Free science fiction Kindle books for 03 Dec 16

Twilight of Man (Ferals Rise Book 1)

by JJ Gordon

People everywhere began to change into something different knocking us off the top of our pedestal and it wasn’t pretty. The news thought it was people overdoing the Halloween celebration and said that it was a bad reaction to a new designer drug that was making people act feral. It wasn’t until later that reports were coming in from several other countries that people began to worry that it wasn’t from some drug, unfortunately by then it was too late.


by S.R. Templar

Nin is the High One of a planet in a distant galaxy, with one goal on her mind at all times: to protect her people from danger. Unfortunately, the High One is failing.

Cormac, the High One of a neighboring planet, has one goal as well: to rule the entire galaxy. Now, this High One is proving victorious, much to the dismay of Nin… and the universe.

Nin, Cormac, and all their people share one common trait; they have evolved to the point of endless lifespans. At least that has been the way of their world, until Cormac creates a weapon capable of wiping out their entire race. War and devastation are supposed to be things of the past, but Cormac changes all that, all for his own selfish gains.

Power-hungry as he is, Cormac’s true motives revolve around his obsession with Nin, and his cruel, remorseless actions force her into making the hardest decision of her life. In her attempt to save her people, she finds herself on the threshold of spending eternity with a monster or fleeing in a most unorthodox way. Nin’s choice is the catalyst that thrusts her into a journey through the ever-changing current of history, and the universe will never be the same…

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