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The Duchess of Cornwall: Camilla’s Story and Secrets (Royal Princesses Book 2)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, is one fascinating woman. Her being Prince Charles’ mistress and lover for more than three decades is what lends color to her life. This book is an objective view of Camilla, whose relationship with the Prince of Wales ruined his marriage as well as her own.

What’s Inside

Little is known of Camilla, mainly because she’s a woman who doesn’t like telling everyone about every single detail of her life, including her high-profile relationship with Charles. This book shows you details of her life, including:

-Her illustrious ancestors, who were also mistresses and lovers of kings
-Her first and only job
-The sassy line Camilla allegedly told Charles upon meeting him
-What she was like when she was a young woman
-Why Camilla married Andrew Parker Bowles instead of Charles
-The woman who Camilla saw as more threatening than Diana
-What the Camilla Campaign is, and more details in the book!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – Charmed Childhood
Chapter 2 – On Her Own
Chapter 3 – Boy Magnet
Chapter 4 – Between Two Lovers
Chapter 5 – Losing Charles
Chapter 6 – Reunited
Chapter 7 – A Year of Difficulties
Chapter 8 – An Uncertain Future
Chapter 9 – Second Chance at Happiness
Chapter 10 – Will She Be Queen?

Why Buy Now

Despite Camilla’s role in the breakup of Charles and Diana’s marriage, one can’t help admiring the woman for enduring all indignities for her love for Charles. She knew she wasn’t as beautiful as Diana, but she was the one that Charles had always turned to. She was the woman he wanted to be with, and in their desire to be with each other, their marriages to their respective spouses crumbled. Read this book now and find out what Camilla has gone through in the name of love.

Two-Faced Russian Monster: The True Story Of Andrei Chikatilo (Serial Killers True Crime Anthology)

by Murder Laboratory

Two-Faced Russian Monster:

The True Story Of Andrei Chikatilo

He was more than just a cold blooded killer; through intimacy issues and sexual desire, Andrei sexually assaulted and mutilated his victims. It was not uncommon to find victims with their eyes stabbed or gouged out. He even took to removing and sometimes eating his victim’s sexual organs. To describe him as a monster barely seems to do him justice.

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Thief in Law: A guide to Russian prison tattoos and Russian-speaking organised crime gangs

by M.G. Bullen

“Giving a thorough overview of a fascinating culture, Thief in Law is a fine encyclopedia of Russian prison tattoos as well as a guide to the country’s prison history and culture.”
The Daily Telegraph. 1st Nov, 2016.

Thief in Law: A guide to Russian prison tattoos and Russian-speaking organised crime gangs is the first comprehensive guide in English to the history, actions and tattoos worn by the Russian Mafia. Through the 346 fascinating pages of this book, you will discover everything you could ever want to know about the world’s number 1 criminal organisation.

This book contains over 100 never before seen photos from Russian and European police archives and also includes over 50 original drawings by the artist A. Malkovskaya. With each picture comes detailed information about the tattoos created in Russia’s notorious prisons. Thief in Law contains exclusive information and images previously only available to law enforcement officers.

Based on a training package given to British, American and European police forces and written by a former police officer turned journalist. Thief in Law is a remarkable insight into the activities of the world’s most powerful criminal gang.

When Girls Next Door Kill : The True Story of Melinda Loveless

by Iris Owen

In 1992, 12-year-old Shanda Sharer was tortured and killed by four teenage girls led by Melinda Loveless.
Caught in a lesbian love triangle, the four girls would torture the young Shanda and burn her alive. The case would shock the picturesque town in southern Indiana and make national headlines, making an entire nation ask “why?”

Los Pensamientos de Clara: Una Novela de Esperanza según los recuerdos de una anciana (Spanish Edition)

by Veronica Solorzano Athanasiou

Novela autobiográfica que se desarrola en el año 2055. Basada en experiencias de una venezolana que vive en una isla en el Mediterráneo.

Los Pensamientos de Clara es una recopilación de puntos de vista optimistas de una mujer que ama la ciencia y la música. La autora utiliza la fantasía para presentar al lector con salidas positivas a muchos de los problemas de hoy.

La familia multicultural de Clara también vivió en Australia, una tierra alejada en donde aprendieron a valorar y a entender sus países de orígen.

En su última entrevista para la humanidad, Clara comparte su perspectiva sobre los problemas sociales de Latinoamérica y los conecta con los movimientos migratorios hacia Europa. La solución a problemas complicados como éstos es más sencilla de lo que parece. Clara presenta La Onda, un movimiento de empatía hacia todos aquellos que quieren vivir en un mundo mejor.

Nobody’s Like Me: A Bronx Girl’s Memoir

by Irene Abruzzese

Nobody’s Like Me is a tribute to women, family and the power of love over generations. Their journeys were intertwined, held together by far more than any religious or cultural traditions. Although being oddly different has become special, all sorts of prejudice still confront us. This story, exemplifies emotional and physical survival, over three generations. One somewhat mystical, contemporary, Jewish girl tries to make sense of it all; amidst The Bronx streets during the tumultuous sixties and throughout her life.
From birth through adolescence, adulthood, aging and death, issues that confront many of us are revealed. They are shared not only through memoir, but within her poetry, prose and even dreams, always with subtle spirituality. Religious and racial prejudice, the dysfunctional family, rites of passage, roles of women and men, sexuality, education, mental disorders, inferiority; the common trials and tribulations, are threaded tales, unified through the power and significance of the people and events, influencing one’s life.. They are fated, should you believe, with a bit of the paranormal. For the spider’s web entraps, enwraps and reveals both beauty in life and death, for those of all races and religions.
So embrace the cycle, peer through their window, travel beside them and hopefully benefit through the journey together��you may find yourself.

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