used by families to enrich their Christmas celebrations. These are complete with attributes and names of Jesus, questions for discussion, and activities to do as a family to share Christ with those around them. Coupled together, this story and devotionals will enhance your celebration of Christmas during the season and all year long!

About the Author

Sue Murray Barksdale has been a pastor’s wife, mom, and educator for over 30 years. She and her husband Russ live in Arlington, Texas, where Russ pastors the multi-site The Church on Rush Creek, a multi-site church. Sue has a BS in Elementary Education from The University of Houston and enjoys teaching at a public charter school in their neighborhood.

Russ and Sue consider their relationship with their grown children and spouses and their six beautiful grandchildren as one of the greatest blessings in life! Their desire to leave a legacy of Christ-centered lives motivated them to write this book for their own family and all the children in their sphere of influence. This is Sue’s second book, her first being G.I.F.T.S.: A Prayer Book for Kids and Those Who Love Them.

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