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RIDE (A Stone Kings Motorcycle Club Romance)

by Daphne Loveling


Speed defines my life. Fast bikes and fast women, with no attachments and no regrets.

Until one epically bad decision brings me screeching to a halt — and face to face with the only woman who ever made me want to slow down and stay awhile.

Eva Van Buren. Ten years ago, I was this close to getting my hands on that tight little body. Now, she’s my physical therapist.

I’ve never forgotten her beauty: blonde hair, amazing sapphire eyes, toned legs … and the way she moves, every step turning me on. There’s just one little problem with our unexpected reunion.

She f*cking hates me.

I don’t care. Life has given me another shot and I’m not wasting it. While Eva works to get me back on my feet, I’ll be doing everything possible to get her off of hers â?¦ and into my bed.


Trig Jackson. The most arrogant manwhore on the planet. I don’t have time for men — but if I did, he’d be last on my list.

I have to stay professional. Which isn’t easy when his muscled, tattooed body makes me want to touch him all over â?¦ especially in places that have nothing to do with his treatment.

He hurt me like no one ever has. I have to remember that, dig up the pain from where I buried it, and use it to keep him at bay. Ignore his sexy smile and all the things that made me fall for him back then.

I can’t trust him. So why do I want to rip his clothes off and give him the most intimate therapy possible?

RIDE is book 3 of the Stone Kings MC series. It is completely stand-alone, with no cliffhanger, no cheating and a happy ending.

FOR A LIMITED TIME: This edition of RIDE also contains RUSH and CRASH, books 1 and 2. Also included: Special SNEAK PREVIEW of Book 4, STAND.

Beside Every King Is His Queen

by Queen Bianca

At a young age, Skylar Davis had to depend on both God and her grandmother to get through life one day at a time. After witnessing the death of both of her parents, Skylar grew up doubting that she and her little sister would ever be happy again. That isâ?¦until she meets twenty-four-year-old Dacieon, who turns her life completely around.
Dacieon Torres wanted to be just like his father growing up and become one of the most feared Kingpins of Atlanta. After his father is arrested and sentenced to life in prison, its Dacieon’s turn to prove that he has what it takes to be the next best Kingpin, but when he meets Skylar, his loyalty gets tested when he is forced to choose between his father and the girl of his dreams.
Kyliee goes through life in fear that the same men that murdered her parents will come back for her and her sister. Now, at nineteen years old, Kyliee’s trying to figure out her life, while battling her sexuality; not knowing that her fears are actually about to become a reality.
Sit back and watch as Skylar and Kyliee’s sheltered lives intertwine with a dangerous lifestyle that neither of them are ready for. Can they handle it? Sparks will fly, loyalties will be questioned, and the truth will be revealed.

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