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Palermo Guide for Digital Nomads

by Barbara Riedel

I am living as a digital nomad since 2014. Being a travel blogger made me move a lot in the last years, always searching for places to work, information about internet (WIFI or mobile) and so on. That’s why I started the new category on my blog, Barbaralicious, called “digital nomad destinations”. The blog posts contain general information for digital nomads that enable them to have a smooth start in a new country.
After a while, I thought that something more detailed would be nice. Since my mother is from Palermo, I always considered it my second home and a beautiful place to stay for some time. But I knew that it’s not always possible to recognize its beauty at first sight. That’s how the idea to this guide was born.

Intoxicating Greater Paris: Loire, Valley of the Kings (PJ Adams Intoxicating Travel Series)

by PJ Adams

PJ Adams, best-selling author of Intoxicating Paris, is back with another enchanting journey. Just outside Paris, the Loire is home to 300+ aristocratic castles where kings, queens, and paramours ruled France for centuries. Brimming with sumptuous cuisine, fine wines, and garden-centered estates, the “Garden of France” is a fantastic place to unleash our most regal fantasies. Join us as we sample the beauties of the Loire, Valley of the Kings.

Die perfekte Insel: Abenteuer Malediven (German Edition)

by Thomas Frick

Am Anfang steht ein Händedruck mit George Lucas in Hollywood.
Zwei Jahre später – Indischer Ozean. Im Mai 2007 machen sich zwei Freunde aus Deutschland auf den Weg, um einen spektakulären Drehort für ihren nächsten Film zu finden. Statt Kamelen sollen es nun Korallen sein. Statt Beduinen ein Postmann, der sich selbst als Mittagessen liefert.
Wie wohnt ein globalisierter Kannibale?
Echter – oder Gummihai?
Kann eine Filmcrew jeden Morgen zur Arbeit – schnorcheln?
Zwischen Dhonis und Dhinghis, Riffen und Palmen entsteht eine Vision.
Der Gewinner des P.M. – Leserpreises 2011 widmet das Buch seinem Vorbild Douglas Adams und träumt mit Dir den Traum vom groÃ?en Kino.
Von der perfekten Insel.
Diese Fassung ist eine reine Lesefassung und enthält keine Bilder.


by Ellie and William Crowe

An alternative travel guide to Maui’s sacred places, a hidden Maui that most travelers and residents never experience. Exploring Lost Maui takes the reader on a cultural tour of massive ancient stone temples, healing stones, places of refuge and places of power. The award-winning authors have visited and researched all sites and include stories from Maui’s past and present that are fascinating, informative and often dark and mysterious. Discovering Maui’s intriguing past will enhance your visit to this beautiful island.

Thailand Survival Phrases: Thai for first time travelers

by Leo L

Thailand Survival Phrases is the complete quick package for those who need to learn Thai for their upcoming vacation. Focused completely on travelers, Thailand Survival Phrases introduces the phrases most expats use in Thailand. Thailand Survival Phrases includes audio and video pronunciation for shopping, ordering and much more, this is the book for you.

Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within (PJ Adams Intoxicating Travel Series)

by PJ Adams

Are you interested in finding your inner Parisian? Intoxicating Paris: Uncorking the Parisian Within is PJ Adams’s quirky journey through the byways, kitchens, shops, cafés, closets, boudoirs, and creative heart of Paris. Intoxicating Paris takes you through the ancient streets of Paris, where you’ll find the secrets of creativity that inspired the likes of Hemingway, Hugo, and Rodin. Readers will peek inside some of the most sumptuous dining venues in Paris. And you’ll join PJ in a few cooking escapades, as well as solve the mystery of how those French women maintain their slim physiques despite their rich diet of foie gras, bread, wine, and dessert!

You’ll also learn the sources of the French woman’s allureâ??how she lives her life, conducts her relationships, and rears her children. You’ll examine the French man’s potent ability to seduce, as well as how La Seduction holds sway in the institutions and French bastions of power. And you’ll learn how strict parenting and close ties shape the French extended family system. You’ll do a little flânering (wandering) through the marchés of Paris, as well as les grands magasins (department stores). And you’ll uncover some ways to put some of that French style into your own closet, no matter your age or budget. Finally, you’ll learn how to capture a bit of that French joie de vivre, whether you visit Paris or simply invite her into your living room as an arm chair traveler.

Intoxicating Paris is filled with fascinating encounters, memorable stories, and unconventional insights into the City of Light. This book is for style lovers, foodies, creatives, and anyone who simply loves Paris. See our book trailer at or visit our website at

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