Free romance Kindle books for 04 Dec 16

The Idea of You

by J. Desails

Love is tricky. We seek comfort, yet we want it to feel new and exciting. We find ourselves creating an image of how it should be, and sometimes we end up falling in love with that idea.

Everything about Bo and Izabella’s relationship was unconventional. Izabella found herself content with the occasional sleepover and lack of commitment, regardless of the five years she had invested. After all, she had her own life as a high profile photographer living in New York City and was rooming with her best friend.

It isn’t until Bo; her on again off again boyfriend gives her exactly what she thought she wanted, that she questions her idea of love all along. Izabella seeks comfort in all the wrong, yet familiar places. She is forced to make a decision to follow her heart or her head, risking everything for the possibility of gaining nothing.

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