Free humour Kindle books for 06 Dec 16

Horror Movie A Day: The Book

by Brian W. Collins

For over six years, Brian Collins watched and reviewed a different horror movie every single day. Most of them stunk. With over 2500 reviews on the Horror Movie A Day website, finding the worthwhile ones can be a chore, so Collins has curated a selection of choice films – 365 of them in fact, one for every day of the year. Each month has a different theme and offers a variety of films within that theme for your viewing enjoyment. Every movie is someone’s favorite movie – perhaps this book will introduce you to yours.

President Trump, I Want You to Know Why I’m Supporting You: God’s Bounty of Blessings Is Coming

by Harry Truman

President Trump, my first year as President was a year of decisions. I oversaw the development of an increasingly strained and confrontational relationship with my chief rival.

President Trump, my presidency was marked throughout by important foreign policy initiatives. Central to almost everything I undertook in foreign policy was the desire to prevent the expansion and influence of the evil forces in the world. I supported my nation’s willingness to provide military aid to resist these forces. When evil forces invaded a peace-loving ally, I responded by waging war. I never hesitated to use all the weapons at my disposal.

President Trump, in my domestic policies, I sought to include more government protection and services to reach more people. I was successful in achieving a healthy peacetime economy. My administration strongly supported civil rights. I issued executive orders desegregating the armed forces and forbidding racial discrimination in Federal employment. I also encouraged the Justice Department to argue before the Supreme Court on behalf of plaintiffs fighting against segregation.

Mr. President, I am a man of few words. In plain English, I’m going to tell you why I’m supporting you.


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