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Giggin’ for a Livin’: How to Make Money as a Musician Playing for Weddings and Special Events

by Jennifer McCoy Blaske

Are you a musician trying to figure out how to break into the wedding and special events industry? This is the book for you!

In Giggin’ for a Livin’ Atlanta pianist Jennifer McCoy Blaske generously shares her hard-earned knowledge and invaluable insights about being a working musician. She covers everything from figuring out if this is the industry for you, to setting prices, networking, building your repertoire, answering your first query (with the best chance of getting a positive response), and lots more. In fact, reading Giggin’ for a Livin’ is like having a frank conversation with a really knowledgeable friend who’s there to guide you through the maze and set you on the right path.
But Giggin’ for a Livin’ isn’t just for wedding and special events musicians and professionals. Brimming with practical advice and great tips, it’s a must-read for any professional or freelancer just starting out or wanting to take their business to the next level.

Jennifer McCoy Blaske has been playing weddings and other special events for over seven years. She’s performed at The Fox Theater, Lake Lanier Islands, The Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead, and countless other venues in the Atlanta area. When her fingers aren’t dancing over the keys she’s hanging out with her family or working on her second novel.

Worlds Coolest Panties

by Kumar Jackson

Kayden is an all natural model, who loves to have fun and model. You can watch as model learn how to pose which is great learning experience for anyone interested in photography. FREE to kindle unlimited. WARNING contains ARTIST nudity. SUPER HD IMAGES. No web pics. No bad images. All professional pics.

Anime Drawing Complete Guide: From Simple Sketching to Professional Drawing (Anime and Manga Drawing Lessons Book 1)

by Mee Tuan


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Learning anime is beautiful process among all genres of art. The characters are amazingly beautiful and expressive. That is why; it becomes even more interesting to learn about them and draw them. Before you learn drawing anime from this book, you must know the elementary things about drawing.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn how to draw:

-Anime Eyes, expressing different Emotions
– Anime Lips , expressing different Emotions
-Anime Faces Sketches: Male. Female, Child
-Different Female Hairstyles
-Different Male Hairstyles
-Face Profiles: sketching half face, turn face and full face

And Full drawing of Anime Characters with different Emotions:

-Angry Man’s Face
-Female Face
-Serious Girl
-Happy Girl’s Face
-Girl’s Face About To Cry
-Laughing Girl
-Sexy Girl

Enjoy reading and practicing, and do not forget to receive your


All the instructions you will find at the end of the book.

Good luck!

Fantasize and Travel: Visit Your Dream World with 25 Creative Designs to Relax and Enjoy (Creativity & Imagination)

by ColorQ Books

This book is comprised of 26 illustrations to boost your imagination and release stress. Inside you will find various designs featuring various fantasy and magic illustrations. They are suitable for adults.

You can use different techniques and color schemes, there are absolutely no restrictions. Coloring is a wonderful way to spend your free time, be more creative and relax.

Please, note, this kindle ebook is not suitable for coloring. It is only a preview showing the designs. You can download these designs following the link at the end of the book. There you will find high-quality images that can be printed out and colored.

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World of 3d by Eric Morris

by Eric Morris

this book is a illustrated of my 3d images I made on 3d daz

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