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Dreams of Idlewood

by M.L. Bullock

While the team works to finish the restoration of Idlewood, Rachel is harassed by an angry spirit known as the Shadow Man. As she and Angus struggle to stay alive, Carrie Jo and Ashland discover the whereabouts of a missing child. Together the friends uncover a startling truth about the Fergusons and learn more about the mysterious Creel Society. A familiar face from the past leaves Carrie Jo wondering about the future.

Will they be able to step back in time to save a troubled girl? Can they rid Idlewood of one more ghost?

Dreams of Idlewood is book two of the Idlewood series, a spinoff of the Seven Sisters series.

Idlewood Series

The Ghosts of Idlewood
Dreams of Idlewood
The Whispering Saint
The Haunted Child
The Heart of Idlewood

Seven Sisters Series

Seven Sisters
Moonlight Falls on Seven Sisters
Shadows Stir at Seven Sisters
The Stars that Fell
The Stars We Walked Upon
The Sun Rises Over Seven Sisters

The Sugar Hill Series

Wife of the Left Hand
Fire on the Ramparts
Blood by Candlelight
The Starlight Ball
Athena’s Revenge

Bella: A Girl Wanna Have Fun

by Randy Coxton

Heartbreak is a bitch. Fuck love & moping life is too short to not live it to the fullest .

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