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by Fey Ugokwe

“A powerfully written exploration of the rites of power.” -Kirkus Reviews

When life as a curiously paired, young married couple in California–in the midst of a growing global, national, and state economic crisis–becomes literally unworkable, Rodney, an earnestly toiling, 25-year-old playboy of a husband, unilaterally determines that he and P.V., his ambitious but naive, 22-year-old exotic wife, should relocate to Texas. So P.V., a struggling sophomore realtor and avid foodie, and Rodney, a newly unemployed marketer and sports addict, sell virtually everything they own and embark upon a downsized existence in the heart of North Texas–Dallas. But an eerie and horrifying morning dream that P.V. previously experienced becomes a dark and ever-unfurling, pain-filled prophesy that ultimately threatens the very foundations of their humanity. Sex, depravity, despair, and an uneven pavement of good intentions lead to a black, one-way road with a shocking and hair-raising end. Vivid, haunting, and provocative, and equally lyrical and unconventional, “Wifey” is Wellesley College and Boston University School of Law grad Fey Ugokwe’s first novella.

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Fey Ugokwe

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Lakisha Walton
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A Parlous Battle (The Elephant and Macaw Banner – Novelette Series Book 2)

by Christopher Kastensmidt

Welcome to a world of muskets and magic.
The Dutch explorer Gerard van Oost and Yoruban warrior Oludara discover that they are poorly equipped to deal with the dangers of the Brazilian wilderness. They agree to seek aid from a native tribe, a decision that could cost them their lives. Their only escape lies in confronting a powerful foe: the seemingly invulnerable Kalobo.

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