Free politics and current events Kindle books for 01 Dec 16

Real Estate Investor Branding

by Drew Davis

This is a book about ways to brand oneself in the real estate industry to increase business success.

A Million Monkeys: The Real Story Behind Genesis and the Meaning of Life

by Dennis Treece

Why are we here? What are we supposed to do on this earth? Who created us?

Humankind has struggled with these questions for millennia. We’ve created complex societies, religions, and theories to answer them, but we’ve ignored the simple truth. Dennis Patrick Treece shares this truth with readers of all faiths and persuasions. Treece was in an airplane when he first heard the voice of a spirit guide. The voice told him that he needed a pen and paper because he was going to write something important down. A Million Monkeys is the message that followed.

Treece wants to remind readers that they are special. It took billions of individual chemical and biological events for humanity to develop into its current state. Yet many have no concept of the uniqueness of their existence. They waste their precious time in cycles of hate and anger. Treece encourages readers to find a different way to celebrate the Creator and his creation. He inspires everyone to dedicate their lives and their time to love. It is through love that the current course of humanity can be changed so that we can be in harmony with the rest of the universe.

Ulterior Motives: Gay Billionaire One Night Stand Tycoon Romance (Wealthy Sports Marriage Romance)

by Van Cole

What Happens When 2 Strangers Get Married In Vegas?

Zachary has a problem. In seven days’ time, he inherits his father’s hockey club, but there’s one catch. He must be married first. The thing is, he already is â?¦just no one else knows it yetâ?¦including his groom! One lost night in a Vegas hotel room led to wedding bells – but he never saw the guy again.

Then Zach discovers he can’t inherit without finding his missing husband first and signing on the dotted line. Will he be able to find him and persuade him to act married for seven days so he can inherit?

But Zach’s problems are nothing compared to Angel’s. â?¦A hockey ace with a talent for mayhem. Angel won’t let anyone close and has been trying to push Zach out of his mind since they met. However, he is in desperate trouble and needs his help badly.

With so much at stake, can Zach count on Angel’s help?

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