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Submissive Volume 1: Candid interviews with 20 lifestyle Submissives

â??Submissive Volume 1′, is a must read for any women considering exploring their submissive side. This book goes places that will surprise some and possibly shock othersâ??as it is never anything less than candid. The 20 selected interviews here were conducted over a 10-year period, by the BDSM magazine publisher and writer, Roy Turner and offer a full, frank and totally unique insight into the real world of the lifestyle submissive.

It certainly isn’t some E L James â??Fifty Shades of Grey’ or Nancy Friday â??My Secret Garden’, etc fantasy-fest, what it does show is that those stereotypesâ??if they exist at all, are just not at all representative of the experiences related here. Like her male counterpart, the submissive female comes in all types; she can quite often be a highly successful career woman in â??real’ life that simply craves the occasional release from responsibility that comes through role-play, or a women who throws herself headlong into the lifestyle 100%. There was also a tendency to separate â??Husbands/Lovers’ from â??Masters’ and carry on a double-life either with or without their partner’s knowledge or consent. But there is also a much darker side too that is not found so much in the male submissive; a truly dangerous area that some women willingly step into.

These women certainly â??walk the talk’; whether it is extreme role-play, slave training, pony-girl, enforced servitude and prostitution, abduction or even kidnapping. Consequently, some of the experiences related here could be considered extremely shocking and genuinely disturbing. It’s definitely not one for the faint-hearted!

For many interviewees, the need for domination had its roots, not surprisingly, in childhood. An authoritarian, even brutal, fatherâ??who went way beyond the occasional spanking, etc, started a trend, which they sought to recreate in future relationships. But other subjects found themselves instinctively drawn to it for reasons less explicable, certainly not out of diminished self-esteem or anything that obvious. In many of the stories told, the division between controlled and controller becomes blurred, in other words, the so-called submissive is actually directing the scenario. By far the most popular and powerful scenario for most women was the idea of being used by two or more men, total humiliation and degradation often being the key driver.

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Publisher’s Note: This eBook contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable. It is intended for an adult audience.

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