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Minimalism: A Minimalist’s Guide to Eliminate Clutter, Clear the Mind and Increase Productivity

by Paul Silverman

Use These Powerful Minimalist Tips To Free Your Mind, Eliminate Clutter And Increase Your Productivity

Along with all the benefits of living in a wealthy, modern world have come some unintended side effects that it is unlikely that our forefathers would have anticipated. Our lives have become cluttered both in a physical and mental sense by simple excess and we are forced to suddenly deal with having too much. Our closets, garages and desks are crammed to the maximum whilst our minds are swamped with tasks that should be done but are also being bombarded by social media, television and professional pressures.

Rather than deal with the burgeoning problem many of us have simply ignored the situation in the vain hope that it will simply go away; after all, having a closet so jammed with clothes that you are no longer sure what is in there or a to do list that is so long that you won’t complete it if you live to be a hundred is not really a life threatening scenario. In fact what researchers are now learning is that this accumulation of both material goods and unresolved mental tasks is creating high levels of anxiety that can have detrimental effects on both mental and physical wellbeing. The size of the task before us simply becomes so overwhelming that we ignore it and it is that nagging feeling that we should be doing something that causes the problems.

The object of this book is to set you on a course to de-cluttering both your physical and mental space so that you can focus more on what is really important and free yourself to lead a happier and more productive lifestyle. The art of simplifying is not necessarily simple in itself but it will become that way as you break down the tasks ahead of you into smaller more manageable chunks. The reward for doing this will be a much deeper sense of inner peace and a greater ability to tackle those areas of your life that really matter.

Inside you’ll find

The secrets of minimalism that will allow you to increase your productivity in an ever changing world

What Is Amazon Echo Dot: Useful Guide To Amazon Echo Dot 2016: (2nd Generation) (Amazon Echo, Dot, Echo Dot, Amazon Echo User Manual, Echo Dot ebook, Amazon Dot)

by Adam Strong

What Is Amazon Echo Dot:

Useful Guide To Amazon Echo Dot 2016

Have you bought or are thinking about Amazon’s latest product, the Echo Dot. This shrunken version of the Echo is a Bluetooth speaker without the high quality sound that the Echo has. However, at a third of the price, much smaller and still equipped with a good speaker, it is a bargain! Alongside this, the Echo Dot is an example of what the future holds.

This product will provide you with the opportunity to play music, get the weather forecast, find out answers to a huge array of questions and connect with your home automation systems. In effect, this small box can assist you to control everything in your home with just your voice! Even better, this is only a part of what this extremely clever device can do; being able to link to your own stereo system will not only give you control of it; you will also have much better sound quality. In fact, the options are almost limitless!

Book is designed to take you through all the necessary steps to move from new owner of an Echo Dot to competent user; it includes:

  • An introduction to what the Echo Dot is and its capabilities.
  • What you get in the box, how to set it up and the basic commands you need to know before you start asking it questions.
  • The range of options available alongside how to add new skills to it.
  • How to pair any device with the Echo Dot and the merits of locating it in your bedroom.
  • A range of tips and tricks to help you get the most from your Echo Dot.

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