Free computers and the internet Kindle books for 03 Dec 16

iOS 10 New Users Guide: A Guide To Apple’s iOS 10 For New iPhone And iPad Users (iOS 10 Manual)

by Jim Hamilton

Learn How To Easily Master All of The Great Features of Your New iPhone And iPad!

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This guide promises to be your map for the iOS 10 operating system. It will show you all of the great new features and guide you on how to best use them, guaranteeing that you don’t get lost.

You Will Learn:

– How to use the lock screen and control center

– How to set up and use music, camera, photos, and Siri

– How to use Safari, maps, and calendar

– How to use and toggle the advanced settings

– And much more!

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Being a web developer – Chapter 1: From a developing Country

by Yogesh Surendran

Chapter 1 (Introduction) – Complete. Rest of the book is work in progress.

This book contains information about the transformation happening in web development. To realize the progress being made, we need to start from the point where the progress was stagnant for a while. So, this book will cover from IE6 to Typescript.

For the book “Angular2 guide for Sencha ExtJS developers” which is in the pre-booking stage at the time when this book is being authored, the content that is common to all JavaScript frameworks irrespective of client and server are condensed together to form the core of this book. The expectation that this book sets on the reader is the understanding of the roadmap that he/she should follow in order to stay up-to-date in the open source community where the development roadmap changes drastically, Where betterment is made as a cumulative effort, Where the architecture changes when performance, stability and usability can be improved and finally, where the use case is limitless.

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