Free lifestyle and home Kindle books for 05 Dec 16

How To Live In A Small Car: A Do-It-Yourself Guide To Converting And Dwelling In Your Vehicle

by Chris Delta

This information-packed ten-step guide for the solo do-it-yourselfer shows you how to transform the small car you already own into a comfortable shelter. You will learn exactly what you need to build this home-away-from-home, and it will take you two days or lessâ?¦ and, it’s easily reversed when this mini-RV needs to convert back into your daily driver. Filled with photos and tips on how to thrive on the road on a budget, this book illustrates in a no-nonsense, logical manner how to inexpensively get your vehicle outfitted to serve as a mini-RV right away.

Homemade Hair Treatments – The Ultimate Guide

by Terri Smitheen

* The Ultimate Homemade Hair Treatment Guide *

Having healthy hair is important. You can avoid harsh chemicals found in mainstream hair products by making your own at home. You can create several hair care treatments from ingredients found in your home. Homemade hair treatments are often as effective as salon treatments and cost you considerably less. So take a minute and mix up a recipe to make your hair look healthy and shiny. We have collected the most natural and homemade hair treatments for you to enjoy. Cheers!

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SHTF Prepping: A Prepping Survival Guide for any Life Threatening Situation or Disaster (Beginner to Badass Series (Prepping, survival, SHTF, supplies, guide, living, natural disaster) Book 1)

by Zach Williams

Would you know what to do when danger is staring at your face?

It’s impossible to know what outcome to expect when facing any life threatening disaster.

Knowing how to be prepared and what to expect when danger is at bay is vital to increase the odds of surviving any SHTF situation.

Prepping yourself with the right tools will dramatically increase the odds of survival in just about any situation imaginable.

Whether you’re out in the wild or facing the effects of a natural disaster, being well prepared is probably the best way to ensure you make it out alive.

How would you like to have well-polished survival instincts that can kick in at the exact time you need them?

Here’s some of what you can expect to learn inside the pages of this book:

  • Discover which are the key preparedness principals that will greatly impact your survival capabilities.
  • How to disaster proof your home and keep your loved ones safe.
  • All about preparing and storing food and water for long-term storage.
  • Crucial tools that every survivalist should have on their home.
  • Learn how to expect the unexpected and be ready for any type of life altering disaster.

From Beginner to Badass. No previous skill or knowledge is required.

Just like any other skill, learning how to be prepared and how to react in risky situations can be learned and mastered with proper guidance and action.

Are you ready to make the transition?

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