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Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing and Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships and Embracing Supportive, Loving Relationships That You Want and … loving relationships, relationships)

by Brenda Long

Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Recognizing and Avoiding Unhealthy Relationships and Embracing Supportive, Loving Relationships That You Want and Deserve

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You’re about to discover how to identify signs of a bad relationship so you can avoid or escape it. You do not need to be stuck in or waste your time in toxic relationships in which you aren’t being loved, supported, respected or valued. You do not deserve this. You can change your destiny and be happy. This book will provide information on ways to get out of a toxic relationship and ways to maintain a healthy and loving relationship.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Your Relationship Matters
  • Warning Signs
  • Planning An Exit
  • Good Omens
  • Embracing A Loving Relationship
  • Much, much more!

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The Ultimate Things to Do With Your Best Friend

by Jevaughn Lavigne

Your best friend is that favorite person in your life. That person who knows you the best, the one who always have your back when things gets rough. Having a best friend is like the best thing ever, it’s totally cool. Here are some amazing things you can do with your best friend. Hang on tight it might get a little crazy.

Daughter Wisdom: A Lifetime of Loving Letters From A Therapist Mom

by PJ Adams

Daughter Wisdom: A Lifetime of Loving Letters from a Therapist-Mom is a collection of reproducible letters for every daughter–young, adult, or seasoned–who is facing the challenges of modern womanhood. The 42 letters in Daughter Wisdom are a down-to-earth collection of wisdom on: growing from girl to adult to seasoned wise woman, creating healthy relationships, understanding boys and men, growing street smart and independent, dealing with school and work, managing technology, coping with addictive behavior and toxic relationships, parenting well, staying emotionally and physically healthy, managing divorce and other life challenges, enjoying the ripening years, and crafting a life legacy. Designed and authored by a licensed family therapist and mom, Daughter Wisdom will inspire, guide, and celebrate!

Perdonando la Ausencia de Mi Padre (Spanish Edition)

by Angelica Carranza Estrada

Este libro habla sobre la historia de la autora quien creció sintiendo la ausencia de su padre, observando a su alrededor como otras niñas compartían momentos especiales con el de ellas y siempre se preguntaba ¿Por qué esa no podía ser la historia de su vida?
La autora plasmó en cada una de sus líneas como el sufrimiento, resentimiento, vacío, odio y negativismo le embargó por muchos años y como en muchos aspectos de su vida había olvidado ser feliz porque pensaba que nadie más que su padre podía llenar cada vacío que había en ella.
Este es un libro cuyo objetivo es llegar con un mensaje a muchas personas el cual se puede ser feliz, que esta felicidad ya está dentro de cada persona que cuantos vacíos se sientan solo Dios los puede llenar y es El quien actúa de manera sorprendente en cada vida, Dios convierte las tristezas en alegrías, solo en sus brazos encontramos el consuelo y esa paz que cada corazón necesita.
Dentro de los muchos sucesos de la vida de la autora hubo uno que cambio su vida por completo, el empezar a creer en un Dios que todo lo hace posible, confiar en cada una de sus promesas y empezar a recibir lo que ha prometido, Dios le obsequió un regalo que tanto deseaba, le cambio el dolor por el perdón y desde ese momento que lo puso en práctica su corazón fue sanado y sus lágrimas derramadas ya no fueron más de dolor, sino de satisfacción al saber cómo Dios la ama ahora habita en ella una paz y felicidad que nadie más que Dios se la ha podido dar.


Angélica Carranza Estrada

The Value of Suffering: Including the LGBT community

by Carl R. ToersBijns

This book was inspired by close friends and relatives of the LGBT community and how they cope and find themselves in twisted social situations at times. Whenever family gathers for a sick family member or the death of someone we held close to our hearts, we often see those we rarely see any other times. It is almost like a family reunion but the sad part is that those who come to pay their respects are often the ones who were disgraced, shunned, or shamed by other family members because of their sexual orientation choices. We never give them the credit of being brave, strong and committed to family values when others have forsaken them for reasons that are only known to them in most cases. Their energy and faith in the love for others brings them out of the shadows and to the homes of those who are ill or dying paying their respects and showing those who suffer, their understanding of empathy and at the same time give them the dignity they deserve yet asking nothing in return but to be able to attend the services or help support them in one way or another. I love my family, all of them and I have experienced the depression, the grief and the suffering first hand and often realize how strong these special people must be to endure the harassment, bullying, and name-calling by those ignorant and biased in their choices of their own sexuality. Together with the injustice of this biased and prejudiced behavior comes the role of Christianity and how it dictates us as Christians to live according to the parables written in the scriptures. In the eyes of some, mostly those uneducated in the LBGT community and issues related to same-sex marriages, they are sinners who cannot or should not mingle with the rest of us God-fearing people. This book hopes to break this kind of thinking by including them in the normalcy of grief, hope, faith, supportive habits and discrimination. There are people, good and upstanding â??help-your-neighbor-kind-of-people’ who go to church where the pastor thinks homosexual behavior is a sin and accept that as a fact but don’t go out of their way to repeat what was said. They are not ignoring that fact, they just chose not to negatively act on that fact. Instead, they sought the positivism in such situations and brought with them peace, compassion and kindness showing everyone the kind of love Jesus showed when he walked among us.
As a writer, I respect those views and accept the fact that homosexuality is a sin. However, no sin is worse than the other and we all sin. Who are we to choose which sin is worse than the other? Hence, we acknowledge two things: God is love and love is God. How or who we love comes from our heart and soul. That is another fact. We are not living in a perfect world and the way we choose to live our live style is based on our ability to make choices. God gave us the free will to make choices. As a writer, I have no idea what your personal views are about the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender communities. As a Christian, I know the power of forgiveness and love – that is something we don’t exercise often enough and we need to do more of it so we know that God is listening to us and shows His presence inside our hearts. Whether the topic is same-sex marriage or just about the general issues related to the LGBT relationships, I cannot speak for anyone but myself but feel compelled to write about those relationships that I have personally seen and witness with family and close friends exercising their free-will and choosing partners or spouses of the same sex. I do not condemn them, I have no reason to resent or be offended by them as their choices appear to be based on their own love and needs in life. These people, young and old, do not frustrate me or make me angry – they have done nothing to me to fear them or be against them like some act with their hate-crimes. I have personally seen how happy they are and give them the benefit of the doubt and reserve my own judgment?

New Baby, New You!: A New Mom’s Guide: 8 Resolutions to a Better You, a Happy Home, and a Healthy Family

by Kaylee Berry

You’ve read all the baby books, now here’s a book for you!

Are you struggling to find time for your personal goals?
Have you been feeling overwhelmed by the household chores?
Are you worried about making healthy choices for your family?

It’s never the wrong time to start a new resolution. You may be thinking, that since you have a baby putting yourself first has gone out the window but now more than ever you need to take care of yourself. Don’t overlook your personal health whether it to physical, spiritual, or emotional. Your little one needs you to be your best self.

I have been where you are, and this book contains all the strategies that have helped ME. When you’re finished reading this book you will have all the tools you need to achieve your personal goals with a new baby.

  • Fit in exercise with all your responsibilities 
  • Save money even with the new expenses of having a baby 
  • Get more sleep (you need this book just for this alone) 
  • Find time for yourself and your own personal growth 
  • Spend more time with the people who matter most to you 
  • Keep your house clean and organized when it’s filled with baby things 
  • Eat healthier even with a busy schedule 
  • Drink more water for the health benefits 

“New Baby, New You!” will show you how to keep all of these resolutions!
Follow the advice in this book and I guarantee that you’ll be happier, healthier and off to a great start for creating lifelong good habits.

There is no better time than now!
You will feel so much better when you are able to start checking things off your to-do list.

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Your Wife Will Make You Rich

by Rayshawn Key

The title is self explanatory. Learn how your wife can make you rich, and make every dollar and day count. Benefit from the information given in this book.

Con il vento: Se nasci e cresci a Trieste devi fare i conti con il vento (Italian Edition)

by Mia Pulsator

Marcella Quinz ritorna a Trieste, sua città natale, per un viaggio nei ricordi toccante e profondo ma anche divertente e ironico che la porterà a riscoprire il suo passato e i luoghi a lei più cari. Una sorta di pellegrinaggio a piedi, accompagnata dalla ruvida bellezza della città e dal suo vento, alla ricerca di un passato che sembra non esistere più. Passo dopo passo, Marcella ritrova se stessa e si stupisce di come la lontananza non abbia cancellato sensazioni, odori e suoni a lei familiari. In questo gioco dei ricordi, nostalgico e buffo al tempo stesso, anche il dialetto triestino ritorna nelle conversazioni senza fronzoli dei personaggi e contribuisce a dipingere un ritratto unico della città. “Con il vento” è una dichiarazione d’amore a Trieste, un inno all’amore e alla vita, con le sue luci e le sue ombre, i suoi momenti tristi e gli attimi felici.

Children’s picture book:THE NEW KEY:Bedtime story(Beginner readers)values(Funny story)Rhymes(Animal story book series)Early learning(Preschool kids)Children … collection (Beginner readers level 1)

by Sigal Adler

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Free Audio Book (Flip-Book)
“What an exciting day – a special occasion,
Time for a special birthday celebration!
Toad sister made a party for the younger one,
Their friends would come and have lots of fun.

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