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Love Poetry – The Spiritual Book: A Metaphysical Spiritual Romance. You Remind Me of God. (How to Find God in the Ups and Downs of Everyday Life)

by Kathy Tully

How to Find True Love, Happiness and Get What You Want.

The world is like a magic mirror, reflecting ourselves back to us.

This is my personal journey of finding true love and happiness. On a search for God, love, and metaphysical manifestation secrets. This is a spiritual love story about falling in love with someone, the ups and downs, the struggles and insights. Only to discover it was never really about them after allâ?¦.

We are all searching for something, some kind of deep inner fulfillment. This is the story of how I ultimately found the love of my life and all I ever wanted.

May you be blessed with the same.

A Look Inside:


Something about you-
against all of the rules.
Makes no real sense to me,
my heart tells me it knows.
The expressions coming from your eyes
are speaking
in codes
to my soul.
I’m not sure what they’re saying,
my heart tells me
it knows.
It understands the looks you give
that penetrate
my soul.
Yes, I know it’s all invisible.
Maybe, imagined to be so.
But it feels so true and real to me.
When your eyes smile at me
Without words,
I’m hearing
there is no doubt.
I know.


defiant rebellion.
Stop my will
dead in its tracks.
Tie my defenses
in a silky bow-
my back.
All my control,
all my resistance,
is wrapped around
your little finger.
All of my cool,
is melting
your feet.
All of a sudden
I am
so willing,
to do
for you . . .



Do not cater to your fears.
Do not dodge
hide away.
The more you let them
rule your life,
the more miserable
will be.

Face those fears.
Now, overcome
those imagined false blockades.
Discover how
they disappear
as soon as they


What will I do now
this crushing pain?
Where can I hide it, ditch it, shove it?
Where can I
bury it
How can I get rid of
this heavy load?
How can I get it off of me?
I’d like to gather these emotions,
and roll them into
one huge wad.
Then stuff them in
an airtight bag,
and tie the top with double knots.
Then I’d drag them up
the steepest cliff,
and with all the strength that I had left,
I would push them out
over the edge.
Then watch them tumbling
to their death.
Hoping forever,
would be the end.
Never to be seen,
heard from,
or ever felt by me


this really isn’t funny.
How can this be true?
I listened close.
Did what you told me.
I followed through
every clue.
Was I just naïve
to believe
that I could put my trust in you?
Look how easily
I fell for it.
The brunt of your


“Wasn’t it Me who brought you out this far?
Haven’t I guided you along?
Wasn’t it Me who filled your heart with joy?
Haven’t I shown you pure, true love?
Wasn’t it Me who drew you close to Me?
Didn’t I call your heart by name?
Wasn’t it Me who opened up your eyes
spiritually in the first place?
Wasn’t it Me who gave you insights-
the ability to clearly see?
Wasn’t it Me who showed you deeper truths-
to understand with clarity?
Wasn’t it Me who synchronized events
that all your efforts could not make?
What makes you think
you’re now
in charge from here?
Who said,

â??I’ll lead’?


You’re about to discover…

How to get what you want.

How to find True Love.

Secrets of intuition, manifestation and Spirit.

And much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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