Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 03 Dec 16

Where Do They Go? Part 1

by B.D Donaldson

It’s been said the average person loses over two thousand dollars of socks in their lives. Naleaha and Jaylen are about to find out first hand Where Do They Go and who is responsible for their missing socks. Where Do They Go? is a 3 part book series created by B.D Donaldson to captivate the minds of young audiences all over the world.

How Maxwell Grover Stole My House

by C.E. Vance

3rd Edition

Book 1 in the exciting new kids trilogy!

What if every fear you ever had about your creepy next-door neighbor turned out to be true?

10- year-old Zeke Langley has become the target of his nasty new neighbor, Maxwell Grover. For reasons known only to him, the unsavory stranger seems determined to make Zeke’s life miserable and force his family out of their home.

Inevitably, Zeke and his best friend Winks set out on a journey to discover what Grover is hiding. What they find sends them down a road they never imagined â?¦ and on a mission they may never return from.

Five for Christmas: Short Stories for the Festive Season

by A E Chambers

Enjoy five uplifting stories set over the festive season of Christmas and New Year. In A Christmas Reunion, Nicola moves into a country cottage and makes a mystical discovery. A seven-and-three-quarter-year-old boy ponders the actualities of Christmas in the story, Doubting David. Barbara and Clare do a good turn an evening before Christmas in The Bag Lady and Carol experiences an embarrassing situation on New Year’s Eve in A Perfect Fit. The final story, A Boy Of His Word, is loosely based on a true event that took place on St Stephen’s Day in the 1970s.

Off the Hook: A Christmas Ornament Adventure

by John Arvai III

Set in a world where a Christmas tree’s star is actually a secret transmitter used by Santa Claus to identify all the active Christmas homes throughout the world, two groups of ornaments from opposite sides of their tree must learn to work together to find their missing star before Santa passes their family’s house by!

Off the Hook is an exciting holiday adventure for the entire family to enjoy! Rejoice in this fresh Christmas tale as you dash through the 34 full page illustrations, unwrap the delightful cast of characters, and feast on the playful humor! Off the Hook will leave your stockings stuffed with a lesson on teamwork and your hearts filled with the spirit of Christmas!

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