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Gay Romance: Romantic Comedy: I Do (Hockey Best Friend Athlete Romance) (Sports Gay Male Male Romance)

by Van Cole

What Happens When A Gay Man Accidentally Get Married To His Straight Best Friend?

Kirin’s life is spiraling hopelessly out of control in this short story. His boyfriend is conspicuous by his absence and he has consigned himself to a loveless relationship, while all the time the object of his desire is just out of reach, but tantalizingly near enough to touch, actually, even closer than that, because after a tequila-filled night of black holes in his memory, he has inadvertently ended up married to his best friend, hockey ace and all around Mr. Straight Guy, Jackson.

But when they try and get out of the accidental matrimony they have found themselves in, they soon discover it’s not going to be as easy as that!

Before long they find themselves with seemingly no way out other than to fake it. This might be bad enough for Jackson but for Kirin, getting the object of his affection in the worst way possible, quickly becomes a nightmare. What is he to do?

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The Worship of Walker Judson

by Janice Strubbe Wittenberg

Young Walker Judson has a grand secret. He sees light emanating from and surrounding other folks. Soul shadows, the boy terms them. Years later, as director of The Living Light Healing Center, he meets the hunchback, Lauren Finch, and straightens her spine. She’s seduced by his charisma, becomes his devout assistant, and ultimately transforms into a powerful healer in her own right. When all goes awry, even as Lauren’s faith is challenged, even as others abandon Walker, she remains steadfast. But how far is she willing to go to prove her devotion, and what will it take for her to peel off the blinders and trust her own strengths?

And so, is Walker Judson truly a healer-gone-bad or a saintly soul whose paranormal talents are misunderstood?

Ultimately, you, the reader must decide.

Today’s news is rife with stories of physical and emotional abuse on the part of Catholic priests, Buddhist monks, as well as school teachers and sports coaches. Furthermore, cults such as the People’s Temple, at the behest of their leader, Jim Jones, require followers to commit mass suicide. On another vein, politicians, athletes, and entertainers, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Tiger Woods, and Michael Jackson–to name a few–violate the trust of family and supporters, destroying lives in the process.

So why are tales of manipulation and abuse so rampant among the powerful? Then again, why are followers so easily swayed that they cast aside common sense and discernment?

The Worship of Walker Judson explores the misuse of power and the ease with which seekers relinquish it. Psychic phenomena, cultism, mystics and madmen, the retelling of the Christ story in the context of the persecuted healer, along with the role of personal choice versus karmic destiny are also examined in this novel.

The Shape of the Atmosphere

by Jessica Dainty

Gertie MacLarsen believes she was given ugliness at birth. Growing up in an estranged home, the only times she feels beautiful are the nights her father comes in to show her the stars. The day of her 16th birthday, the same day that Sputnik traverses the sky, Gertie’s life is irrevocably changed. After a family tragedy, her elusive and alcoholic mother sends her to Willow Estate, a private mental institution, where she is thrown into a world of harsh therapies, dangerous hospital politics, and, surprisingly, a sense of family.
Within the walls of Willow Estate Sanatorium, Gertie finds awfulness and grace, terror and family. From hydro and shock therapy, to first love, to rape and suicide, the only thing Gertie is sure of from day to day is that growing up is not a choice and that forgiveness and acceptance are perhaps the greatest gifts anyone can give. As Gertie learns her fellow patients’ stories, she realizes she is not the only one alone in this giant universe and that finding yourself sometimes means letting the past versions of yourself go and letting others help you define your own center of gravity.
Set against the historical backdrop of the early space race and freighting mental therapies circa 1950’s, THE SHAPE OF THE ATMOSPHERE features a spectrum of supporting characters that brings the dramatic setting to life and a plot that explores what it means to know yourself in a world that never stops expanding and changing, and that humanity is possible, in any universe.

Rival Sisters And The Sheikh: Royal Alpha Male Billionaire Sheikh Romance

by Kylie Knight

Ada Witt has a lot of pokers in the fire. Before the age of thirty she is part owner in a crazy successful company with her sister, who also happens to be one of the pokers in Ada’s particular fire. Clara Witt is a beautiful handful, and one who has an unfortunate habit of dragging Ada into all sorts of places she doesn’t want to be. She likes the attention, but on one particular evening it isn’t Clara who gets the attention.

No, a mysterious sheikh by the name of Darvesh catches Ada in her sight and sets them both down a road of passion and intrigue neither one of them could have expected.
But when a jealous Clara decides to meddle where she doesn’t belong, the fallout takes them both by surprise and has the potential to be catastrophic.

Will the two lovers be able to weather the storm or does this spell doom for the sister and the sheikh?


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WARNING:This ebook contains mature themes and language. Intended for 18+ readers only.

Brief Encounters with Solitary Souls: Two Paris Tales + Three

by Evy Journey

Eugene O’Neill says it best: Life is for each man a solitary cell whose walls are mirrors.

In five short tales, lives that never touch arrive at the same insight. Scattered in time and place, from Paris to Hawaii, they are bound by this: All are solitary souls.

Confronting personal crisis, each realizes she (or he) is all alone even amidst a social milieu; but it’s then that she sees herself clearly. It’s a turning-point moment that propels her forward.

At a Paris Café. In early 70s Paris, a naive and eager young man chooses not to go with his buddies on a trip around the country on his summer vacation. He goes it alone in Paris. He falls in love for the first time and at first sight in his first encounter with a French couple at a café. But this encounter shakes his illusions about Paris, about love, about life.

The Gypsy. A boy recently uprooted to Paris by his parents’ divorce learns some life lessons from an old gypsy he watches through a third-floor apartment window. He sees how different she is from him, but deep inside, he feels an uneasy kinship with her.

The Sum of a Young Life. Finding a young woman’s journal at a Berkeley coffeehouse upsets an urbane but blasé young man’s precise routine. Unable to control his curiosity, he opens it and discovers a life that touches him.

In a Few Fast Heartbeats. In the Napa Valley, a middle-aged wife and mother is taking her husband home after a heart surgery. She’s looking forward to family time and the old comforting routine. But her life changes in the blink of an eye.

Fragrant Green Mangoes. Every summer on her school break, a young woman visits her beloved Grandma at her house in Waipahu, a suburb of Honolulu. But after her most recent visit, she loses her Grandma within a month of her returning home to California. In her grief, she finds the language of love, not in roses, but in fragrant green mangoes her Grandma made into mango salads.

Out of Your Mind: Daisy’s Choice

by Diane Hernandez

Though happy and carefree by nature, Daisy Fields is in a fragile state looking for stability and friendship when she moves to Solvang, California, hoping to find a fresh start. Instead, she finds herself in the midst of an intoxicating physical attraction to her sexy new boss, the famous reclusive artist Garret Brinkley. Daisy tries hard to resist the magnetic pull she feels toward the mercurial artist because she knows his desires are purely sexual and he isn’t capable of a romantic loving relationship, but the explosive chemistry between them is too strong to ignore. Still, Daisy must resist, and luckily finds companionship from Garret’s dog. The German shepherd, rapidly becomes Daisy’s new best friend, offering love and comfort to the lonesome girl since Garret is incapable of either.

When another man enters Daisy’s life, she finally feels a romantic connection and hope for her future, only to discover Garret’s feelings go beyond physical need. It’s a tragic turn of events that forces Daisy to choose between the two men. However, her depression has darkened her spirit and joyful disposition to such lengths that she feels her choice isn’t which man to be with, but rather, if she should be at all.

Diane Hernandez’s latest novel gives readers a glimpse at true love, growing through a foundation of anxiety and despair.

The Out of Your Mind series is meant for adults over 18 and contains adult situations, including graphically described sex.

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