Free philosophy Kindle books for 05 Dec 16

Herman Melville’s Genius: The Author of Moby-Dick on How to Think About Religion and Other Ideologies

by Frank Troy

Herman Melville was a genius endowed with a remarkable capacity to detect fraud and humbug. From the composition of Moby-Dick in 1851 until his death in 1891, his writings are slyly disguised and damning exposés of the flawed assumptions and ideologies that prevailed in his day. Similarly flawed assumptions and ideologies are just as prominent today. With the powerful perception and reasoning of innate genius, Melville’s writings clarify the causes behind, for example, the ideological polarization and gridlock in today’s politics, the growing hostilities between religions, and the flawed ethics driving Wall Street. But he also implies a very powerful solution to these problems. His writings provide a template for thinking effectively about religion, economics, politics, philosophy, the role of corporations, and far more. This book makes clear for the first time that beneath the familiar persona of a colorful adventurer and great story-teller, Melville was also a first-rate philosopher offering valuable and practicable solutions to real-world issues.


by Mason Welsh

This book challenges the populist idea that loneliness is a bad and sad thing. Loneliness is rather a very facilitative mechanism of body-mind for wellness and personal excellence. It is an innate call of instincts for self-actualization of potentials within, to attain excellence. It answers core question as â??What’s Wrong’ with things around and within us, listing ways to use loneliness for happiness. The book looks into many novel ideas of good living.

Ritual Communication: A Magical Primer on Spirits & Divination

by Cherie Zele

Rituals Communication to Understand the Mysteries of the Spirit World

Let the Magickal work of the Three Eyed Sisters unravel the mystery of spirit communication as Cherie Zele exposes what lies beyond the veil. Weather you are in search of esoteric philosophy or in need of direct answers people have been reaching for connection to hear the messages from the spirits since the beginning of civilization.
With the guidance in the book Zele explains in detail the nature and tradition of spirit communication as practiced by the Three Eyed Sisters, a network of hidden women based out of a rural village in Western Massachusetts.

In this volume Cherie explains the origins of the Three Eyed Sisters and how spirit communication evolved in western Mass. over the past two centuries. She explains how those hybrid traditions are applied today in group social spirit communications as a part of their regular meetings.

She explains the most common opening and closing ceremonies before and after communication. The experience of the personal communication in formal trance meditation and what to expect when contact is made.

With decades of experience in the Goetic tradition Zele explains the foundation of working with the 72 daemons of the lesser key of Solomon with explanations not found in other grimoires.

Additional Explanations and codes in Tarot, Ouija, Tea Leaves, Scrying, and Rune Divination.

Imago: An iterative definition of reality through the cypher of Anthony C. Kennedy

by Anthony Kennedy

An initial introduction is always without full consent; the subject does not know what it is being introduced to, to what lies beyond the event horizon, until it happens…
This book only has one section, the introduction, the work as a whole is introduction. All things from self, the essence of a thing is it’s becoming.
From definite quantity to self-similarity. Semblance; all things seek to make like themselves. As death to death and the Living to the Living. The function of myth is to simulate death, as creation is the realisation of Life.
The number of a thing is it’s name. It’s time and substance are one. Death has it’s process, and we have ours, to God and the Truth, to Life and Love. Just as death is alien to God; so wholeness, completion and perfection to us.
Defined by it’s death, generating life; everything that exists, the result. This book provides structure to thought, by detailing fundamental unit of structure. Thus this book is a unit. And all therein.
There is no knowledge to be consumed, nor wisdom to be gained, the art is in the reading, and from that, realisation.
This book begins as an attempt at defining the indefinable; it’s incomprehensible form, it’s illogic, is by design. All creative acts must be born prematurely, and so this book, in it’s deformed incompleteness. Do not read this book, edit it, for it is your insanity transformed. Find Truth within, and let genius soar. The humour is found in the editor’s frustration, that is your attempt at making sense of it all.
Focus on the words and first appearance, you already know what is being said!
If there’s a demand for God, then I’ll sell God. Who can judge, but God. Many have left their religion, but not their faith, where smouldering ember awaits Divine Breath.
I would describe this collection of poems and prophecies, as simply a nice little book about God. And what more than that?
It can be read in a day, and several times over a week; and you’ll be grateful it is such. At times it may be a difficult read, so don’t!
Simply ingest the words, skim the pages and let the subconscious mind, those smouldering embers yearning for Supreme Perfection, bring Order out of the Chaos.
If you demand God, then supply is Infinite.
Aren’t you curious?
Then see it satisfied through this testimony.

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