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A Long Way From Nowhere: A Couple’s Journey on the Continental Divide Trail

by Julie Urbanski

What is it like to hike the length of the Continental Divide Trail? For Matt and Julie, also known as Optimist and Stopwatch, life on the trail meant twenty-seven days without seeing another hiker, six bears encountered within fifteen hours, two sets of maps, a GPS, and a compass to find the trail, and both wildfires and massive flooding to add to the adventure. Hiking the trail also meant a dramatic shift in perspective, a strengthening of love and friendship, and a redefining of the journey.

This is the story of the couple’s 3,000 mile walk on the Continental Divide Trail, through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. Both Optimist and Stopwatch play a role in narrating the story, revealing how differently they both think and act in the face of challenges but also how well they work together to complement each other.

Few people know about the Continental Divide Trail and even fewer have hiked the entire length of it, creating an air of mystery surrounding the trail. Optimist and Stopwatch explore the many layers of the trail life on the Continental Divide Trail as they make their way over desolate terrain, eventually finding solace in the very aspects of the trail that made them question their desire to ever take on such a challenge.

Secrets of Street Smart Jujitsu

by D’Arcy Rahming

The student manual of the self protection art of the Miyama Ryu. It includes the first ten illustrated lessons with lesson plans, key details and even explanations in Spanish. Each student of self protection should have this journal.

Fearfully & Wonderfully Made: Nature Photography, Scriptures, & Reflections

by Danny Lund

In the following two hundred plus pages, you will find thirty scriptures and reflections along with my nature photography. Throughout the reflections, I share experiences of my life growing up in East Africa, of culture shock my first year of college, and of living in Asia for six years. I share about the journey of seeing my father, mother, and wife walk through cancer and receive their healing in heaven; about being a single dad; about a time of God’s healing in our family; and about God’s faithfulness in bringing Faith into our lives.

“Danny’s long-standing photographic talent is captivating and vivid. The words of Scripture and his personal stories and devotional thoughts are woven seamlessly with the beautiful imagery he has captured. You’ll be able to relax with this book as you see God’s glory through Danny’s lenses and find hope and encouragement through his real-life applications and God’s Word. This is a must have e-book.”
–Johanna Garrison–

“In this first edition of Danny’s photography, you will quickly see that this artist knows how to capture intimate God moments and beautifully tell a story. His prose explains the setting for the photo and provides insight into his life experiences, and a glimpse of his soul and character-and more importantly God’s. As you drink in the beauty, your spirit will soar like the wings of the Great Blue Heron he often portrays, and you will learn valuable lessons on dealing with both the blessings and burdens of life.”
Dr. Don Detrick

“It is a pleasure to endorse this precious work of Danny’s. I’ve known Danny since he was a youth being educated at Rift Valley Academy in Kijabe, Kenya, East Africa. As his former bible teacher I can assure you that Danny has always had a sensitive heart to the creation of the Lord and has clearly seen His hand and the AWE of God in nature. His heart is reflected through the lens of his photography. These are more than pictures, they are an amazing reflection of the Lord through Danny’s eyes.”
Peg Forrest, Focus Ministries

“These aren’t just pictures of birds and wildlife; they are glimpses into the grandeur of God as captured by one, who through the stresses and strains of life has acquired a special gift of patience. I encourage you to slow down and absorb every detail of these beautiful pictures. Remember also that every day, we are surrounded by God’s beauty in creation. To notice His handiwork is to notice him, for truly, “All of nature declares that He is!”

–Dallas Holm—

Excerpts from the book:

“I was about two miles from the school when I rounded a corner to see an entire troop of baboons in the road about thirty yards ahead of me. The baboons appeared agitated by my presence. I knew that if I continued to run towards them they would attack me…..”

“One morning, I was called out of class to receive an international call from America. When I picked up the phone, I could hear my dad’s broken voice as he told me that mom had stage three breast cancer and was about to have major surgery. I cried with my dad on the phone for a while as the news slowly sunk in. My family was on the other side of the world, and all of the sudden I felt all alone…..”

“I remember spending Christmas in the hospital when I was ten years old in Malawi. My parents rushed me to the hospital because I had very high fever. The doctors thought I had cerebral malaria, so they put me on a quinine IV right away. My temperature continued to rise until it was 109 degrees. I went in and out of hallucinations…..”

Michael Jordan:The Amazing Story of the Greatest Basketball Player…Ever (Sports Unlimited Book 3)

by Charlton Best

â??MICHAEL JORDAN: The Amazing Story of the Greatest Basketball Playerâ?¦Ever

A biography of the greatest basketball player that ever was and ever will be.

Ask anybody you meet on the street who they think the greatest basketball player is and the answer will always be the same: Michael Jordan. With six championships under his belt and the countless times he soared from floor to the net for a spectacular dunk or clinched a buzzer-beating basket, “His Airness” has earned for himself a place in the altar for the gods of basketball. And there is no one among us who would dare to contest it.

What has made him the living legend he is today? Why do today’s basketball greats such as Kobe Bryant, Dwayne wade and Lebron James try to emulate him as best they can? What made him the yardstick to measure a player’s worth in the hard court?

This is his story told in 30 pages. Read about all you need to know about the Olympic-winning high school varsity player that changed the face of NBA as we know it today by breaking records and setting new ones that others find hard to even come close to.

What’s Inside?

Included in this biography are pictures of Michael Jordan through the years to accompany the story about his rise to basketball greatness, the insights made by the people around him, the events that led to his brief in baseball and his last two seasons with the Washington Wizards both as an executive and as a player.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Once Upon A Time in Wilmington.
Chapter 2: Tar Heel Jordan
Chapter 3: Growing Horns
Chapter 4: The Charge of the Chicago Bulls
Chapter 5: The Air Up There.
Chapter 6: Jordan on the Mound
Chapter 7: His Airness Returns
Chapter 8: The Real Wizard

Start Reading Now…

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is about Michael Jordan, it is strongly recommended that you pick up this ebook. Get to know the man behind the #23 jersey and be inspired by his indomitable spirit. By reading the first chapter down to the last, learn why Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball playerâ?¦ever.

The Ultimate Ski Maintenance Book: DIY Ski Waxing, Edging and Tuning

by Peter Ballin

Learn to love your skis so that you can spend maximum time riding safely and effortlessly on the slopes this winter:

The Ultimate Ski Maintenance Book gives simple step-by-step instructions on everything you need to know in order to take care of your skis from home. The book is packed full of photos illustrating each procedure in an easy-to-follow manner that absolutely anyone – youngster to adult, novice to professional – will benefit.

From basic safety check to home waxing and through to damage repair, The Ultimate Ski Maintenance Book has you covered.

How to Play Before the Flop – Beginners Poker Strategy For Cash Games

by Ashley Russell

When learning to play poker, the cards you choose to play and how you play them is very important. Playing the wrong cards from the wrong positions in Texas Hold’em is a big mistake that will hurt your profits.

This book teaches you how to play before the flop and includes easy to use starting hand charts for cash games.

If you don’t know what cards to play and from what positions, how much and when to bet, this short book covers everything you need to improve your pre-flop game in Texas Hold’em Poker cash games.

Mehr Muskelaufbau mit wissenschaftlichen Trainingssystemen: Der ultimative Erfolgsguide zu Muskelaufbau und Ernährung (German Edition)

by Matthias Hahn

Die genaue Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zu deinem mukulösen Traumkörper

Du bist sehr wahrscheinlich hier, weil du Muskeln aufbauen möchtest, und nach Anleitungen suchst, die dir dabei helfen sollen, dieses Ziel möglichst schnell und sicher zu erreichen.

Wenn das der Fall ist, dann bist du hier genau richtig, denn in diesem Ebook erfährst du, wie du mit wissenschaftlich basierten Trainingssystemen maximales Muskelwachstum erreichen kannst, und das über viele Jahre hinweg.
Ich garantiere dir, dass du mit meinen Anleitungen dein Ziel von einem muskulösen Körper wesentlich schneller erreichen wirst, als wenn du es auf eigene Faust und ohne die entsprechenden Kenntnisse versuchst.

Gleich vorweg möchte ich dir sagen, dass dieses Buch nicht so wie die vielen anderen Bücher über Muskelaufbau ist, in denen nur 08/15 Ratschläge gegeben werden, die du auch überall im Internet raussuchen kannst und die oftmals sogar falsch und nicht zielführend sind.

Wie dieses Ebook dir helfen wird:
In diesem Buch wird auf die wichtigen sportwissenschaftlichen Prinzipien eingegangen, die leider fast nur Trainer und Profiathleten kennen, und die du selbst in teuren Kursen für über 200 Euro nicht bekommst, wie zum Beispiel�

-Periodisierung und Periodisierungsmodelle

-Steuerung von Volumen, Intensität und Workload über grö�ere Zeiträume

-Deloading und Tapering

-Training mit RPE-Skalen und Autoregulation

-Variation in Form von Ã?bungswechsel

-Trainingsfrequenz und vieles mehr

Mit diesen Prinzipien, die sowohl für Anfänger als auch für fortgeschrittene Athleten gerichtet sind, bekommst du eine praxisnahe Schritt-für-Schritt Anleitung zu deinem Traumkörper. Du bekommst ohne unnötiges Abscheifen alles Wichtige, was du zu Training und Ernährung wissen musst.
Ohne dieses Wissen aus der Sportwissenschaft wirst du beim Training unnötig viele Fehler begehen, viel Zeit verschwenden und dein Ziel erst viel später, wohlmöglich auch nie, erreichen.

Dieses Ebook kostet dir deutlich weniger als eine wöchentliche Gebühr im Fitnessstudio, und doch sind die darin enthaltenen Anleitungen in der Lage, deine Trainingserfolge dramatisch zu steigern.

Sichere dir also jetzt das Ebook, wenn du den schnellsten Weg zu deiner Traumfigur gehen willst!
Ich verspreche dir, dass sich diese Entscheidung später auszahlen wird.

Normalerweise biete ich dieses Ebook in meinem eigenen Online-Shop für 24,90 Euro an, und auch dieser Preis ist, wenn man bedenkt, wie viel Trainingszeit man sich mit den darin enthaltenen Anleitungen erspart, mehr als fair.

Seit kurzer Zeit habe ich dieses Ebook aber nun auf Amazon gestellt, um die Ergebnisse zu sehen. Ich weiÃ? jedoch noch nicht, wie lange ich dieses Ebook hier noch platzieren werde.

Wenn du also sicherstellen willst, dass du dieses Ebook noch jemals lesen wirst, dann klicke jetzt auf den Kaufen-Button und sichere dir das Ebook, bevor es zu spät ist!

101 Ways to Die with a Horse or Live Happily Ever After: An Essential Safety Guide for Horse & Rider

by Tanya Buck

A safety guide for all things horse related for anyone from the first time rider, owner or student to the experienced, trainer and riding instructor.
Aimed to simplify the world of horses and prevent injury to the equestrian and her horse, topics include:

ï?§Safety measures to take before you get to the barn; what to wear, how to act.
ï?§How horses think and why it matters.
ï?§Choosing the best trainer, Veterinarian and farrier.
ï?§Buying and selling a horse.
ï?§Safely riding in company; on the trail and in the arena.
ï?§Tack: which is best for you and your horse?
ï?§Trailer loading and safety hauling tips.
ï?§Health care.

Winter Survival: How To Survive Winter Storms While Homesteading And Off-Grid Living : (Prepper’s Guide, Survival Guide, Alternative Medicine, Emergency)

by John Harrison

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Winter Survival: (FREE Bonus Included)

How To Survive Winter Storms While Homesteading And Off-Grid Living

Homesteading, off-grid living or whatever else you may want to call it, is essentially a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. This means that you generate everything from your own resources and utilize them to the fullest.

Of course it can be done in any setting, urban, rural, and suburban – but in all cases, one strives to be free of the stresses that plague a dependent lifestyle. One of the main concerns in such a lifestyle is surviving winter. If you have gone off-grid and have found a complacent, pacific spot in the mountains, good for you.

But with winter approaching and not having the regular utilities that might be otherwise provided, you need to be ready to face it. It becomes even more imperative in the case of winter storms.

Winter storms are harsh and difficult, even if you have modern facilities like air conditioning and internal heaters, what with the risk of power shutting off. But does that mean it is impossible to survive a winter storm while homesteading?

The answer is no. You can and will survive itâ?¦ if you have prepared adequately. Preparation is the most basic, most essential tool to any homesteader.

So read this book and find out all you need to know about surviving a winter storm when you’re homesteading, have gone completely off grid and do not want to revert to the life you left behind.

Happy reading.

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Garbage: Manage Your Home Waste, Pay Less and Save the Planet: (Self Sufficient Homestead, Self-Sustaining Home)

by Michael Smart

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Manage Your Home Waste, Pay Less and Save the Planet

Welcome to Manage Your Home Waste and Save Money and the Planet, a D.I.Y. book designed to show you how you can turn the things you consider useless and a waste of space into an array of good intentions, tax breaks, and even some direct profits. More and more, individuals are trying to reduce how much of a foot print they have in this world in terms of waste and the easiest solution to some of our most profound issues is simply to stop wasting so much. This guide will show you how to manage your waste, make your footprint greener, and even turn a profit for some of your efforts.

First, we will go over what materials you should avoid and discuss which the better alternative is, starting with:

  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Wood
  • Cotton
  • Silk

Then we’ll get down to how you can not only waste less but also spend less by making your own stuff, gardening, reusing, and recharging. Not only can you make expensive outfits for cheap, but you can save yourself from dumping thousands of batteries into the landfill each year.

Then the remainder of the book will be about other donations and profits, such as

  • Clothes
  • Technology
  • Metals

In these areas, we will cover what will have the greenest effect and create the most benefits for the greatest number of people but we will also go over where you will turn the most profit and how long you can expect that profit to kick in.

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Stoffwechsel beschleunigen: Fett verbrennen mit der Stoffwechselkur (9 Methoden, die beim Abnehmen helfen) (German Edition)

by Patrick König

Lerne noch heute, wie Du Deinen Stoffwechsel beschleunigst, um Fett zu verbrennen!


Der Abnehmprozess ist von Mensch zu Mensch unterschiedlich. Doch glücklicherweise gibt es ideale Methoden, die deinen Abnehmprozess extrem beschleunigen. Die Rede ist vom sogenannten Stoffwechsel.


  • Du wolltest schon immer schlanker aussehen, um mit Dir selbst endlich zufrieden zu sein?
  • Du würdest gerne wissen, wie man schnell abnimmt? Hast aber schon alles Erdenkliche ausprobiert und bist trotzdem gescheitert?


In diesem Ratgeber erhältst Du die Antworten!


Mit einem erhöhten Stoffwechsel verbraucht der Körper täglich viel schneller Kalorien, als ein normaler Stoffwechsel. Und das führt langfristig zur Fettverbrennung.


Ich stelle Dir in diesem Buch 9 bewehrte Methoden vor, die Deinen Stoffwechsel in die Höhe schie�en lassen, sodass Du Deinem Idealgewicht Schritt für Schritt näher kommst.


Keine lästigen Diätformen oder Wunderpillen, die Dir beim Abnehmen erfolgreich helfen, sondern nur Dein angeeignetes Wissen!


In diesem Buch lernst Du:

  • was der Stoffwechsel eigentlich ist
  • wie der Stoffwechsel funktioniert
  • wie Du den Stoffwechsel zum Abnehmen anregst
  • was der Grund- und Leistungsumsatz ist
  • wie der Kalorienbedarf berechnet wird, um abzunehmen
  • und natürlich die 9 Erfolgsmethoden, die das Fett rasend verbrennen


Zögere Deine Gewichtsabnahme nicht hinaus! Starte jetzt in eine schönere Zukunft und verliere Deine überschüssigen Pfunde mit Deinem eigenen Stoffwechsel!


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10 Minute Workout Plans: Top 30 Interval Workouts To Do Anytime and Anywhere to Become Healthy And Strong: (Healthy Living, Health, Fitness And Exercise, Muscle Fitness) (Healthy Lifestyle)

by Chad Mercer

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10 Minute Workout Plans: (FREE Bonus Included)

Top 30 Interval Workouts To Do Anytime and Anywhere to Become Healthy And Strong

This book is meant to serve as a healthy lifestyle guide for those that would like to tone up their body during 10 minute workout routines. Even if you are just now considering a healthy lifestyle choice, then you could greatly benefit from this guide. In the fast paced world of today, sometimes even getting in a ten minute workout can be hard. It seems that we always find some kind of excuse somewhere.

But the real secret to toning up and staying in shape is the intervals between your ten minute workouts. Because even if you can only commit to working out for ten minutes at a time, if you space out these marathon workouts in effective intervals, you can see a pretty big difference pretty fast. Read this book to find out how this work out plan can work for you.

Buy this book so you can:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain confidence
  • Establish a fitness routine
  • And much more!

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Beginners Strategy For Cash Games – Texas Hold’em Poker Edition

by Ashley Russell

Beginners Strategy For Cash Games – Texas Hold’em Poker Edition

When learning to play online poker cash games, most beginners will make mistakes that hurt their profits and ability to win in the long run. Learning the basics first is very important.
This new mini ebook for Kindle will teach all beginners:

  • How To Play Pre-Flop
  • How To Play Post-Flop
  • Starting Hands (Charts Included)

The Story of Spurs:The Heroes of Tottenham Hotspur (Soccer Clubs Book 2)

by Charlton Best

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

They did what they dared to. And they have the silverware to prove it. Ever since Tottenham Hotspur was founded in 1882, the club has proven their worth in the pitch and has become one of England’s finest. The journey was never easy. But they got there nonetheless, despite many disappointments. Yet amidst the tears of both joy and woe, the team still stands today to prove that they are up to any challenge that may come their way. And this is their story.

For all Spurs supporters and for others who are not that well acquainted with the club from White Hart Lane, this book is a must read as it traces the team’s history from the day the team was founded under a gas-lit street to their recent endeavors.

What’s Inside?

Included in this book aside from the team’s history are insider secrets about White Hart lane, Tottenham Hotspur’s Crest and Colors, their silverware, its owners, sponsors, supporters and rivals.


Part 1 – The Team We Know

Chapter 1 – Origins
Chapter 2 – Crest, Coat of Arms and Kits
Chapter 3 – From the Marshes to White Hart Lane
Chapter 4 – The Silverware
Chapter 5 – Owners, Supporters and Rivals

Part 2 – The Spurs Saga

Chapter 6 – The Early Spurs
Chapter 7 – Spurs’ Glory Years
Chapter 8 – From the 80s to the 90s
Chapter 9 – Into the New Millennium
Chapter 10 -The Spurs Today

Start Reading Now…

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is about Tottenham Hotspur, this book will surprise you with what you find will inside: from bits of trivia to old, old photographs as well as the story on how the club fared under different owners and managers. This is the definitive book on the story of Spurs.

David Beckham Exposed…Kicking It Real: The Amazing Story of Golden Balls (Sports Unlimited Book 1)

by Charlton Best

â??DAVID BECKHAM: Kicking It Real

A biography of the perhaps the era’s best football player

His name might be known to football fans across the globe because of the prowess and skill David Beckham has displayed in the pitch from his tenure with Manchester United to LA Galaxy. But even on countries where football does not enjoy the same following as it does in Europe, his face and figure still adorns billboards and magazine spreads, his feats does not remain unnoticed.
And this is his story- from his early days playing soccer in Ridgeway Park to his marriage to Victoria Adams of the Spice Girls to his coming to America to help LA Galaxy win its first Major League Soccer cup.

What’s Inside?

Included in this biography are pictures of David Beckham through the years to accompany the story about his rise to stardom. The ebook does not dwell on David’s exemplary performance in the pitch alone. Inside you will read about the incidents that made him one of the controversial players of the sport, the scandal that hounded his marriage and his life among Hollywood’s A-Listers.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Groomed for football
Chapter 2: The start of something extraordinary
Chapter 3: Posh and Becks
Chapter 4: And the gods of football both frowned and smiled
Chapter 5: From Manchester to Madrid
Chapter 6: From Madrid To L.A. (The Grand Welcome)
Chapter 7: The Beckham Galaxy
Chapter 8: There and back again
Chapter 9: Still kickingâ?¦ even off the pitch

Start Reading Now…

If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is regarding David Beckham, it is strongly recommended that you pick up this book. He contents herein may surprise you, move you or astound you. You never really know until you start with the first chapter. In 35 pages, read all about the juicy bits that made him a household name in the sport and the celebrity that he is.

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