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Love Can Sometimes Hurt

by Kay Harmon

The transition from a teenager to young adult is a difficult process for many. Dana was bashful, sensitive, and extremely naïve, so for her, it was exceptionally hard. The story begins by pointing out the struggle she had trying to get past the everyday problems of growing up while dealing with severe shyness. She met Kale by chance. He figured out early on that Dana was painfully shy and took his time to edge his way into her life. He knew from the beginning that he wanted to get to know her better. This timid naïve girl was destined to fall in love. After being committed to Kale for two years, she discovered she had been kept a secret from his family. The saga describes the pain and heartache she endured and the wonderful surprise life offered her. The story will touch the hearts of those who were hurt by the self-importance and misplaced values of others.

Someone Like You

by Suzanne Jenkins

Life gets in the way as upstate NY sisters, Marley and Abigail cling to each other and their young children. But a babysitter introduces them both to Jay Malik, a medical student from India who becomes their lifeline to happiness, forgiveness and healing. “Another tear-jerker from Jenkins. Have the tissue ready.”

MarriageMatters: 10 Principles of Effective Communication

by Dr. Kenton D. Wiley

In a society filled with knowledge, wisdom, and advice, why do we still struggle with basic principles of communicating in our relationships? There doesn’t seem to be a problem with our communication when we are pursuing a relationship. So why is it such a struggle to keep that line of communication open after we are involved?

“Every time I try to communicate with my spouse, it leads to arguments. What should I do?”

“What can I do to open the lines of communication in our marriage?”

“We never talk about our problems? What should we do?”

These are some of the questions that arose in my heart when I decided to write this book. I’ve been married for nearly a decade, and to some that may be a drop in the bucket and to others, it could seem like a lifetime. No matter where you may fall on the spectrum, one thing is for sure, without proper communication, any marriage or relationship will struggle and possibly fail.

In this particular book I have developed 10 Principles of Effective Communication. Stop ignoring the signs, and follow these simple principles to rebuilding or developing the communication in your marriage or relationship. Don’t wait, start today!

My Mom, The Giver

by Joe Red Feather McKnight

This book is about my mother. She had the most giving soul I have ever met. She was always an inspiration to me as well as everyone she touched. I decided to write this book about my mother while going through the grieving process of her passing. Through many thoughts and tears it has helped me heal and have a deeper understanding of why we are here! I would encourage everyone who is going through the pain of losing a loved one to sit down and put in writing why that person was special to you and what legacy they left behind.


by Ryan James Nijakowski

The events of the last school day before winter break prove that the snow can cover the earth, but secrets doomed to reveal themselves cannot stay hidden for long. Matthew Billing, A misfit, male, sixteen-year-old high-school student has for months been confusing his sexy, married thirty-something algebra teacher’s descent into madness, promiscuity, and repressed trauma for love and affection as they shamelessly have their encounters in the the very classroom where she teaches her other students. The teacher’s name is Carol Collins, and Mathew you is not her only prey.
Tim Peck, a former gym teacher, married father of four daughters, and principal of the is Ohio high school is struggling too with his infidelity on the school property, but Carol’s appeal is hard for him to resist, and the Schadenfreude she feels after every time she witnesses the guilt of his conscience afterwords seems to make it all the more worth-while to her.
The supporting characters consists of Steven, Carol’s ignored husband, and their infant daughter who is glued to him at all times, as he takes on role of father and mother while trying to unravel his wife’s complete disregard for duties as a mother and wife.
Mathew’s mother Patricia is a slovenly, overweight, divorced and remarried housewife living in the country who spends her days doing chores and watching the television talk-shows, current events, and doing her best to take the disappointment of what she’s become out her mind. She struggles with her body image and the image of her equally overweight husband and daughter and could never shake the lifelong dream of attention and fame and friendship. While out on the town, she runs into a blast from her her high school past who is everything she is not.
Pam is the name of Tim’s faithful office secretary, occasionally jokingly referred to as his work wife, she may or may not be all knowing to Tim’s encounters with Carol, but too she has a secret in herself grounded in a both enjoyable, but even heartbreaking position.
When these characters break the habits of their ordinary routines on this single snowy day before Christmas, emotions run high, families and marriages crumble.
Life is more complicated than any ordinary math problem. The numbers that define everyone involved just make it that much harder to find the person you can count on.

Lost in the Sunset: Reflections on a Journey to Self Discovery

by Charmine S. Slater

We journey with Toni St Hillaire through her life transitions as she discovers both herself and love. Contradicting emotions and sentiments of love, failure, expectations, disappointments, hope, and more riddle her life story and experiences.

“In Lost in the Sunset, Toni St Hillaire unexpectedly bumps into Jean-Marc, the young Frenchman she had met six years before whilst on a student exchange program to learn French in Martinique. It was an adrenalin rush just seeing him again, and the disappointments of the past were all forgotten as she looked at him just smiling back at her. Jean-Marc wasted no time contacting Toni soon after the chance encounter and they reminisce on the memories of their youth, but he had some important news to share with her, something that would change the course of their friendship.”

Magical of Name – Number and Life


Is it true that life can be affected by number and name? If so, choosing the right number and name may well improve everyone’s life.
This book will explain the methodology in choosing name according to mathematics and THUK-SAH. Life can be improved with the right combination of these two principals.
I hope the readers will benefit from this book and be able to figure out whether number and name can affect life. Furthermore, I hope this book will be educational to the readers and for future research.

Street Smart: What your teachers never told you

by P. Angelo

This book is not going to be fun to read, as it was never my intention to entertain you. Instead, you will find here what your parents and your teachers should have told you but didn’t: how to be smart dealing with bad people.
If you like being abused by your loved ones, taken advantage of by your “friends”, or spending years in prison while innocent, this book is not for you. If none of that looks like fun, read it, and one day you will be thankful for letting me turn you from a soft, gullible target into a hard-core survivor.

Protect Your Children (Domestic accidents)

by Olivoy

Hello this is a practical guide to protect your child from the domestic accidents with a small price:

Tables of contents

Prevention is better than cure!
The awakening of your child and the risks domestic accidents
Reflexes to avoid choking
Small objects and little food
Plastic bags and other choking hazards
In his bed lay your child safe
Reflexes to avoid drowning
In the bath
Reflexes to avoid the falls
On his changing table
In his high chair
In the stairs
By the window
Reflexes to avoid intoxications
Household products and DIY
Reflexes to avoid Burns
The bath water
Hot objects
Liquids and food hot
Flames and Fire
Reflexes to avoid electrocutions
The electrical outlets and wire
Electrical appliances
The installations



Neste livro eu descrevo as consequên-cias nefastas na personalidade de uma cri-ança ao ser abandonada, por aqueles que ele amava e as consequências durante sua vida.
Seguira comigo desde a infância solitá-ria a velhice amargurada.
Conhecera seu único amor, mágoas, tristezas e felicidades passageiras.
E dores sentimentais não terminam jamais.
Mais um livro do extraordinário escri-tor João Antonio Lopes, autor de “O Androi-de” “O Coronel”, “O Cemitério do Bonfim” e outros grandes e bons livros.
Eu, João Antônio Lopes, como não tenho modéstia agradeço antecipadamente.
Muito obrigado pelos elogios!
João Antônio Lopes
18 de fevereiro de 2016.

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