Free philosophy Kindle books for 03 Dec 16

A Muslim narrative on defending God for evil and freewill

by Masood Ahmed

Enlightenment has always been that our thoughts help us solve problems of obscure dimensions. One of its kind, this work is designed exclusively for modern readers who are best at exerting to fight-out bias. This book ushers a thought provoking modern narrative on a couple of long standing philosophical subjects, mainly the arguments aim to discredit God’s non-existence for the findings of evil and suffering. And then progresses to reconcile freewill with determinism and appeals to Atheists, Agnostics, Students of Science and Religious folks of Abrahamic heritage.
This work progressively argues how circumstantial-determinism and freewill are congruent. Instead of too much speculation on the mystery surrounding the subject attention is drawn to reflect on the reality of presence in which we live and exchange gains. An in-depth discussion is brought forward on why humans are faced with this seemingly a riddle of freewill amidst determinism that orchestrates evil, to simplicity of understanding. It also proposes how the law of determinism can be effective in evaluating philosophy of various beliefs and religious creeds. The subject itself is thoroughly dealt with utilizing realism found in the Quran. Let me divulge a quick analogy before you, in that our likes & dislikes and their swapping positions in our consciousness are a good example to allude towards freewill & its realism, but a grandeur argument underpins this work to disqualify freewill in-compatibilism and thus the prevalence of evil.
I have noticed philosophical subjects of this nature are popular amongst non-religious and often religious people are brought to present their apology. Which they have best done in the last century earning the prestigious title “the apologists”. Therefore, I have exclusively highlighted those traditional wrongs that did subtly slip in diluting the understanding of this very important argument among the adherents of Abrahamic faiths.

The Friedrich Nietzsche Weight Loss Plan: Stories of Love and Treachery (Love.Philosophy Book 3)

by Dorothea

Learn the key ideas from philosophers through short stories about everyday life. Get a grip on Sartre, Nietzsche, Wittgenstein, and even the polemical Ayn Rand. Discover just what a philosopher of love Shakespeare was. Erudite and entertaining, these stories and accompanying exercises will leave you with fresh ideas and ready quotes for all occasions.

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