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Ready for the Rapture: Course Ten (Biblical Studies 101)

by John R. Hargrove

As we take a close look at both of Paul’s letters to the church in the city of Thessalonica, we will learn what it was about the Thessalonian believers that caused Paul to trust they were ready for teaching of end-time events. They were ready. Are you?

God’s punishment to those who ignore Jesus Christ’s message of love is called the Tribulation. The Tribulation, according to the Bible, will not be a pleasant experience. Luckily, there is hope. And His name is Jesus Christ. Indeed, those who are saved will be raptured and spared the Tribulation. Those who are not will spend an eternity away from God in outer darkness. As Luke writes, “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” Yes, a terrible thought indeed. So, let’s study God’s Word together…and get ready for the rapture!

ABOUT THE “BIBLICAL STUDIES 101” COURSES: Bible scholar and teacher, Dr. John R. Hargrove has designed a wonderful, year-long course for the individual Bible student and for the classroom. Spread over twelve courses, each book is a wonderful and insightful introduction to the Word of God. From Genesis to Revelation, Dr. Hargrove hopes to help you grow in the Lord and to understand his Word at a deeper, more profound level. An intimate level. Ideal for small group study and for the individual, the Biblical Studies 101 program is, we think, ideal for you, too.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dr. John R. Hargrove spent most of his life studying God’s message of love to us. Author of the popular 12-Book “Biblical Studies 101” courses, John passed away in 2014, but left behind a rich legacy of Bible studies and commentaries.

Commitment Criteria – 23 Women Patients of Camarillo State Mental Hospital: A Look Inside One of America’s Most Infamous Mental Asylums

by Kirsten Anderberg

Follow 23 women’s paths into Camarillo State Mental Hospital in California. (Camarillo Hospital was open from 1936-1997 and in its heyday, housed 7,000 patients at a time.) Due to its proximity to Los Angeles, Camarillo Hospital had an abnormal amount of Hollywood connections. Life stories in this book range from the criminally insane to women who were committed due to controlling husbands. In this first volume, 23 women’s stories are told, including those of Marilyn Monroe’s mother, Comedian Bob “Bazooka” Burns’ daughter, Actress Gia Scala (who starred in movies with Glenn Ford, Gregory Peck and more), Edward G. Robinson’s daughter-in-law, Silent film actress Catherine Smith, Actress and race horse stable owner Paula Stanway Thorpe, One of the first women run for CA governor Hazel Younger, Ex-wife of Diamond Walnut Growers Inc.’s founder, and the 4th woman gassed to death in CA’s then 111 year history of the death sentence by gas chamber. These stories range from 1942-1986. Includes 22 photographs of the abandoned hospital taken by the author. These photographs have never been published in a book before.

Author Kirsten Anderberg received her Master’s Degree in CA History in Dec. 2010, and has studied institutional history in depth. In addition to publishing the first book ever written about Los Angeles’ MacLaren Hall, she has helped create one of the most thorough historical websites about Camarillo Hospital’s history on the web. She continues to take photographs of the abandoned hospital buildings to archive for historical purposes as the buildings are slowly remodeled and made into a college campus in 2011.

25 Cosas que no sabías de la historia: Mitos, personajes, inventos y otros datos curiosos. (Spanish Edition)

by Samuel C. A.

Una recopilación de datos curiosos y sorprendentes de la historia.

– ¿Sabías que el Titanic tuvo dos hermanos gemelos con trágicos finales?

– ¿Sabías que Drácula existió en realidad y que fue más sanguinario que el personaje de ficción?

– ¿Sabías que el Diluvio Universal está presente en multitud de culturas del mundo?

– ¿Sabías que los Reyes Magos no fueron tres y que ni siquiera eran reyes?

– ¿Sabías que los vikingos descubrieron América 500 años antes que Colón?

¡Descubre todo esto y mucho más!

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