Free war Kindle books for 05 Dec 16


by Alan A. Aamot

Is Thomas Allen just another lost, confused, aimlessly wandering product of the chaotic sixties, easy for the “higher ups” to find, brainwash, and manipulate into doing their will? Or was he searching for somewhere to fit in? Somewhere he could justify his existence and satisfy the subconscious, instinctive blood lust for revenge we all feel toward those who we believe have wronged us? Or, was it both?

The Fire of Faelhan

by Thomas Maclean

War is not uncommon in the Kingdom of Faelland. Birthed in blood, the small nation has bested empires.
However, rebellion now threatens to do what foreign armies could not. A charismatic general turns against the King, and a young prince marches on the capital. Have they doomed their country to destruction?

Dreamer: Book I – Reprise

by by Kevin DeMello

A soldier who risks everything to protect his comrades must overcome his greatest challenge. On the battlefield, he must overcome his enemy. Off it, he must face the demons he carries with him.

Captain David Leopold Drummand leads a special operations team tasked with a recon mission in advance of Operation Condor, a daring attempt to turn the invading enemy’s flank. The mission does not go as planned, and Captain Drummond must improvise to overcome a deadly threat to the entire operation.

His team lays everything on the line, but Captain Drummond finds himself confronting a situation he never expected – battling not just the enemy, but his own demons, as he struggles to overcome the devastation that the battle left behind in his own mind.

Dreamer is a the first book in a series starring Captain David Drummond, a soldier and hero who is called to sacrifice everything for his people, both on the battlefield and off it.

Otterbrook, 1916 (The World War One Series Book 3)

by David Andrew Westwood

After centuries of peace, a small Lancashire farming village sends its sons off to serve in the Great War. The country is convulsed in a patriotic fervor, and all are excited to go â?? though each for his own reasons â?? and their mothers, wives and sweethearts are happy to hand them over. But the war is only two years old, and its nature is misunderstood. It soon becomes clear that its end is nowhere in sight, and its appetite for men insatiable.

All this is viewed through the eyes of a village girl considered simple-minded, whose interest is in one particular boy. She is not sure where he has gone, but she waits patiently for his return.

Two days in purgatory: Army Humour (2 days Book 1)

by Sam Russell

A humorous mixture of facts and fictitious childhood memories that were unceremoniously dragged to the forefront of the main character’s mind in the wake of the trauma that was unfolding within the epicentre of the bomb blast during an IRA ambush. I truly hope that you are both amused and somewhat sympathetic.

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