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Live Video Streaming: How to grow your business online

by Fraser Hay

Live Video Streaming: How to Grow Your Business Online

Stream video live to wow, impress, educate and entertain your webinar audience.

Are you:

  • Confused about live video streaming and how to stream video live across the internet?
  • Frustrated in deciding your reasons and topics to host a live video streaming event?
  • Stressed in trying to invite interviewees, guests and speakers for your live video events?
  • Disappointed by your lack of breakthrough results from your live streaming webinars?

If your answer to any of the above is YES, then this practical book from Steven Healey & Fraser Hay
on how to stream video live using tools like Facebook Live and Firetalk will help you to achieve your
live streaming goals and objectives and to grow your business online.

In ‘Live Video Streaming: How to Grow Your Business Online’ you will learn:

  • How to set your live video streaming goals and objectives
  • What equipment you will need to set up a home studio and stream video live
  • How to invite guests, interviewees & speakers for your live video events
  • A simple, practical and powerful preparation tip to generate sales from live video streaming
  • How a chocolate business has harnessed live video streaming with amazing results
  • 50 reasons to host your own live streaming webinars and webcasts
  • What video chat shows are and how to host them
  • Which technology platforms to use such as Facebook Live in order to stream video live
  • The software and hardware to use for best production value and creating the best impression
  • What to ask guests after reviewing live example interviews shared by the authors
  • Discover a FREE open source technology that you can use to stream video live
  • What shows the authors enjoy, and participate in
  • Who some of the pioneer video chat show hosts are and how to contact them
  • 99 ways to promote your live video streaming event
  • Get introduced to our cast of friends, guests and interviewees
  • …and much, much more

Live Video Streaming: How to Grow Your Business Online

If you want to promote you, your brand or solutions via live webinars and get your message out
to a wider audience online, then this is the book for you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s webcasts,
webinars or live video chat shows, the practical tactics shared in this book will help you.

Whether it’s using Facebook Live or your own website, you could be planning, hosting and
streaming video live via your own webinars in a matter of minutes of having downloaded, read
and applied the contens of this practical guide to live video streaming.

Integrate Live Streaming into Your Webinars Today

Stream video live in your webinars by taking action now. Scroll up and click the ‘buy’ button at the
top of this page and you can read ‘Live Video Streaming: How to Grow Your Business Online’ on your
Kindle device, computer, tablet or smartphone.

Sinan and Leyla

by F. K. Prince



Leyla Virjee was a product of a broken marriage. For this reason, men and relationships have always been the furthest thing from her mind. Arranged marriage or otherwise, she just wasn’t interested.

Dividing her priorities between caring for her sick mother, having hilarious arguments with her deluded aunt and cousins and working erratic hours at the bookstore, she never expected that she would one day succumb to the cultural pressures of getting married.

Especially not when all she really knew about arranged marriage, was that it always ended up making the headlines and not for celebratory reasons either.

Although the process of getting to know someone via this method is not as painful as she imagined it would be, she plans to fight it all the way because her mother and her have only each other and nothing can ever come in the way of that.

Not even the persistent and charming Sinan Armaan.


“I literally stayed up all night to read this- that’s how amazing it was. It’s such an amazing book! I’ll most likely read it again- I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!” – S. Kamardeen, Blogger


by Orlando Fernandes

El primer cuenta de un hombre que vivió durante cuarenta años en una isla desierta y vuelve a la civilización; el segundo cuento habla de um rico hombre de negócios que tiene su mujer secuestrada; el último habla de un famoso actor fallecido y que necesita resolver un problema sobre su muerte anunciada en la televsión.

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