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Homemade Body Butter: The Easiest Organic Body Butter Recipes

by Amina Jacob

Create an all-in-one beauty product

Are you tired of having to use tons of different products in your body? Do you use a facial moisturizer for your face, a makeup remover for your eye makeup, a hand lotions for your feet and another kind of lotion for your whole body? Not to mention the lotion and the soaking liquid that you use for your feet. Everybody is guilty with this. Having too many products for the different body parts.

What if I tell you that there is an all-in-one beauty product that you can apply to just about every part of your body? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? That’s right. This heaven sent creation are called body butter. Body butters are more absorbed by the skin and thus is more effective and more useful than ordinary lotions.

Sounds too good to be true? What if I tell you that you can come up with your own butter at home? That got you hyped up, right?

Get this book to find out:

  • Why you should use body butter
  • What the difference is between homemade and commercially made body butters
  • Learn about the tips before you make one
  • And of course some of the best and easiest body butter recipes

Go on and download this book and get the sultry, silky and sexy skin that you have been wanting by brewing your own body butter from your chosen recipes!

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