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Raspberry Pi: The Essential Guide On Starting Your Own Raspberry Pi 3 Projects With Ingenious Tips & Tricks! (Computer Programming, Raspberry Pi 3)

by Jared Hendrix

Do you want to start programming but don’t know where to start?

Then this book is for you! The Raspberry Pi 3 is a minicomputer/microcontroller that allows you to not only learn about programming and technology, but it allows you to become an inventor! It is extremely easy to start irrespective of age or skill level.

Raspberry Pi: The Essential Guide On Starting Your Own Raspberry Pi 3 Projects With Ingenious Tips & Tricks is a must have to get you started right away!

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Here are some of the things the book includes:

  • What is Raspberry Pi and what does it do?
  • An overview of the hardware and the specifications
  • How to install software on the Raspberry PI
  • How to start your own projects along with the essentials
  • Programming in Raspberry Pi
  • Project Ideas
  • Tips, Tricks, and much more!

Why spend countless of hours scavenging the internet looking for information on how to start your own projects? With such a small investment, you can start inventing right away! Just scroll to the top and hit the orange buy now!

Python: A Beginners’ Guide to Python Programming to automate the boring tasks and learn coding fast (Machine Learning techniques for database programming and computer languages Book 1)

by John Slavio

Do you want to learn programming but too intimidated by the complexity?

At some point of the time or the other, every computer guy starts to have a feeling of making a computer program. However, most of them never make a move towards this feel because computer programming sounds scary. In fact, computer programming isn’t scary at all. All it takes is a correct selection of programming language to begin your journey as a computer programmer.

Programming languages are made to make the human life better than before. These languages help in making programs which increase the overall productivity, communication, and efficiency of the work. Out of so many programming languages to choose from, python is one of the most loved programming languages among computer geeks. This is because python is one of those rare languages which is both simple, and powerful. Python has indeed, everything that you may require to make a new program. If you will see someone writing a program in python, you will be really surprised to see how easy it is in python to find the solution for a problem.

In simple words, python is an open source, a high-level programming language developed by Guido van Rossum in 1980s. This language is presently administered by Python Software Foundation.

Python has proven its worth in all these years for both business and industrial use. Unlike other languages, it didn’t go obsolete and in fact, with time, the use of Python has increased. Python is broadly used in making web applications, GUIs (Graphic user interface), games, etc. and writing and reading the codes in python is as simple as reading regular English sentences. The program written in python is required to be processed before running as they are not written in machine readable language. Once you will learn the basics of python (as you are a beginner), you will find it really easy to move on towards the advanced features that python offers to programmers. Below are some salient features of Python which make it one of the most lovable languages among the computer programmers.

This crash course includes:

  • Installing Python on various platforms
  • First Steps – Using Interpretors, Editors and Source Files
  • Python Basic Commands
  • Operations in Python
  • Control Flow Statements – IF THEN Statement
  • File Storage in Python
  • 3 Sample Programs to Practise

This step by step guide will give you all of the tools you need to achieve….

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Sling TV: The Comprehensive User Guide to Sling TV Subscription with Fire TV – How to Start Using and Get All the Benefits Out of It (Amazon Fire TV, Fire Stick, Netflix)

by Anthony Gray


The Comprehensive User Guide to Sling TV Subscription with Fire TV – How to Start Using and Get All the Benefits Out of It

The book is about Sling Television. It is actually a guide for those who are not much acquainted with Sling TV and want to know about the device through which they can stream live and not worry about cable bills. In this book it has been elaborated that what basically Sling TV is, what it offers and how much it costs and with what other streaming devices, it can be subscribed.

There are so many basic Channels that are accessible through Sling TV without any cords and costs, some of the major ones are mentioned in this book.

Sling TV is the cheapest method to stream various TV channels without getting into or worrying about any long term contract. You can now watch videos on demand and basic channels even if you cut your cable and on any device you want, be it be TV, PC or mobile phone.

There is a way that Sling TV can be downloaded on the Amazon Fire TV, this guide provides you with the steps that you can follow to install your app and then sign up for it, in a very convenient way. Many people face some kind of issue with subscribing Sling TV with the Fire TV and the solution to it has also been mentioned. All in all, this book provides the reader with the very basic information and benefits as well as cons of this device all in one book.

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C#: C# in 8 Hours, For Beginners, Learn C# Fast! Hands-On Projects! Study C# Programming Language with Hands-On Projects in Easy Steps, A Beginner’s Guide, Fast & Easy. Start Coding Today!

by Ray Yao

“C# in 8 Hours” covers all essential C# knowledge. You can learn complete primary skills of C# fast and easily.
This book includes many practical Hands-On Projects. You can study C# coding with Hands-On Projects.

Table of Contents

Hour 1 Introduction

Hour 2 Operators Struct Enum

Hour 3 Control Structures

Hour 4 String & Array

Hour 5 Function & Exception

Hour 6 Class & Object

Hour 7 Access Modifiers

Hour 8 Static Abstract Interface

Appendix C# Tests & Answers


C# Source Code for Download

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