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Blogging: Learn How To Turn Your Blog Into a Profitable Business, Make Money Online And Get Paid To Travel (Online Income Book 2)

by Michael Maxwell

Blogging: Learn How To Turn Your Blog Into a Profitable Business, Make Money Online And Get Paid To Travel

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Want to pursue blogging full time? Looking for ways to significantly drive TRAFFIC to your BLOG?

In this book you will discover the secrets on how to effectively monetize your blog and make a career out of your passion.

The issue that most bloggers have is that they just don’t know how to effectively build their blog. They are either producing the wrong type of content, incorrectly optimizing their posts, or their marketing and promotion strategies are just NOT WORKING.

This books aims to help all aspiring bloggers turn things around by TRANSFORMING your outlook on content creation, teaching you tricks that ALL SUCCESSFUL BLOGGERS do to optimize their blogs, and by giving you a step-by-step guide on how to monetize your blog so that you are converting your traffic to dollars, and NOT leaving money on the table.

Here is a list of the topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to blogging as a full time job
  • How to create a blog
  • How to identify a niche
  • How to promote and drive traffic to your blog
  • Ways to monetize your blog
  • SEO tips for a great blog
  • and MUCH MUCH more

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Chiaki Kurosawa Volume1 (Japanese Edition)

by Syu Yagami




Chiaki Kurosawa Volume.1 -White and Black-

by Syu Yagami

First photo book of Kurosawa Chiaki
She is a 21year old ordinary girl who lives in Tokyo

Although she is a hobby about cosplay, she is not good at communicating, so she can not do cosplay or go to Comiket in large numbers
That’s why she began making photo books to disseminate herself who is cosplaying

She is a smiley little girl
Recently becoming an adult
I got to be able to laugh a little

Under the blood red sky: Mexico’s drug war through the eyes of the innocent

by William Ellis

August 24th 2010 San Fernando, Tamaulipas, Mexico. An horrific discovery of seventy two bus passengers, kidnapped from the main highways and murdered in cold blood, their bodies scattered on a deserted farm. The inhuman act shocked the nation, but this was only the beginning as the following months saw the rise of one of the most powerful and brutal drugs cartels in Mexico. With impunity, they swept through the region, while the authorities failed to act.
As the region becomes a killing ground for the most brutal drugs cartel in Mexico, the Los Zetas. San Fernando becomes centre stage for some of the most horrific acts ever to take place during president Calderon’s war on drugs.

Felipe â??Flip’ Hernandez is a handyman who lives with his two young sons in the eastern barrio of San Fernando. Haunted by the disappearance of his wife and wracked with guilt, he is forced to navigate his way through the corruption and violence that blighted his homeland in the hope of discovering the truth about the fate of his wife.

As the story of Flip unfolds, several intertwined stories take place such as that of the children who bare witness to the horrors of the bloodshed of Mexico’s drug war, a mother who undertakes a quest for justice when tragedy strikes. The teenagers who seek indoctrination into the gangs and drug cartels, a young El Salvadorian survivor and a psychotic and bloodthirsty child soldier of the Los Zetas.

The story moves through the killing fields and cartel occupied barrio’s of Tamaulipas towards a conclusion that is apocalyptic and even more unbelievable than the mass murder that came before it. Based upon true events, the story moves between tragedy, violence but eventually towards hope. The good people of Mexico endure such hardships only 100 miles from the United States and Under the blood red sky.

RunaMochizuki Hazukashii chi bi (Gold publishing) (Japanese Edition)

by Gold publishing

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CAPRICE SHADOWS: Modern English Verse.

by A.A. Hedley

A window into magical world, seen through the eyes of a streetwise guy. This book covers a huge array of subject matter, and spans over several decades. As well as works specifically aimed at an adult audience, you will also find poetry suitable for kids and even bedtime poetry for toddlers. ENJOY.

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