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The Extraordinary Life and Times of Ringo Starr: The Beatles and Beyond (Beatlemania Book 3)

by Joe Bensam

Why Choose This Book

“The luckiest man on show business.”
That’s how some people would describe Ringo Starr, drummer of the Beatles who had embarked on his own solo career following the band’s breakup. If you want to find out why Ringo was the luckiest guy on show business and to familiarize yourself with the life of the Beatles’ drummer, this book will tell you the answers.

What’s Inside
This book is a rich source of Ringo Starr’s life. It tells you how a sickly child from Liverpool who was barely able to read and write rose to fame when he became the drummer for the famous band, the Beatles. Find out:
-Why Ringo was “the luckiest man on show business”
-How Ringo got his stage name
-How the Beatles gave birth to the phenomenon that was Beatlemania
-The events that led to the breakup of the band
-How Ringo made a name for himself as a solo artist
-And many more!

Table Of Content
Chapter 1 – A Boy Named Richie
Chapter 2 – Richie Joins the Hurricanes
Chapter 3 – Ringo Meets the Beatles
Chapter 4 – One Lucky Guy
Chapter 5 – The Rise to the Top
Chapter 6 – “The New Madness”
Chapter 7 – Like Gods on Earth
Chapter 8 – The Beatles on Their Own
Chapter 9 – The End for the Beatles
Chapter 10 – Ringo’s Solo Career

Why Buy Now
Beatlemania was at its peak in the 1960s, but even decades after the dissolution of the band, the music has stayed and became a part of our history. The Beatles would not be the Beatles without Ringo Starr, that Beatle seemingly less likely to succeed on his own. Read on and find out how Ringo contributed to what made the Beatles a success apart from their counterparts and from the numerous bands that exist today.

Only in Real Life

by Richard Mathews

The thought, “Today is our present from God. What we do with that present is our gift in return,” was the inspiration for writing this book.
For most of us, we will never have all the material resources or time to fulfill our every dream.
Over a lifetime I learned, my greatest treasure was the time I’d spent with family and friends.
I hope sharing in my life brings you closer to those you most care about.
Peace be with you.
Semper Fi


by Heather Hackett

Do you love to travel? Would you love to travel with your children?

“Travelling with children opens doors in the world that adults on their own might not necessarily find.”

This candid and heartfelt book will show you that it’s not only possible…

IT’S INCREDIBLE – for you on your own, or you AND the kids!

This is the true story of a young woman and her new husband who, against the better judgement of their friends and families, took off to experience the world for a few months and stayed away for almost ten years.

From the trekking paths of the Himalaya to the challenges of China when it first opened its doors to individual tourists, this book describes what it’s really like to get down and dirty with the locals across Asia and Northern Europe – on aeroplanes, buses, trains, and even bicycles.

This is not a how-to book, or a guide book.

It is a why-to book.

It will inspire you to take action in your own life, and find more value in the ideas you actually live.

Because they are the only ones that count.

The British Mad Dog: Debunking the Myth of Winston Churchill

by M King

*250 Pages / 500 Images
Check any list of â??great men’ of the 20th Century and you’re sure to find Winston Churchill ranked near the top. It was the courage, the strength, the indomitable will and the inspirational oratory of â??The British Bull Dog’ – we are told – that saved Britain and the â??free world’ from capitulating to Hitler.
For such noble attributes and deeds, statues of â??Sir Winston’ stand all over England, and even in Canada, the USA and continental Europe. Countless schools bear his name, as do parks, towns, squares, highways, streets, tanks, submarines, ships, mountain ranges, trust funds and even cigars.
More than just a great statesman, Churchill was – the court-historians assure us – a literary giant as well. His numerous historical works made him one of the most prolific writers ever to serve as head of state.
There is one wee-little problem with this flattering historical narrative of Churchill — it is false! And by false, author M S King doesn’t merely mean to say embellished, exaggerated or incomplete. No, the entire tale is a monstrous lie originally engineered to conceal the foul deeds of a deranged warmonger, and perpetuated out of ignorance and academic arrogance.
In â??The British Mad Dog’, King draws heavily upon â??mainstream’ sources to strip bare the phony facade of this vilest of charlatans. The surgical precision with which Churchill is cut down to size will radically change not only your view of the man, but also of the fake world in which we live in.

Sunday’s Child: An Anglo-Indian Story

by Hazel LaPorte Haliburn

Nostalgic reminiscences of an Anglo-Indian great grandmother on the cultural nuances of her community while growing up in the small railway town of Waltair/Vizag, India in the 1950’s and the pressures that precipitated emigration to the UK in 1961. It is also intended an aide memoire to her family and generations to come.


by Jan Duncan

Pat Perry Duncan – Pearl Harbor Survivor – USS Raleigh’s Bugler December 7, 1941 is a story of a young farm boy growing up by the river in Meridian, Texas. During the depression, Perry has dreams of being in the service. He is very close to his family and promises his mother to write every day he can.

San Diego boot camp and bugle training were written about almost every day. It was something that this farm boy never complained about.

Perry was assigned on the USS Raleigh CL7, a light cruiser. When he arrived in Hawaii, he thought it was a beautiful place, but too far from home.

He really wasn’t too crazy about Hawaii. At the time, it was undeveloped with a fraction of the activities that San Diego had, and it was so far from home. He guessed that he relayed that message back home a little too much, about all the sailors that were there.

“Everywhere you looked there were sailors. The Hawaiians didn’t like us much either.”

Perry didn’t harbor any bad will toward the Japanese people, for there were many on Oahu that were very friendly. Most of them had been born and raised on the islands.

It was common for there to be visitors from the other ships. Perry was friends with a sailor on the Arizona, who came aboard to ask a favor.

“All the boys have me spoiled I guess. They all call me their kid. If anyone makes out like he will bother me, the boys in my divisions say, “Leave my kid alone.” They all know how much I like to listen to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” that they call me the Boogie-Woogie Bugle Boy.”

On December 7, 1941, fate places him on the quarterdeck on the USS Raleigh and he becomes an eyewitness of the Pearl Harbor attack and was first hit by a torpedo.

In 1944, Perry was transferred to the USS Stoddard DD 566. He had wanted a break from all the heavy fighting, but now on a battleship, that was like sailing into a ring of fire.

Out of Pearl Harbor, the Stoddard sailed for Adak, Alaska. The mission of TF 94, the task force with the Stoddard, was to harass enemy outposts in the Kuriles, where the Japanese launched their planes to bomb Pearl Harbor. It was used to lure Japanese Akagi planes to be shot down by destroyers. The USS Stoddard with this task force was later called, “The Sacrificial Lamb.”

Fighting all of WWII, he escapes alive and marries Carol and builds a wonderful life. They attend many WW II Reunion functions. Later, their children, William and Jan give them opportunity to travel to Hawaii many times. There in Hawaii, 60 years later, he is surprised to find out some fascinating facts about the Japanese attack on the Raleigh.

There are excerpts from the book; “The Emperor’s Sea Eagle,” a Japanese perspective on the war, translated by Naomi Shin.

Perry had photos taken before the war that were sent to his mother to develop the film. Although losing all of his belonging during the attack, he was able to keep all documents and important items that are displayed throughout the book. His mother kept most of his letters and other information that he sent her, making this book a significant time capsule to share.

Pat Perry Duncan, QM 1/c, his life and times filled with photos, documents and letters. A patriotic, loving and heroic man, who was loved by many, captures the interest of young and old. He was a quiet man but very witty and funny when he would get to know someone. Get to know him now, by reading this piece of history and by this captivating story. Perry has surprises all throughout his life and you will too when you read this book.

Emotional Triangle: A True Story of Overcoming Childhood Trauma, Years of Grief, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

by Blazie Holling

After witnessing a violent murder as a small child, Blazie Holling lost the ability to speak. Later she lost her best friend to leukemia, her father to fire and her fiancé to random violence. These traumatic events and many others caused her to become an angry, substance abusing adult who successfully hid her profound grief and anxiety until one day everything just fell apart and she had her first panic attack. This is the story of how she triumphed over the devastating events in her life, came to grips with the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and learned to become an emotionally healthy and spiritually fulfilled adult. This book chronicles many of the traumas she endured and the tools she used to become the successful and happy person she is today.

“If you are suffering, grieving, and weak from emotional pain, know that there is a way back to wholeness. Be open to healing no matter how it shows up in your life. Even if you can only take baby steps in the beginning, take them anyway. If you fall get up and take another step towards wholeness. Beyond the pain and the darkness there is light. Choose life.”

The Sport Of Kings (The Sport Of Kings Trilogy Book 1)

by Alfred Pratt

My inspiration for writing my life story The Sprot of king’s. Was base on the way pimping is
being represented to day. This is a new day,the way the game is laid out. Pimping was more than a game, it was a life style. A way of living away to survived. With our ladies as our queens being the first ladies of game. The pride and joy of the pimps they repressented. Detroit was a breeding ground fore street player’s. If you could play this game called pimping. After laboring to master that witch is born in the hearts and minds. Of a gentleman of leisure, only then you were among the elite. Who had
master the game of pimping. Crowned king by your ladies,able to repressented this game. All the people and places detailed in this book are real.
Nothing has been changed,omitted or ignored.
Come take this walk with me back into the time.

Princess Diana: The Amazing Life and Tragic Death of The Queen of Hearts (Royal Princesses Book 1)

by Jessica Jayne

Why Choose This Book? 

Princess Diana brought happiness into the lives of many millions of people around the world, illuminating our lives not just with beauty and grace, but also with love, compassion and the desire to make our world a better place. This book tells the story of her amazing yet tragic life, and the shocking events surrounding her death.

Reader’s Reviews:

“A sad story, yet inspiring, too. Something we can all learn from as we go through life. This book provides a compelling history of the life of an amazing woman.”

“I have always been fascinated by the life of Diana, and this book taught me a lot I didn’t know about what was going on behind the scenes. A very interesting read.”

“It’s amazing that someone could have to put up with all that inside the royal family, but this book gives a good account of all the secrets and tribulations.”

What’s Inside?

Discover what really happened when the future King of England met the beautiful Lady Diana, and how the perfect romance turned into a failed marriage, a painful divorce and set the stage for death in a high-speed car chase.

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – A Lady Destined To Do Greater Things
Chapter 2 – The Princess’ Childhood And Younger Years
Chapter 3 -The Lady Meets Her Future Prince
Chapter 4 – A Fairy Tale Wedding Fit For A Princess
Chapter 5 – The Princess Becomes A Doting Mother
Chapter 6 – Princess Diana Attends To Her Royal Duties
Chapter 7 – The Marriage Breaks Down
Chapter 8 – The Princess’ Life After The Separation
Chapter 9 – The Death of the Princess of Hearts
Chapter 10 – Commemorating Princess Di

Why Buy Now?

The story of the Princess of Hearts touches all of our lives even today. Grab your copy now to see how the events of Diana’ lives helped to shape the world we live in today.

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