Free parenting and families Kindle books for 03 Dec 16

Cocoa for Santa

by Brian W. Schachtner

With a week before Christmas, everything seems to be falling apart for Santa. Will Santa be able to deliver presents this year? Is it possible a little girl has the solution for all of Santa’s big problems?

Top 1% Parents Raise Top 1% Children: Learn the Secrets to Raising Top 1% Children

by Huni Hunfjord

The reason I wrote this book is to give parents the tools needed to teach their children to become limitless before the start of schooling or as soon as possible thereafter. To enable them to embrace the true creativity we are all born with and nourish it.
It’s all about preparing future generations to live the life they were born to live, to explore not within the boundaries of what society dictates, but outside the boundaries of their imagination, to improve life as we know it on our planet and add massive value back to the global community. We as parents, are the enablers of our children’s futures and should be most equipped to teach them the strategies to use to succeed at the highest level possible. Through these teachings, we ourselves learn and grow to be better and also contribute to the global community as a whole.
Most of the schooling systems in the world sadly limit the creativity that resides within our children. The schooling is focused on teaching knowledge, while there is a great lack of teaching wisdom. The difference is that we learn many facts in school, but what good are the facts when we are not taught how to use the facts to be more creative or how to apply the knowledge to live a happy and successful life.
This book is a great start for all parents to implement simple strategies into their lives and teach their children at an early age how to manifest their dreams, how to visualize anything they want to accomplish until it is accomplished, how to start being grateful for all the things they have in their lives right now and how giving works.
Strategies like :
Finding you Why, to drive you forward to accomplish anything you desire.
The Law of Attraction.
The Power of Rituals and Habits.
Why it is important for you to know your numbers.
Working on your mindset and how to change it.
Setting your expectations to succeed in anything you can think of.
Learning about responsibility, etc.
These are not concepts and strategies that most people associate with children, but the earlier they learn the power of these strategies and start to implement them into their lives, the better their futures are going to be.

I truly believe and know that the methods I talk about in this book work, but what is the hidden message in the book? The hidden message is that by a parent picking this book up and starting to teach their children, they will benefit the most to start with, then a little bit later their children will as well. A parent can work on personal development and include their children in the process. The book will give the family as a whole great value and give the parents who are not already implementing personal growth strategies, the understanding, that when we work on ourselves and then teach our children the same, that’s when we really are contributing our time for our children’s futures.

De La Rosa: An Exposé on Black Aesthetics, Race, Religion, and Incest

by Maria Rose Laveau

This is a creative non-fiction story about Maria Laveau’s experience growing up multiracial in the south. The author witnessed her mother’s death due to the angry fist of domestic violence and later she was exposed to incest behind church walls. Maria dances her way into the strip club industry and she begins to perform as a solo ecydiast throughout the entire east coast. This is a heart felt story that will take the reader through a roller coaster ride of historical events. It is an anthology of short stories, poems, plays, and essays that beautifully and analytically illustrates the emotional chaos one endures while suffering from trauma. This book exposes some of the author’s most painful and vulnerable moments she witnessed while growing up. It is a tragic story that molds pain into the most profound treasures.

Curative Measures

by A. M. Shaw

The lives of a boy and a man collide at a time when each finds himself trying to cope with recent tragedy. The man, Peter, is a nonpracticing doctor who is mourning the death of his youngest brother. The boy, Joshua-Nathan, is the victim of a violence that killed his family and left him at an orphanage, from which he tries to escape, running literally into Peter. This book moves through the pain of healing and the complication of seeking a pain-free existence.

Family Meeting Handbook: Here for Each Other, Hearing Each Other

Book description:
The Family Meeting Handbook; is a step-by-step guide for parents on how to hold Family Meetings that:
-prevent problems
-keep parents up to date
-give children a say
-build the family unit
-improve communication
-plan fun activities
When Family Meetings are recommended to parents, there is often little guidance. Parents have questions. The Family Meetings Handbook’s easy question-and-answer format helps parents conduct meetings that build relationships and communication at the same time. For an easy reference book with stories, examples, tips and much more, use the Family Meetings Handbook.

I CAN’T THINK!: Poems to take a light hearted look at parenting teenagers! (The Accidental Parent)

by Angela Whitlock

This book of poems is to give parents of teenagers some normality in life and share laughter in those challenging times.

I’ve written it from my experience of coaching hundreds of parents and teenagers and the many worries, stresses and stories they have told me. My husband made me put that in or he said that readers would think they are all about us and we’ll look like the most dysfunctional family on the planet. The ‘Driving Test’ poem is definitely about me, I confess!

Be assured, in my opinion there is no normal family any more, we all have an element of dysfunctional behaviour within us and we often share the same issues. Looking at the lighter side can bring some fun back into life.

Readers have told me that some poems make them laugh out loud and some are so close to home that they felt emotional, (I’ve moved those to the back) but all helped in one way or another to say, you’re not on your own, other parents of teenagers think the same and we are all still learning. I hope you enjoy it.

Holiday Time: A fun and colorful children’s ebook about family quality time,togetherness and making positive childhood memories.

by Karin P. Desnoyers

Holiday Time is an early reader book full of colorful pictures and little bears eager to make the most of every moment.What time is it!? It’s holiday time! With the help of their mom and dad they get ready for a festive season of merriment and joy. No time like the present to spend a moment with your kids and read a book about family activities and fun. These two cubs won’t let their Dad nap the day away. Time to get ready for the holiday season! Let’s go!

Sally´s lost World (Sallys World 3) (German Edition)

by S. C. Ulrich

Wie viel Schmerz ist Erfolg wert?

Die inzwischen 19-jährige Sally Bergers gibt ihr Bestes, um sich an ihrer neuen Schule ein anderes Leben aufzubauen. Der Verlust ihrer ersten Liebe ist nicht spurlos an ihr vorbeigegangen, sie lebt zurückgezogen und zeigt deutliche Hemmungen, sich wieder ins soziale Leben zu integrieren. Doch ihre neue Umgebung hilft ihr dabei, allmählich aus der Existenz in ständiger Einsamkeit auszubrechen. Sie findet neue Freunde und entdeckt zudem ihre bereits verloren geglaubte Fähigkeit zu lieben wieder.
Doch alles im Leben hat seinen Preis. Scheint Sally mit ihrem Mitschüler Anderson Sulfan erstmals eine vernünftige Beziehung mit Zukunft zu führen, wird diese Liebe schon bald zu einem düsteren Alptraum. Die neue Schule verwandelt sich für sie vom anfänglichem Himmel in eine gnadenlose Hölle, in welcher die immer labiler werdende Sally täglich hart ums �berleben kämpfen muss.
Geprägt von Verlustangst und der ständig drohenden Gefahr, sich selbst zu verlieren, muss Sally sich der unausweichlichen Frage stellen, was ihr wichtiger ist:
Das sich in unmittelbarer Reichweite befindende Abitur, oder ihr Leben?

Erwarte nie, dass funkelnde Träume ihren Glanz auch in der Realität behalten�

â?? Man denkt, man ist stark genug um cool zu bleiben. Redet sich ein, man könne die Situation mit einem würdevollen Lächeln ertragen, da man sich eindeutig in der überlegeneren Position befindet. Doch egal wie oft man versucht sich davon zu überzeugen, der scheinbare Gleichmut währt immer nur so lange, wie man die Kraft besitzt, sich selbst zu belügen. Und wenn diese Fassade dann einstürzt tut´s nur noch weh. “

Aufstieg, Absturz, Abschluss- das erschütternde Finale der Sally Trilogie�und das schmerzhafteste Abitur aller Zeiten.

Vom Himmel zur Hölle
Im Finale der Trilogie wird der Status Quo komplett verändert. Neue Hauptcharaktere, sowie eine neue Umgebung werden eingeführt, während die bisherigen in den Hintergrund treten oder sogar ganz verschwunden sind.
Sally gibt ihr Bestes um sich an ihrer neuen Schule ein anderes Leben aufzubauen. Sie findet neue Freunde und entdeckt zudem ihre bereits verschwunden geglaubte Fähigkeit zu lieben wieder.
Sally kommt mit dem vernünftigen Anderson zusammen und scheint erstmals eine Beziehung mit Zukunft zu führen.
Doch der Schein trügt. Bereits kurz nach ihrem Zusammenkommen schwenkt die Stimmung des finalen Romans ins negative um. Themen wie Verlustangst und Selbstaufgabe machen deutlich, dass dieser um einiges düsterer ist als all seine Vorgänger.

Die Geschichten sind natürlich frei erfunden und �hnlichkeiten mit real existierenden Personen oder Situationen sind rein zufällig.

How to overcome a bad breakup

by Overcomer Wind

The best gift you could ever give to someone going through breakup. This is an ultimate breakup recovery guide based on real life breakup experience.

As someone who was deeply and madly in love since the age of eighteen, made every possible decision in life in perfect accordance to marry the girl of my dream by Twenty Three but by fate had been at the receiving end of something brutally unexpected and unknown – Breakup, I have been a first-hand unfortunate beneficiary of post breakup trauma. After two years of grappling with a series of emotional and physical maladies ranging from mood swings, identity crisis, lack of trust, nightmares and heart aches, that day I did not cry or feel bad when my friend told my ex-girlfriend is getting married to someone (un) fortunate! Iâ??d been waiting so long for that day to come when I would boldly say â?? It’s over’ and my heart no longer lingered over her thoughts. I continued being occupied in my daily chores even forsaking my friend’s message she is getting married but that night, as I looked into my life I realized, I’m over it’. Her thoughts are no more distressing to me and I no more miss her. My brain has faded memories about her. My journey to that level of emotional stability and mental maturity was orchestrated by a series of self-learnt lessons and unconditional support from friends and family.

Following my recovery, I had the privilege to counsel a bunch of my friends, their friends and hold their hands through the path of recovery. Few of them are happily married now, some rediscovered love, yet others are going strong in the path of recovery. Surprisingly, I saw the number of people encountering breakup growing not knowing how to deal with it.

Armed with my own personal breakup recovery experiences and capabilities from having the opportunity to deal with several real life stories of successful restoration made me think to write a book that would be a blessing and guide to every broken soul.

Post breakup trauma is like experiencing the pangs of death even while you are still alive. Break up sucks. It gives a terrible state of mind if you are at the receiving end and sometimes at the giving end too. Accepting an upright rejection from someone whom you thought would never reject you is the most heart breaking part of the whole episode. You are left alone in the beautiful journey you started to your desired haven. From being considered special until yesterday and being considered worthless today is much more than what our human minds can comprehend.
Breakup comes with uninvited states-of-mind, frightening memories, constant sense of danger, random mood swings, depression and it throws us into an unknown dizzy world. It’s got the potential to completely take you off the track in all aspects of life. More than the breakup, it’s the feeling that â??How can my girlfriend (or boyfriend) do like that to me?’ that you would try to cope up with. Once gentle, always-helpful and lovable human being could be turned into a rebellious, arguing and introvert lad.
Breakup Survival – Overcome the Post-breakup Trauma is an in-depth analysis of breakup, signs of breakup, post break up crisis and practical steps on how to overcome breakup. It comes unexpected most of the times and even when the situations around you signals an impending breakup, your mind and heart would not be prepared to accept it. The trauma period comes with a string of strange and unexperienced feelings. This short book (guide I would wish to call) would also cover signs of breakup to help you prepare for it thereby alleviate the intensity of the after-effects. This book would take you through the common after-effects caused due to breakup though it varies greatly from person to person. The most helpful part for people trying to cope up with a separation would be the portion of the book, which covers steps to subdue the post-breakup trauma levels on your psychological and emotional self and gradually overcome it.

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