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This is why we suffered

by Dan Stull

The world is over, destroyed by the bombs of a great war.
Towns and cities are shells of their former grandeur, nature is nearly nonexistent.
Blood thirsty clans claim the scarred continent, killing to protect what is theirs.
Electrical storms sweep through the Midwest of America, killing anything alive in their path.
And men who have lost their humanity occupy the darkest recesses of the wasteland
– – – – –
When the world is over, where do you go? Can love be found when life is holding on by a thin string?
When does our past become our present?
How do our choices and experiences shape us?
What would you do to mend a broken heart?
What wouldn’t you do?
– – – – –
When a mysterious, and multi-talented girl appears from the wastes with no past can Corbinâ??a loner by tradeâ?? change his ways, and protect the innocence he sees in the girlâ??an innocence that the scarred world is greatly lacking. Can Corbin conquer his demons and find hope in the eyes of a girl who desperately needs him.
Corbin will have to come to terms with a past that has left him hollow, and step into a future that is frightening yet has the potential to heal. With the country before them, and a destination set, can they make it there one piece?

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