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The Rebel’s Daughter

by Brendan Gisby

Helena Mary Bella Lane was born into the fledgling Irish Free State, a country that was recovering from the ravages of its recent War of Independence against Britain and its more recent and even bloodier Civil War; a country that existed in a state of Purgatory between complete British Rule and complete independence from that rule.

Lena, as she was known, was also born into impoverishment. Her father, a broken war hero, preferred to wallow in drink rather than shoulder his family responsibilities. With her mother too ill to cope with the family’s eight children, the twelve-year-old Lena, as the eldest daughter, became the mother hen to her brothers and sisters. But she was soon to experience the horror of her family being torn apart. When her mother was sectioned, she and her siblings were taken into care, suffering the cruel regime of clergy-run homes while they waited to be farmed out to relatives and family friends.

Lena escaped the tyranny of the nuns, only to suffer a different kind of tyranny under the guardianship of her aunt. But as soon as she was old enough, she went into domestic service, first in Ireland, then in England, and finally in Scotland, her adopted country, where she married and bore seven children of her own, six of whom are alive and kicking today.

THE REBEL’S DAUGHTER is Lena’s often harrowing, but ultimately triumphant, story.

The Manson Girls

A look back at the many women who become followers of Charles Manson during his Helter Skelter siege in California in the 60s & 70s. All were hippie girls who became loyal to the maniac who told them to kill for him…Among those featured here are the stripper Susan Atkins, a sweet-voiced stripper whose looks belied a devil within. Leslie Van Houten who was an educated young woman that became a murderous animal under Manson’s control. Patricia Krenwinkel and Squeaky Fromme, who were mentally unbalanced women that became puppets under the psychotic Manson.

HUNTING EVIL: SERIAL KILLERS.: Their Stories; True Crime Serial Killers Collection.

by Troy Tylor

WARNING! The following true serial killer crime book is not for the faint of heart. It will shock and frighten you. It will send shivers down your spine. It will have you looking behind you when you walk in the dark. It will have you checking the doors to your home are locked and bolted; but these Serial Killers can still get you… They will break into your home…and then the attack will begin. They will use instruments of torture. No-one is safe from these Serial Killers. For they are monsters.
Do you dare to read it? I can assure you that once you start reading, you will be unable to stop….
True Crime Serial Killer Collection: Hunting Evil. Their Stories.

TRUMP Book for rich and famous with luck Price $ 500 dollars Numerology and Esoteric Futurology

by Eduardo J. D. Fuentes

This book is priced at five hundred dollars because it is addressed to Donald J. Trump, for all the rich and famous who want to know his future. All through numerology and esoteric futurology

The clairvoyant can observe Donald Trump in 2034 on two very important dates:

ONE: May 2, 2034
DOS: June 14, 2034

These esoteric clairvoyants confirm long life for the President number 45 and 46 of the United States

The Author

9/11 Behind The Curtain: Designing a New Pearl Harbor: Exploring conversations that will never be revealed

by Andrew Mather

Is it really so implausible that 9/11 was a home-grown terrorist attack? The 9/11 Truth movement has done the research on the events of 9/11. Other authors have explored the neocon agenda and its pro-Israeli ties. A lot of people have made a lot of money out of it, not least the defence contractors, the inside traders, the owner of the Twin Towers and WTC7. That 9/11 was ‘convenient’ for the neocons has been repeatedly recognised.

We take the final step and explore the conversations that might have led to this world-shattering event. The goal is not to provide a definitive account, and we certainly don’t have access to recordings or any such to reveal what was actually said. Instead, we’re inviting the reader to consider what for many may be a key emotional block: could Americans really have done this to themselves, to their own people?

Self-interest, money, power, political and geo-political advantage: these are all powerful motivators.

Every 9/11 victim has been worth about $1.3 billion in extra defence spending. People kill for a lot less.

TRUMP: The King of Extrasensory Esoteric Numerology: Predestined Family

by Eduardo J. D. Fuentes

DISCOVERY AMAZING: Donald J. Trump was born predestined as the KING of extrasensory esoteric numerology. The reading of the numerological formulas of the book can lead to the unbelievers by the ways never reported.

Luck, destiny points to TRUMP as predestined for the royal crown of the KING of modern esoteric numerology.

The King


The Author


Prince Harry:The World’s Most Eligible Bachelor (Royal Princes Book 2)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book

What is it like to be the son of two equally famous parents? Ask Prince Harry that and he’d tell you he just wanted to live a normal life. From the time he was born up to the present time, Harry had always been a hot topic in newspapers. He was just a boy when his mother died in 1997, and from then on he was involved in some eyebrow-raising controversies that only added to his fame around the world. But behind all these, he’s a prince who wants to make a difference. Find out how he achieved all that – and more – in the following pages.

What’s Inside

What is it like to be Prince Harry of Wales, son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana and spare to the heir, William? His whole life has been spent living in the shadow of his older brother, but Harry has shown he can be an amazing asset to the royal family. This book reveals lots of fascinating facts about Harry, including:

-Why his father, Charles, was initially disappointed upon seeing him shortly after birth
-Why he was taken to Great Ormond Street Hospital when he was just three
-Harry’s favorite trick at Ludgrove
-Why Harry had an argument with Mohamed Al Fayed’s son, Omar, aboard the Jonikal
-The incident that led to the first rift between Harry and William
-The very first charity that Harry co-founded
-The biggest political scandal in Harry’s life
-His adventurous but dangerous stint in Afghanistan, and many many more!

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 – A Spare is Born
Chapter 2 – Behind the Shadow of the Heir
Chapter 3 – Off to School
Chapter 4 – Goodbye, Mummy
Chapter 5 – Royal Troublemaker
Chapter 6 – Gap Year Prince
Chapter 7 – A Prince in Love
Chapter 8 – “Harry the Nazi”
Chapter 9 – Harry’s Niche
Chapter 10 – The Prince at War
Chapter 11 – For Love and Country
Chapter 12 – More Than A Spare

Why Buy Now

Britain’s Prince Harry is much more than meets the eye. He may have gotten into hot water several times in the past, but his dedication to his charities and service for his country has earned him the respect of people. Get to know the prince more through this book, and you’ll see why he’s more than just the รข??spare’.

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