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The Guide for Graduate Science Research: Over 200 Sanity-Saving Tips for Graduate Student Scientists

by Maya Benami

What do successful post-graduate degree-holders wish they had known when they began graduate studies in the research-based sciences? This booklet contains to-the-point lists of time-saving resources and tips on how to organize and access “shortcuts” effectively during your time as a research graduate student. Inside, you will find:
-Experimental design, statistical methods, and parameter advice
-Numerous grants, scholarships, and external funding opportunities to pay for you and your research.
-Skills graduates in the research sciences wish they would have mastered to better their experiments and scientific writing
-Free software programs to assist in your time and data organization
-Networking resources to access help during your PhD and when looking for a job
-Lists of not-so-obvious places to look for a post-doctorate or work in industry in your field
-Increase your scientific knowledge base without reading thousands of academic papers and books
-Resources and advice for formatting your information for publication
-A manuscript checklist for writers and reviewers

Easy-to-read and relatable tips have been compiled from personal interviews of successful Master’s and PhD graduates, books, news articles, the PhD completion project, and scientific publications on the subject to give the reader a leg-up in their scientific research.

Windows 10: The Ultimate 2 in 1 User Guide to Microsoft Windows 10 User Guide to Microsoft Windows 10 for Beginners and Advanced Users (tips and tricks, … Windows, softwares, guide Book 7)

by Joe Goddard

Windows 10

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2 in 1. The Ultimate User Guide to Microsoft Windows 10 for Beginners and Advanced Users (tips and tricks, user manual, user guide, updated and edited)

Windows 10

The Ultimate Guide To Operate New Microsoft Windows 10 (tips and tricks, user manual, user guide, updated and edited, Windows for beginners)

Windows 10 is totally new and easily familiar! From the return of the Start Menu, to your new BFF Cortana, there is plenty to show off in 10! Gone are the days of fright and inhibition when dealing with Control Panel, the new Settings Menu is all that and more, including Updates and Recovery, System, and Devices, just to name a few! Snap open apps together with ease to create collaborative projects, dynamic reports, or minimize research time in up to 4, side by side windows.
This book will assist in navigating the latest version of the Windows operating system. Including an introduction to Microsoft’s latest browser, Edge. Bringing back the FUN in function, Edge’s Cortana integration option really makes the Windows 10 experience come alive. Enjoy annotation, doodling or highlighting favorite parts of the morning paper, directly in the browser window! The new Start Menu is also super practical and totally customizable.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Introduction to the New Windows
  • Return of the Start Menu
  • New Features
  • Photos
  • Apps
  • Quick Guide
  • Tips & Tricks

Windows 10

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The Ultimate User Guide for Advanced Users to Operate Microsoft Windows 10 (tips and tricks, user manual, user guide, Windows 10)

As an advanced user you will have already become acquainted with all the new features that Windows 10 puts forward. From the new Windows 10 hybrid start menu, to the conveniently located settings app, the action center and the new web browser. You’ll have experienced it all already.
We’ll cover a range of topics that fall under the umbrella “Errors” and with our step-by-step guides we will explain how you can correct these problems and get back to a seamless windows experience.
Navigating some of the advanced features that Windows 10 boasts about, we explain the benefits, processes and give you the all the tools you need to turn these features on or off.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • Blue screen errors
  • Starting your PC in safe mode
  • Creating installation media
  • Everything you need to know about Windows Update Delivery Optimization
  • What is Wi-Fi Sense
  • Connecting to suggested open hotspots
  • Customizing Cortana
  • Giving Microsoft Windows 10 Feedback
  • Task View and Multiple Desktops
  • Pinning and Unpinning Apps and Files across Windows 10

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The Trump Dictionary

by M. Maher

The Description of the uncommon and common Terms and Statements that dominated Donald Trump Speeches during the Primaries and the Presidential Debates.

Honduras Through my Eyes: Honduras a Través de mis Ojos (Spanish Edition)

by Claudia Oyuela

A children’s (6-9) bilingual book in English and Spanish. Fully illustrated with colored pictures. Information about the Honduran culture, its food, religion, traditions, and the Mayan civilization (Copán Ruins).

¿Por qué ocurre el acoso?: El bullying (Spanish Edition)

by Claudia Oyuela

Este libro es para ser leído por los niños en compañía de sus padres. Explica el acoso, normalmente conocido como “bullying” por su término en Inglés. A los seres humanos toda la vida les ha molestado que exista alguien mejor que ellos.

Walt Disney (Discursos Populares) (Portuguese Edition)

by S. Alves

Walt Disney deixou um legado incrível. Ele mostrou todos nos, que podemos conquistar nossos sonhos e visões. Disney criou o Disney World, Disney Land, os desenhos e filmes de Mickey Mouse e muito mais. Ele é um grande exemplo para todos nos.

Venha conosco e aprendemos junto, o que Walt Disney fez, como a sua vida foi cheia de dificuldades, e mesmo assim, como ele conseguiu seus sonhos.

The principles of learning (Japanese Edition)

by Toramask

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