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Oracle Man

by Rodney Dale

When Kyle Morgan sits down to write his first novel, he has no idea that a powerful entity plans to help him write it. Much to Kyle’s amazement and dismay, the prophecies this entity injects into his book begin to come to pass. These predictions grimly point to a serious international Nazi movement that quickly learns of Kyle and his prophecies. Suddenly Kyle finds himself entrapped in a world of danger, intrigue, and murder. Warned of his prophecies, the new Nazi party puts Kyle in their crosshairs. Especially after he starts naming people! People he never knew until these predictions began exposing them and their actions. When the new Nazi German Army Nukes a significant portion of the Russian North Sea Fleet, Kyle is the one who points the finger directly at them through his writing. Now, aware of Kyle’s foresight into current and future events the Nazis are after him and they tend to play for keeps! They go after Kyle’s sweetheart in an attempt to make him back off, but Kyle is in up to his neck and there’s no backing down now. The CIA, FBI and part of the U.S. Navy gets involved! The question is who comes out the winner? And when the smoke clears, who’s left standing?

This new novel by Rodney Dale is a surprising combination of Dale Brown, Tom Clancy, and a little Robert Ludlum. – Jeremy Jeans, Elite Combat Instructor.

Chocolate Mousse

by Germina Melius

Chocolate Mousse is a Contemporary Romance novel, based on the life of world renowned pastry chef – André Roché – the co-owner of the Mange de Paris; a three-star restaurant in the heart of London. He is on a journey to find love. Will he find it? This handsome gentleman in his mid-forties, is tired of living a solitary life. His heart’s desire is, to have a family. Rejected by Marie Elle, the only woman he loves; he joins the military. As a result of his casualty, he is drawn closer to God. He reflects on his life; as he gradually falls in love with Sophia Jobson – the young troubled heiress of a multi-million dollar company. She reminds him of his favourite chocolate mousse dessert. Will she love and accept him? Let’s drift away with André Roché on his quest to find happiness – in the love story – “Chocolate Mousse.”

Shifter Romance: Navy SEAL Tiger (Paranormal Alpha Dominant Male Navy Seal Shapeshifter Romance) (New Adult Fantasy BBW Military Hero Romance Short Stories Book 1)

by Emma Taylor

35 Special Bonus Stories Included!

A Standalone Short Story with No Cliffhanger!

Jacob was the commanding officer in a tiger shifter naval unit. He spent most of his life out at sea, and a few nights a year at a bar known for treating military men decently. He never found being at the bar as entertaining as the rest of unit, that was until she walked through the door.

Tabitha was just a simply girl, going to the bar to be a wingman for her friend obsessed with military men. She never saw the point in trying to land one herself, she was never considered the attractive type of woman. So when the sexy naval commander chose to sit next to her, her world turned upside down.

Together they discover an entire new world of desire and love. The only question both of them are secretly asking is “Do they feel the same?” Tabitha may get her answer before Jacob hears his, but it’s up to these two to decide what is more important, A Normal life, or a life filled with love.

++ 35 Special Bonus Stories Included! ++
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WARNING: It contains mature language and content, intended for 18+ readers only!

Code Name Sanford (GMJ Spy Thrillers Book 9)

by George M James

No GMJ Book is just written; the topic is carefully chosen to enlighten the reader to current dangers. Here we deal with the danger of penetration radical agents inside Western Agencies. This is something which will bite the West in the years to come and suppressed for political reasons. Code Name Sanford follows where Code Name Odette left off with Angelique the target of a rogue South African Secret Service Assassin Team trying to kill her. She and Major Foxtrot deal with them and take revenge for the attack on Angelique’s life in Code Name Odette. Angelique is also beginning to realize she may be in love with Foxtrot. The action is nonstop and takes place in Mozambique and the Okavango Delta in Botswana. If you wish to read about covert and Special Forces operations in Sub Saharan Africa, the GMJ Books are the place to start. Code Name Sanford is the 9th book in the popular GMJ Series.

Death’s Angel Dying

by John Jones

It is 1855 and the allied British & French forces in the Crimea are trying to draw the Russian Bear’s claws. But with the severe winter weather killing hundreds of men and animals the fighting around Sevastopol has degenerated into a murderous siege. The Allies, very dependent on their navies to bring in supplies, are shocked to learn that the Russians have a new secret weapon that threatens those very lifelines.

Captain Peter Kinsley of the 7th Foot, Royal Fusiliers, is sent on a secret mission to the Russian province of Kamchatka to destroy this threat before it can be used with devastating effect against the Allied navies. All involved know that the mission is verging on suicidal. To make their task even more deadly Kinsley knows that there is a spy amongst the expedition intent on making it fail. Yet fail it cannot.

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