Free science fiction Kindle books for 02 Dec 16

Shantago’s Revenge

by Nicholas Penn

***If you like Shantago, please leave a positive review. Thank you!*** After the death of his fiancé, Jordan is having difficulty coping with everyday life. At work, he finds himself sleeping on the job, and his boss ultimately makes him take some time off to get his life back together.
With his forced vacation, Jordan seeks to make sense of the accident that left his fiancé dead. He’d told the newspaper exactly what he’d witnessed, and they published an article relating his explanation: mysterious beings known as toggles were responsible.
Jordan’s family has a long history of dealing with these creatures. His grandfather had spent much of his youth battling them, as had two other family members, so Jordan makes the rounds, seeking advice on what to do next. He learns that a book, the Toggle Handbook, may be able to help himâ??in fact, it may be able to bring his fiancé back from the grave. Unfortunately, the book was recently stolen by toggles.
As Jordan is deciding what to do next, the toggle king, Shantago, is making use of the Toggle Handbook to raise an army and take over the town. Shantago also lost someone dear to him in the past, and he plans to use the book to seek vengeance.
Jordan continues to look for help in his fight against the toggles and is led to a scientist, Scottie, and his daughter, Jenna, who have uncovered a hidden message in the newspaper article written about Jordan. They also have a toggle held captive: Ralph, one of the only toggles to have rebelled against Shantago. The toggle king is eager to get Ralph back under his control, and Jordan realizes he now has a valuable bargaining tool. Ralph is able to decipher the secret message from the newspaper, which tells them that Shantago is planning an invasion during the next eclipseâ??in only three days.
As the eclipse approaches, Jordan notices more and more missing children posters around town and later witnesses a child being kidnapped by a toggle. He is also given a message, indicating that Shantago would like to trade the children for the return of Ralph.
Jordan prepares for battle and the exchange with Shantago and heads to his grandfather’s old cabin in the woods, battling toggles along the way. Jenna and Ralph join him, and when Shantago arrives, the exchange goes wellâ??until Jenna grabs the Toggle Handbook and gets stabbed through the heart.
The next thing Jordan knows, he is being apprehended by the police, who are convinced he is responsible for kidnapping the children and for Jenna’s death. As he is interrogated in the police station, the eclipse draws nearer, and the evidence against Jordan piles up until it is unclear what is fact and what is fiction. Is Jordan actually responsible for these atrocities? Is he, in fact, the toggle king, Shantago? Or is an army of toggles really about to descend on the town? The story closes leaving the reader to decide what really happened.

Trellis: Trellis Trilogy (One)

by N.S. Hill

Open the pages of a World that is performing tweaks on the human brain to excel at math, science, and even being able to hear other people’s thoughts. Now, picture a girl that has all these abilities and is wanted by every agency out there. Forced to grow up fast and take care of herself, will D be able to escape the people that want her dead?

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