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Weight Watchers Recipes: The Slow Cooker SmartPoints Diet Plan for Rapid Weight Loss – Includes 40 Approved Crockpot Recipes for Beginners

by Mike Lorenzo

Discover The Slow Cooker SmartPoints Diet Plan for Rapid Weight Loss – Includes 40 Approved Crockpot Recipes for Beginners!

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When it comes to losing weight successfully, one of the biggest hurdles is always going to be finding the time to create with care all of the meals that you were previously consuming in the most convenient ways possible.

Even Weight Watchers, for all the good it has done so many people, still requires you handcraft many of the meals that you eat to ensure that you stay within the number of points that you have available.

If you like the idea of Weight Watchers, but don’t like the idea of cooking for yourself, then this is the book that you have been waiting for.

Inside you will find dozens of recipes spread across chicken, beef, pork and vegetarian options, all of which you can be ready to throw into the slow cooker in 20 minutes or less.

Slow cooker meals mean that you don’t need to sacrifice quality, just because you don’t have hours to slave away in the kitchen every day.

Don’t let your hectic schedule get in the way of your desire to look and feel better than you have in years, commit to the slow cooker lifestyle and buy this book today!

Inside you will find

-Delicious slow cooker BBQ beef
-Classic chicken noodle soup
-Spicy and savory pork chili
-A variety of vegetarian options from black bean enchiladas to sweat potato soup
-Regional favorites such as tacos and lasagna
-Chicken dishes varied enough to please even the pickiest eaters
-And moreâ?¦

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Mediterranean Diet: The Essential Beginners Guide To Quick Weight Loss And Healthy Living Plus Over 100 Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes + 7 Day Meal Plan

by Alberto Benetti

Do you want everything you need to know about the Mediterranean Diet? Do you want to be able to make healthy Mediterranean Diet recipes but don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen?

This book could be the answer you’re looking for…

Mediterranean Diet: The Essential Beginners Guide To Quick Weight Loss And Healthy Living Plus Over 100 Delicious Quick and Easy Recipes + 7 Day Meal Plan

The American people are living just minutes away from dealing with a heart attack and other heart conditions. They spend most of their time eating out, cooking frozen meals, and just avoiding their exercise while dealing with a whole bunch of stress. All of this adds up to the perfect recipe for disaster. It is time to make a change, and not just with meal choices, but also with your whole lifestyle.

The Mediterranean diet is the perfect choice to get in better health overall. Whether you are trying to lose weight, prevent diabetes, work on your heart health, or reduce your stress, the Mediterranean diet is the perfect option for you. In fact, studies have consistently shown that this is one of the best diets for helping your heart health, working even better than the American Heart Associations recommendations.

This book is designed to empower you by providing quick and easy slow cooker recipes that don’t skimp out on flavor!

With Mediterranean Diet: The Essential Beginners Guide To Quick Weight Loss And Healthy Living you’ll learn…

  • The REAL Science Behind The Miditerranean Diet
  • FULL Detailed Macro and Micro Nutritional Information For Each Recipe
  • Cooking And Preparation Times To Find The QUICKEST And EASIEST Recipes
  • Over 100 Recipes In Easy to Find Categories PLUS An Easy To Follow 7-Day Meal Plan
  • Why a Normal American Diet Is so UNHEALTHY
  • Everything You Need To Know About The Mediterranean Diet To Hit The Ground RUNNING!

Learn How To Make These Delicious Recipes:

  • Blueberry Quinoa
  • Couscous with Apricots and Pistachios
  • Baked Eggs from Tuscany
  • Super Simple Tuna Sandwich
  • Roasted Chicken, Potatoes and Peppers
  • Creamy Risotto with Chicken
  • Rigatoni and Cheese Casserole
  • Lemon Orzo Shrimp
  • Baked Tilapia with Feta Cheese
  • Spaghetti with Chorizo
  • Baked Pasta with Shrimp
  • Vegetable Chili
  • Grilled Peaches with Yogurt and Honey
  • Broiled Figs with Greek Yogurt
  • And much, much more!

Get started on a delicious Mediterranean Diet journey and get your copy today!

This book could be the answer you’re looking for…

Instant Pot Desserts Cookbook: 58 Delicious and Simple Desserts for Your Sweet Life

by Mira Glenn

The Desserts Instant Pot Recipes book starts by explaining the many functions that an instant pot can be put to. It explains that whether you want to use it for slow cooking, like a rice cooker, a steamer, yogurt maker, saut̩ pan electric pressure cooker and warming pot Рthe choice is yours.

The book also briefly explains why a dessert is an important part of any meal made by a cook who is serious about impressing their guests and family.

The book consists of 58 dessert recipes. In writing this book, the writer was cognizant of the different tastes that different cooks have. The book contains recipes whose product is a cheesecake in one form or another. Cakes are a very popular form of dessert for many meals. For this reason, a Brownie Cake and Carrot Cake recipe have been included.

Some people believe that a dessert is not a dessert if it is not a pudding. Four recipes that result in a Pudding have been included. To add variety to the choice, the cook will have when making their pudding, the Rhubarb-Strawberry Compote with Fresh Mint recipe has also been included. If you want something that sounds foreign to show your guests how well traveled you are, try the Caramel Pot de Crème.

Anyone using these recipes should be free to try ingredients of their own choice. Otherwise, what is a good cook if they can’t be creative?

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Weight Watchers Smart Points Cookbook: 2 Manuscripts – Weight Watchers, Weight Watchers Cookbook

by Mike Lorenzo

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This is a DOUBLE Book Bundle

There are TWO Manuscripts in this ONE Book!

Included inside are the following:
-Weight Watchers: The No B.S. SmartPoints Starter Guide For Rapid Weight Loss – Including Beginners 31 Day Meal Plan
-Weight Watchers Cookbook: The Ultimate SmartPoints Cookbook for Rapid Weight Loss – Includes 70+ Approved Recipes for Beginners

Inside Weight Watchers: The No B.S. SmartPoints Start Guide For Rapid Weight Loss – Including The Beginners 31 Day Meal Plan You Will Learn:

-A brief history of the Weight Watchers program
-An explanation of the current Weight Watchers’ SmartPoints system
-How to calculate your daily SmartPoints total
-A delicious 31 Day meal plan made up from more than 20 different meals
-Step by step instructions for how to cook delicious and healthy meals
-Advice and instructions from a Weight Watchers member for more than ten years
-Recipes from all different styles of cuisine

Inside Weight Watchers Cookbook: The Ultimate SmartPoints Cookbook for Rapid Weight Loss – Includes 70+ Approved Recipes for Beginners You Will Learn:

-Weight Watchers approved recipes
-SmartPoints of every recipe
-Breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert
-And plenty more

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Soups Recipes: 230+ Simple & Delicious Easy To Cook Soup Recipes

by Nancy Kelsey

The Ultimate Soups & Stews Recipes : 230+ Simple & Delicious Easy To Cook Soup Recipes

By Reading This Book You Will Learn The Proper Way Of Cooking Ultimate Soups & Stews Recipes!

Today Only, Get This Chicken Soup Cooking Book For Just $0.99. Click The “Buy” Button And Start Cooking Chicken Meals At Home. If You Don’t Have Kindle You Can Still Read This Book On Your Web Browser Using Amazon Free Cloud Reader
This Book Contains Proven Steps And Strategies On How To Prepare And Enjoy Ultimate Soups & Stews Recipes Right In The Comforts Of Your Own Home. This Book Will Help You Cook Easy Ultimate Soups & Stews Recipes Without The Jargon. It Also Discusses The Proper Way Of Serving The Dishes.
You No Longer Need To Spend A Lot Of Money Eating In Restaurants. The Recipes Included In This

You’ll Find The Following Main Benefits in This Ultimate Soups & Stews Recipes Book.

=> Each recipe in this cookbook is healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.
=> Each recipe is accompanied with a captivating, beautiful and colored picture of the final outcome recipe.
=> Step-by-step directions for preparing each of the recipes that makes the process of cooking much quicker & easier.
=> Ingredient list for every recipe is clearly written and measurements are given in a very simple and easy to understand manner.
=> The navigation between the recipes has been made super easy.
=> The cookbook comes with a Linked table of contents which makes jumping to your preferred and desired recipe very easy by simply clicking on the recipe.
For a full list of what you can see inside, scroll up and click on the look inside feature and check out the Table of Contents!

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The Secret Of The Egyptian Pharaohs Diet: The Ancient Egyptians Diet (Facts and Secrets Series Book 1)

by Ebrahim Eldeeb

The Ancient Egyptians Diet
If you want to be alright

The First Vegetarians in the world and history
– The Secret of The Egyptian Pharaohs Diet –

Facts and Secrets Series
– The Secret 1 –

5 steps to Know the Secret What you will get from this EBook :
— Information About the physical strength of the Pharaohs
— An Overview of the Healthy Life and the Ancient Egyptians diet
–What the researchers , scientists say in regard to the Ancient Egyptians diet ?
— How did this diet impact on their bodies and overall health ?
— How can you benefit from the Ancient Egyptians diet ?
— Conclusion
— Notes

My Salads (My food experiences! Book 8)

by Andreas Michaelides

As long as I remember growing up with mothers cooking and later on my own and now with my wife salads was is and will be a stable dish in my daily diet especially now that I have been a plant based dieter for the last three years now.
The following salads are the salads I grew up with.

Diabetic Cookbook: Low Carb Diabetes Diet Recipes to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes; 21 Day Diabetic Diet Meal Plan with Photos, Serving Size, and Nutritional Info for Every Recipe

by Luca Fontaine


Kindle MatchBook: Buy the paperback edition and get the Kindle edition FREE!


If you are living with diabetes, you already know what a struggle it can be. Eating the right food can be the key to preventing and reversing diabetes!

Reclaim your health!

The Diabetes Diet is more than just a diet. It is a lifestyle and an entire movement based on reclaiming our health and enjoying life again by eating healthy, delicious, diabetic-appropriate. Food isn’t meant to be engineered by scientists, loaded with chemicals, and mass produced in a factory! Food should be an honest, natural, and enjoyable part of life. That’s why this Diabetic Diet Cookbook is so popular! The evidence has become undeniable: eating a proper diet can help you not only prevent diabetes, but reverse it as well! The Diabetes Diet has also been shown to provide a dramatic boost to immune system effectiveness, reduce hunger pangs, and increase your level of mental focus throughout the day. In addition to preventing and reducing diabetes, eating a healthy diabetic diet can reduce the risk of other major chronic illnesses like heart disease!

Dozens of Amazing Diabetic Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

This Diabetes Diet Cookbook makes it easy to restore your health and live a full and complete life! With amazing recipes for every meal of the day, you can eat like you never have before and feel great about it! Each and every recipe includes a photo of the meal as well as serving size and nutritional information. There are enough recipes in this book to keep you excited about eating right for months, even when you are eating diabetes recipes for three meals a day! Enjoy an amazing breakfast, satisfying lunch, and mouthwatering dinner and do the right thing for your body and your health every single day! Enjoy some of the best meals of your life all while maintaining a proper diabetes diet for optimal health, energy, and weight loss!

A Complete 21 Day Meal Plan!

This Diabetes Cookbook also contains a complete diabetic meal plan. Simply start at day 1 and have your meals taken care of every day for 21 days. Each day has a recipe for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that not only tastes delicious, but is also tailor-made for those suffering from diabetes!

A Diet for Life!

The Diabetes Diet is not a boring, bland, or starvation diet. Eating bland and weird food might be one way to deal with diabetes, but that is not what living a good lifestyle is all about. Let’s face it: if a diet isn’t enjoyable, sooner or later it becomes impossible to stick to. Don’t set yourself up for failure! Begin your Diabetes Diet by grabbing this book today and learn the many delicious possibilities you could have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today and every day! The Diabetes Diet can be fun and easy to follow, but only when you know the right recipes! For less than the cost of visiting a fast food restaurant, you can get your hands on dozens of spectacular Diabetes Diet recipes in this cookbook. Every recipe is easy to make, requires no significant cooking expertise, and is so healthy and delicious you will be proud to serve these meals to your family and friends.

World class meals you can serve to your family and friends with pride!

World renowned diet and nutrition expert Luca Fontaine has hand-picked his favorite recipes that he has mastered in his own kitchen, taught to chefs around the world, and that have earned rave reviews from diners on every continent of the planet!

Don’t miss out!

Grab this book today at the limited time sale price and make a small investment in your health and well-being that will pay off huge in the long run!

Carrots, Corn and Wheat. (My food experiences! Book 6)

by Andreas Michaelides

What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you think about carrots? Sit back for a minute and think about it. For me personally, every time I think or hear or see a carrot Bugs Bunny comes to mind holding a carrot in one hand bites a little and then says “what’s up doc”? It’s funny how cartoons can have a positive influence on your psyche and ultimately on your diet.

Power Diet: Top 100 Meals to Burn Fat and Build Muscle

by Matt Ending

Everyone knows that cutting out carbs is the answer to rapid fat loss.


Did you know that people who are on a low carb diet can stay the same weight, and even gain weight if they do not make balanced meals with all the nutrients you need to fuel you throughout the day?

This book contains 100 recipes that are simply designed to burn fat, are super nutritious and taste amazing!

Losing weight has never been so easy!

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Vegan Bread Machine: 11 Rare Vegan Recipes For The Bread Machine (Vegan, Gluten Free, Dough, Yeast, Buns, Cookbook)

by Eva Reinhard

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This book consists of 11 Rare VEGAN Recipes For The Bread Machine

You want to make delicious VEGAN bread in your bread machine? Then this is the book for you! Discover delicious recipes that are going to fill your home with a wonderful smell of newly baked VEGAN bread that the whole family will love!

Each recipe in this cookbook is easy to prepare with step-by-step instructions. This cookbook comes with linked tables of content which makes finding your favorite Bread easy.

    This book Consists of:

  • Table of Contents (clickable)
  • Introduction
  • THREE Bonus Books
  • 11 Rare Vegan Recipes For The Bread Machine

Discover delicious vegan bread recipes that are quick to make and the whole family will love!

Download this book today and start making delicious bread in a snap!
But wait that’s not all!

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If you buy this book today you will be getting:

Glorious Gluten Free Bread

13 Gluten Free Bread Recipes That You Will Love


Slow Cooker Soup-A-Doop

13 Delicious Slow Cooker Soup Recipes


Paleo Freezer

11 Prepare-Ahead Paleo Freezer Meals

as a BONUS – Completely FREE!

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So what are you waiting for? FOUR ebooks for the price of one? This is a steal! Hurry up before the price will be increased!

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Last Minute Gift Ideas, Decorations, Entertaining Tips, And Recipes

by Cheryl Leonard

“Merry Christmas”

Transform your home into a Christmas wonderland with these inspirational gift ideas and delicious recipes. This book of festive ideas will bring joy to your loved ones and make the season magical.

Non Illustrative Text

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1 Elegant Decorations

Make your home glow with Christmas magic. Beautiful wreaths to deck your home with Christmas cheer.


Christmas Tree Tips
Holiday Indoor Plants
Silver and Gold Beaded Ornaments
Deck the Halls
Card Displays
Plain Wreath Embellishments
Candy Cane/Gingerbread Men Wreath
Jingle Bell Wreath

Chapter 2 Entertaining Tips/Centerpieces

Family and friends will experience the warmth of the season with these joyous entertaining tips and stunning centerpieces.

Entertaining Tips
Top Ten Entertaining Tips
“Winter Wonder Delight”
“Sparkling Holly with Roses”
“Dazzling Fruit Holiday”

Chapter 3 Homemade Gifts
From Your Kitchen

A delectable collection of cocoas, snack mixes, nuts, and candies that will make the perfect unique gift from the heart.

Rudolph’s Favorite Cocoa
Frosty’s Chocolate Mocha
Snack Mixes
Santas Holiday Popcorn
Rockin’ Sleigh Ride Mix
Prancers Fabulous Pecans
Santas Elves Spicy Walnuts
Peppermint Mints
Joyful Bouquet

Chapter 4 Holiday Recipes:

A favorite assortment of appetizers, dips, and spreads, that will delight your family, guests, and friends.

Last Minute Appetizers

Festive Spicy Shrimp
Celebration Cheese Ball

Mrs. Claus’s Special Onion Dip
Holly Jolly Bacon Dip

Seasons Greetings Spreads
Chicken, Tuna, Bacon, Crab

Lunch/Lingerie: Recipes for Two: Favorites from around the world selected for flavor, nutrition and ease

by Elena Stepanova

This is a sensible culinary seduction guide meant for coffee table entertainment and as a source of basic cooking ideas. Our recipes are favorites from around the world, with several of our own, and are presented to you in no particular order. Selections were made with careful regard to flavor, nutrition and ease.

Easy Napoli Recipes for Weight Loss: 33 Quick and Easy Napoli Recipes! (Italian Recipes, Cooking, Cookbook, Fancy Cuisine)

by Kevin L. Kerr

Are you looking for traditional scrumptious Napoli recipes?

Do you want the tastes and aromas of Italian cooking without having to go there?

If so then this is the book for you because all the recipes here are derived from traditional creations!

In this unique recipe guide you will find traditional and elaborate Neapolitan dishes simplified to fit modern-day cooking without sacrificing taste. Here are 33 recipes that pay homage to genuine Napoli cooking and will not disappoint!

Raw Vegan Cookbook: Top 25 Delicious Dessert Recipes Plant-Based Diet to Lose Weight for Beginners

by Rebeca Green

Shhh – don’t tell your buddies about this book – keep it all to yourself!

Is it difficult for you to start eating raw food? You tried so hard and get nothing of it? You don’t know how to start your raw diet?

The world of raw vegans, is full a bunch of really nice folks who are serious about putting out top shelf raw food diets. Most of them will give you the shirt off ther back if it’ll help you out, but is you start asking about their raw cooking secrets…let’s just say you shouldn’t expect it to end well. Now you need to know what you are doing, from the get go.

And this book exists to help you swing for the fences the first time out. This isn’t another book about raw food diet. Healthy start eating raw food and be on a raw food diet aren’t the same things. This is about your health,diet and time – not about trying to be a rawfoodist in a one day including a lot of harmful effects.A lot of “raw” books are really about changing your eating habits in a one-two days and only offer a lot of vague generalities.In contrast this cuts the fluff, and showes you the first steps to the world of raw food.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What are the advantages of a Raw Vegan Diet?
  • 7 Helpful Steps for Jumping into the Raw Diet
  • Why it’s Better and Easier to Start your Diet with Desserts?
  • 25 Delicious Mouth-Watering Dessert Recipes

So if you don’t know how to lose weight or think about starting rawfoodism you’ve a great opportunity to solve your problems!

Download copy of a “Raw Vegan Cookbook” today and get your BONUS e-book “5 Delicious Raw Salad Recipes”

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