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Calisthenics: Muskelaufbau mit dem eigenen Körpergewicht Erfolgreich mit optimaler Muskelaufbau Ernährung (German Edition)

by Mike Peters

Dieses Buch ist das einzige Equipment das Sie für einen Sportlichen Körper brauchen!

Nur mit Richtigen Grundübungen kann man Optimal Muskeln aufbauen.Nicht zu vernachlässigen ist eine Gesunde Ernährung die nötige Kraft für ein Eigengewichts-Workout bringt.Mit Richtiger Ernährung und verletzungsfreien �bungen kann man seinen Körper durch kontinuierliches Training umformen.

Achtung! Bei dieser Sportart brauchen Sie KEINE Gewichte oder Geräte auch keine teure Fitness-Studio Mitgliedschaft.
Lernen Sie Eigengewichtsübungen kennen und Transformieren Sie Ihren Körper.Mit Calisthenics können Sie eine überaus starke Koordination aufbauen.

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The Fine Art and Technique of Darts

by Michael Winkler

A step by step description and explanation of the dart release. This is the first ever scientific look at the release. The author of this dart tutorial spent the past three years studying the release point in the dart throw and put these ideas into words that can be visualized. Also covered in this tutorial is the dart: stance, grip, alignment, mental aspects of the dart throw, and much more. This is a short and easy to read tutorial booklet that is for beginning and advanced players. This booklet also talks about ways to raise self-esteem and confidence that can be adapted to other areas of one’s life.

CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS: FOR CHILDREN GIRLS AND BOYS! (SERIE: Christmas, gift, birthday, ideas, boys, girls, best ideas. Book 1)

by Juliette Jules

Gift Ideas?

Christmas is comingâ?¦ Andâ?¦

You are lacking ideas for the Christmas gifts?
You want to make children happy?
You don’t have the time to walk around the mall to find gifts ideas?
Here is the solutionâ?¦

A child’s letter to Santa Claus…

You will find in the letter a list of gifts that every children would love to get for Christmas and as I know that you are busy, you will also find all the links you need to find and buy those gifts!!!

You would be able to read a description, see the prices and quickly choose which gifts you need. You will even be able to find the gifts that you will be able to receive before Christmas!!!

« Santa Claus, I want to make your work as easy as possible so I chose several gifts for my friends and I even precise when the gift is for a boy or a girl »

Don’t search any longer for the ideal gifts spending hours on the web or in the Mall

With this booklet you will always have a quick solution to make children happy.

What is price of your time? And the price of a child’s smile surprised by your gift?

Give yourself this gift and enjoy this solution to simplify your life…

Memoirs of a Caddie: Life and Times of a Misguided Youth

Located just outside the City of Chicago, Fairview Country Club functioned as an adult playground for some of the City’s most wealthy and influential politicians, business owners and investment bankers. Fairview became their escape from the everyday, the one place where they didn’t have to worry about putting on airs. For caddies, Fairview became a sort of rite of passage, a place where you entered as a naïve child and left as a man, armed with the bizarre and wonderful knowledge that will shape your life for years to come.

MEMOIRS OF A CADDIE: LIFE AND TIMES OF A MISGUIDED YOUTH explores the 8-year stint that I served as a country club caddie in near-suburban Chicago, focusing on such critical events such as:
-The Caddie Masters: “Unwilling to leave the country club grounds, Rob had taken to sleeping in his car; his two poodles huddled up against in an attempt to keep warm at night. Every morning, he would wake up and wash himself in the bathroom sink before heading down to his desk to begin his “work” day, pretending as if he had never been informed that his employment at Fairview had been terminated. It was his final act of rebellion against the people that he despised.”
-The Belt Game: “The Belt Game brought something out of its contestants that few other life events, short of war, could ever have. For five to ten minutes, those young men were battling for their lives, rapidly adapting to this newfound “Kill or Be Killed” world.”
-The Summer Heat: “As they moved around the altar, I could capture glimpses of their eyes, wild and ancient, completely lost in the moment, dedicated to giving all energy towards their ceremonial dance.”

The Gift of the Rich to the World: Misery and Collapse

by Martin Dias

It is the 48th anniversary of the best-selling book on population, which was read and subsequently forgotten, as its prophecy turned out to be false. The Ehrlichs’ book was written in the wake of the liberation of many third-world countries, reproducing like mad in their initial euphoria at being freed after a hundred years or more of imperialist domination.
Now, nearly five decades later, the problem is much greater, with three times the number of humans on the planet as there were in 1968. With this massive increase in human population, poverty grows with every passing year, plus the fact that they have reached the point where there is no more land available to squat on.
Their poverty is due to the fact, that they – nearly four billion people – own less than a decreasing one-hundredth part of the world’s wealth. This, in turn, is due to two facts: 1) they continue to grow as a class, and 2) the share of the world’s wealth of the wealthy continues to grow, at the expense of all the other classes – and for that matter, all life — on Earth.
The wealthy are therefore responsible for the most compelling moral dilemma today, one they could in an instant solve if they desired. They desire however to continue their course until literally everything is theirs and the rest of us are hollow husks. Most of this deplorable scenario has occurred in less than forty years.
The increasing polarity of wealth is the mega-problem in the world today, the true driver of all the ecological problems facing the planet, as well as those of human poverty and overpopulation. Through its solution, lie those of all the other eco-problems but the situation is worsening.
Put it all to the account of the super wealthy who, whether by instinct or intention are, both directly and indirectly, responsible for these malignant, unlimited growths They are bringing us and countless non-human species faster and faster to extinction, if not in this century, then the next.

AASGEIER: Das Schimpfwortlexikon (German Edition)

by Roemerkopf Gruppe

Möchten Sie Ihr Gegenüber in den verbalen Bankrott treiben? Oder wollen Sie ihrer Wortwahl so richtig Dampf verleihen, dann ist Aasgeier, das Schimpfwörterbuch mit rund 11000 Kreationen das Richtige für Sie. Obendrauf gibt es einen Lateinteil. Selbstverständlich für die Gebildeten unter uns.

Fun And Interesting Facts About Tiger Woods

by Adam Snyder

How much do you know about Tiger Woods?

Would you consider yourself a fan of Tiger? Do you know what Tigers birth name actually is? What about how many times Tiger has missed the cut? These are both facts that you will find inside this E-book.

As an avid golfer, I struggled to find fun and interesting facts about Tiger and that is why I decided to write on myself. Below, you will see some of the things that you will find in this E-book.

What’s Inside

How much money Tiger has made over the coarse of his career?

What type of driver Tiger uses?

How many times Tiger has finished in the top 3 since turning pro?

Tigers nickname by his peers at Stanford?

What Tigers mom stitched on his driver cover?

All of this and more is what you will find inside this E-book.

Gunning for the Gunners: Going for Glory at Arsenal (Soccer Clubs Book 3)

by Charlton Best

Gunning for the Gunners: Going for Glory at Arsenal

Unarguably one of England’s most popular football clubs, Arsenal FC has proved their mettle time and time again with exemplary performances in the pitch as they collected silverware along the way. After making it back to the First Division after the First World War, The Gunners had stayed there to date, with an impressive top flight record.
But the path they took to get to where they are now was not an easy one. They had their share of sorrows, losses and frustrations side by side with the honor and the glory, making their story a tale that should be told.
And this is what this book is about: the story of Arsenal Football Club as they continue to gun for glory.
For all Arsenal Supporters and for others who are not that well acquainted with the club from Emirates Stadium, this book is a must read as it traces the team’s history from the day the team was founded by munitions workers to their recent endeavors.

Included in this book aside from the team’s history are discussions about the grounds that the club has used through the years, Arsenal crest, colors and kits, their silverware, its owners, sponsors, supporters and rivals.

Part 1 – The Team We Know
Chapter 1 – Who are the Gunners?
Chapter 2 – Crest, Colours and Kits
Chapter 3 – Where the Boys Play
Chapter 4 – Owners, Supporters and Rivals
Part 2 – The Gunners Saga
Chapter 5 – From Dial Square to Woolwich Arsenal
Chapter 6 – Then Came Chapman
Chapter 7 – Guns Roaring
Chapter 8 – The Neill Era and What Came After
Chapter 9 – Barely Hitting the Mark
Chapter 10 – The Millennium Salvo


If you think you have seen, heard and read all about there is about Arsenal FC, this book will surprised you with what you find will inside: from bits of trivia to old, old photographs as well as the story on how the club fared under different owners and managers. If there is one book about Arsenal, this will be it.

70 Ideas for Summer and Fall Activities

by T. S.

70 Ideas for Summer and Fall Activities is a very unique and inspiring guide to help with finding enjoyable activities to participate in during the summer and fall months.
Includes Color Illustrations (When viewed on color capable devices). (Updated)

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